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Make Your Users Boogie

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Story boarding Portfilo
Story boarding Portfilo
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Make Your Users Boogie

  1. Make Your Users Boogie Design Gestures Like a Choreographer Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  2. I’m a split personality Analytical Emotional Time Beauty Abstraction Aesthetics Metaphor Engagement Story Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  3. Motion Where it connects (for me) Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  4. Gestures have been around Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  5. Elevator handle Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  6. And then buttons Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  7. Other controls, too ... Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  8. Feedback The full range of motion informs someone as to their probable outcome. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  9. Dance & Percussion share an aesthetic of sound and motion Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  10. Stops vs. Slides Need to balance this like consistency & contrast in visual design Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  11. Audience Performer Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  12. The Pose never as good in reality as we imagine it in our head Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  13. Spinner Outcome is purely known visually, but the motion and audio makes the experience! Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  14. Playing musical instruments Balances all these pieces Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  15. Just so easy Strumming is low precision. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  16. Piano is precision harder to learn; posture, yes; pose? not so much Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  17. The front man 9 times out of ten, the front man is playing a guitar if anything. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  18. Keytar? All the rockin’ melody of a guitar, and percussive precision of a keyboard. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  19. Can this ever work? I mean besides the Gorilla arm issue. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  20. It’s not just about the movement ... The surfaces we are moving on or against has a lot to do with the aesthetics of the gestures. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  21. Stops have their place Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  22. A few examples So let’s look at an app w/ arguably great appeal due to its interesting use of novel gestures. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  23. Pull to spring Causes a get command Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  24. Swipe to reveal It’s the new “right-click” Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  25. Taps & Swipes Tap causes reveals of secondary content; swipes then dismiss it. Easy to find and now includes the “reset” gesture again. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  26. 2-finger pull Reveals conversation without loss of context: 2 fingers is arguably not intuitive, hard to discover. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  27. Reverse pinch reveal Try it! It’s REALLY hard to do consistently. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  28. So how are we going to do this stuff? It really is about going back to basic design. Experience Externalize Envision Evaluate Execute Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  29. Gotta own it ... ... minimum at least 1 touch-based device, hopefully 1 that you are designing for. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  30. Sketch! Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  31. Video Prototype Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  32. Sketch! and sketch some more. Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  33. Act it out! Paper prototypes, rock! Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  34. Re-visualize Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  35. Experience Again Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  36. Be sure to bring the love the emotion, the fun, the expressiveness, responsiveness, etc.? Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie
  37. Thanx! David Malouf Professor of IxD SCAD @daveixd http://davemalouf.com/ dave.ixd@gmail.com Dave Malouf @daveixd #uxlxBoogie