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SharePoint Server 2016 - Lets get ready - Wisconsin SharePoint User Group

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SharePoint Server 2016 - Lets get ready - Wisconsin SharePoint User Group

  1. 1. Let’s get ready SharePoint Server 2016
  2. 2. Drew Madelung Email : dmadelung@concurrency.com Twitter : @dmadelung LinkedIn : /in/dmadelung Website: drewmadelung.com Senior SharePoint and Office 365 consultant specializing in business-oriented content management solutions. Avid Wisconsin sports fan and golfer.
  3. 3. Let’s get ready SharePoint Server 2016 How did we get to SharePoint Server 2016 What are the key new features? What did we lose? Q & A What was updated for hybrid? More about DLP
  4. 4. 2001 Core & Basic Collaboration 2006 Content Management 2010 External data sources Federated Collaboration 2012 Enterprise social Mobile, BYOD 2015+ Modern productivity Cloud computing Mobile & Hybrid Connected Experiences Enterprise Social Content Management Core Collaboration Evolution of Enterprise Business Needs in Productivity Office 365 SharePoint 2016 (Evolution of Hybrid) SharePoint 2013 (Hybrid V1; OneDrive) SharePoint 2010SharePoint 2007Portal Server 2001
  5. 5. SharePoint Server 2016 5 “SharePoint kind of invented the intranet in a box idea and it’s time to step up and do it again” – Jeff Teper
  6. 6. Modernize your on-premises infrastructure improving speed, scale, and user experiences. SharePoint Server 2016 brings cloud innovation to your datacenter so you can get the best of both worlds – speed and productivity for your users with flexibility and control for IT. New user experiences enable users to quickly and productively consume new apps and experiences across devices and screens. Improved User Experiences Based on our learning from Office 365, SharePoint 2016 delivers a reliable software- defined infrastructure foundation that’s proven at scale with best in class hybrid experiences. Cloud-Inspired Infrastructure Integrated data-loss prevention and protection and with built-in and cloud connected compliance, security, and threat protection for both administrators and end users. People-Centric Compliance SharePoint Server 2016 Vision & Value
  7. 7. DevMain SPORel O15 GUx GUy Convergence…
  8. 8. Single Server Farm Server MEM PROC DISK 16-24 X64 1x4 80 GB 12-16 X64 1x4 80 GB Hardware & Software Requirements Software
  9. 9. Majority of improvements in SharePoint Server 2016 are for management, reliability and performance • xxxx
  10. 10. New handy usability updates (If you have seen SharePoint Online… You have seen these changes) App launcher Better web part toolbar and Right-Click menu
  11. 11. Improved boundaries and limits Increased List Threshold >5000 List Threshold Content database sizing into TB’s Content Database Size MaxFile Size increases to 10GB and removed character restrictions MaxFile Size 100,000 site collections per content database Site Collections per Content Database 2x increase in Search scale to 500 million items Indexed Items Achieved via automatic indexing
  12. 12. Introducing MinRole Use roles to specify workloads for servers
  13. 13. Roles & Services […..] Distributed Cache and Request Management Distributed Cache, Request Management, SharePoint Foundation Web Application […..] Web Servers Access Services, Business Data Connectivity, Central Administration, Managed Metadata, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, Secure Store Service, State, Subscription Settings, User Code, User Profile, Visio Graphics […..] Batch Processing Crawl Target, Machine Translation, SharePoint Foundation Web Application, PowerPoint Conversion, User Profile Synchronization, Word Automation, Work Management, Workflow Timer Service […..] Specialized Workloads Excel Calculation, PerformancePoint, Project, Search, SharePoint Foundation Web Application User services Robot services Caching services MinRole SharePoint logic consolidated into one single machine reducing the number of discrete roles timer jobs search caching provisioning sync client onenote page rendering user profile excel services sandbox code project subscription settings 20132016
  14. 14. Server Role MinRole Server types Description Custom Front-End Application Distributed Cache Search Single-Server Farm Service applications, services and components that serve user requests belong on Front-end web servers. These servers are optimized for low latency. Service applications, services, and components that serve backend requests (such as background jobs or search crawl requests) belong on Application servers. These servers are optimized for high throughput. Service applications, services, and components that are required for a distributed cache belong on Distributed Cache servers. Service applications, services, and components that are required for searching belong on Search servers. Custom service applications, services, and components that do not integrate with MinRole belong on Custom servers. The farm administrator has full control over which service instance can run on servers assigned to the Custom role. MinRole does not control which service instances are provisioned on this role. Service applications, services, and components required for a single machine farm belong on a Single-Server farm. A Single-Server farm is meant for development, testing, and very limited production use. A SharePoint Farm with a Single-Server farm role cannot have more than one SharePoint server in the farm.
  15. 15. MinRole Topologies Minimum MinRole configuration High availability MinRole configuration Required for Zero Downtime Patching
  16. 16. Removed built-in legacy Forefront Identity Management (FIM) service Unidirectional synchronization provided through AD Import External synchronization provided through a separate product, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) User Profile Synchronization Changes
  17. 17. Provides templates that work at same level as SQL Server, which reduces the round trips required between the SharePoint and SQL. Managed through PowerShell cmdlets Implements master copies of site collections that you can define Fast Site Collection creation
  18. 18. Utilizes eDiscovery and the new Compliance Center site collections Data Loss Prevention (DLP) A strategy to prevent end users from finding or sharing sensitive data such as credit card and social security numbers The four main goals of DLP in SharePoint 2016 are: • Identify  Search • Monitor  Policies • Protect  Locks • End User Education  Notifications and Policy Tips
  19. 19. Site collection specific Durable Links Allows a file to have it’s name be changed or location move and link will continue to work Requires.. Office Web Apps or Office Online Server (new name) http://sharepoint-site/document-library/document.docx?d=w065d0fcd105b45148d4b6c2f287231ce
  20. 20. Upgrading There is no in-place upgrade available (just like SharePoint 2013) Use database attach method to upgrade content databases Upgrading requires content to be in SharePoint 2013 mode and beyond version 15.0.4481.1005 Parallel option is always available in which you migrate content and functionality that you want, keeping your current version of SharePoint available
  21. 21. Zero Downtime Patching Initially involves the breakdown and shrinking of the updates available Requires full highly available MinRole farm architecture Updates designed to be “backward-compatible”
  22. 22. But wait…there’s more! Project Server integrated Enhanced Mobility view Use SMTP ports other than 25 Simplified SSL configuration on Central Admin Feature Packs
  23. 23. SharePoint Foundation Excel Services New versions of SharePoint Designer ForeFront Identity Manager (FIM) Stsadm.exe Tags & Notes Deprecated Features
  24. 24. “Over the next several years, the primary driver for cloud adoption will shift from economics to innovation as leading-edge companies invest in cloud services as the foundation for new competitive offerings.” Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC
  25. 25. http://www.eweek.com/small-business/public-it-cloud-services- spending-to-reach-108-billion-by-2017-idc.html Worldwide spending on public IT cloud services will grow from $47.4 billion in 2013 to more than $107 billion in 2017
  26. 26. According to Seth Patton, Sr. Director of Product Management for the SharePoint team: “80 percent of Fortune 500 companies still use SharePoint on- premises, with 38 percent of the entire SharePoint client base using the online version through Office 365” CMSWire, http://bit.ly/1EQ3AAM 5/4/2015
  27. 27. 2013 Migrate at their own pace to the cloud with little or no disruption to existing service Pilot Online Service with a subset of users 2016 -> Continue to maintain hybrid model providing services on- premises or online based on the organization needs Continue to use existing customizations on-premises Subscribe to cloud innovation, on demand, on your terms Taking Hybrid Forward…
  28. 28. Hybrid OneDrive New Hybrid Options Provides a solution to help hybrid users reconcile and rationalize site membership and discovery across SharePoint on-premises and Office 365 • Single place for followed sites • Profile redirection back to Office 365 user profile • Extensible App Launcher Cloud Hybrid Search Hybrid OneDrive Hybrid Team Sites Enables IT administrators to selectively redirect their users to OneDrive for Business in Office 365 from SharePoint Server 2013/2016 • Unlimited data in Office 365 • Plan & Pilot before rolling out The Cloud Search Service Application, unlike classic federated hybrid search, unifies crawled content into a single index stored in Office 365. • Includes Office Graph, Delve and search-driven info like eDiscovery • Unified search results • Requires directory synchronization
  29. 29. Location / facilities Need space and maintenance planning Most likely provided Software licenses and support Licensing costs, but also upgrades and ongoing support Included in vendor- hosted solutions Hardware and maintenance Need to purchase, support and maintain, and upgrade as platform matures Included in vendor- hosted solutions Onsite support, personnel skills Administrative, developer, and end user skills and training Still requires administrative and possibly dev skills, end user training On Premises Cloud Hybrid Need space and maintenance planning Licensing costs, but also upgrades and ongoing support Need to purchase, support and maintain, and upgrade as platform matures Administrative, developer, and end user skills and training
  30. 30. Level of customization Full control Limited to none in SaaS, some control over PaaS, full control over IaaS Limited ability to integrate depending on SaaS, PaaS, or IaaS Governance, auditing, security, compliance Many limitations OTB, but very robust tools from partners Limited Very complex across on prem and cloud components, very manual Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Needs to be planned, limited features OTB Defined in SLAs Upgrades and migration Some OTB capabilities, 3rd party for tighter control and predictability Microsoft recommends 3rd party tools On Premises Cloud Hybrid Very complex across on prem and cloud components, very manual Some OTB capabilities, 3rd party for tighter control and predictability
  31. 31. Deeper dive into DLP Sensitive information type is defined by a pattern that can be identified by a regular expression or a function. In addition, corroborative evidence such as keywords and checksums can be used to identify a sensitive information type. Confidence level and proximity are also used in the evaluation process. A DLP policy is 85% confident that it's detected this type of sensitive information if, within a proximity of 300 characters: •The function Func_ssn finds content that matches the pattern. •At least one of the following is true: •A keyword from Keyword_ssn is found. •The function Func_us_date finds a date in the right date format. •The function Func_us_address finds an address in the right date format. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj150541(v=exchg.160).aspx
  32. 32. DLP Processing
  33. 33. Site Collections Compliance Center Used to manage the compliance policies and deletion polices • Create policy in policy center • Assign policy to site collection • Repeat for every site collection eDiscovery Center Used to manage the preservation, search, and export of content
  34. 34. You can see the blocked files along with policy tips in-context Blocking data
  35. 35. 1. Dirsync Farm account for On-Perm 2. Assign License to On-Perm Farm account 3. Grant permissions for on-Perm farm account to be able to access Compliance Policy Center in O365 4. Create Result Source at Site Collection level in On-Perm Compliance Policy Center as Remote SharePoint and use Online Compliance Policy Center as SharePoint service URL 5. Set Result Source Created in previous step as Default Result source for site collection Configuring DLP with Cloud SSA
  36. 36. Still not 100%  Cannot create custom rules  1 policy center per web application  No “clean” powershell cmdlets for automation  One-to-one site collection & policy mappings  When multiple policy tips exist, only first shown  Does not scan attachments on a list https://absolute-sharepoint.com/2015/12/configure-dlp-in-sharepoint-2016-step-by-step-tutorial.html
  37. 37. Questions? dmadelung@concurrency.com @dmadelung http://www.concurrency.com/blog
  38. 38. Let’s get ready SharePoint Server 2016

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • What version of SharePoint is everyone on here?

    Productivity has matured and addressed the market needs.
    In early days people just wanted a file share that everyone could access. Search and fileshare
    Next came the ability to manage content with more detailed information to make it easier to organize and find centrally
    Next came the power to bring in data sources across your LOB data and across identity barriers - SP2010 ECM for the masses
    Next the power of social and teams became essential along with the BYOD revolution SP2013 New search, first taste of hybrid
    Now we are looking at collaboration across all devices with access from anywhere. SP2016 “New way of hybrid is bringing the cloud back to the business” – Bill Baer

    Segway to future discussion
    Ask question about people believed SharePoint was dead
    Ask drew about what he heard about SP at ignite

  • MS learned in Office 365 SP more than all the years combined for SP on-prem.
    Pains of patching, User Profile service syncs

    Primary SP 2016 investment areas
    Modern collaboration
    Personalized insights
    file storage and collaboration

    Improved performance and reliability
    Hybrid cloud with global reach
    Support and monitoring tools

    New data protection and monitoring tools
    Trusted platform

  • MS took snapshot of O365 and created SP2016

    SharePoint Server 2016 is the product of a converged SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online codebase, which provides three (3) advantages:

    Consistent Codebase
    Improved build quality and closes parity gap between SharePoint and SharePoint Online.

    Cloud Validated
    Validated in the cloud means the most comprehensively tested version of SharePoint to date.

    Agile Infrastructure
    No need to setup or maintain on-premises equipment for new or special projects, since enterprise data can be accessed in the cloud
  • The hardware requirements have not changed much
  • File size limit is actually 2.14 PB (int32.maxvalue for the dev folk)
    Don’t use that large of files, 70 Mbps upload throttling on files over 100mb

    - List threshold indexes are created by a timer job for lists >=2500 items by default
  • MinRole Provisioning – During installation you have the flexibility to provision a specific SharePoint role that has all the plumbing necessary for that component.  Server role options are: WFE, Application, Specialized Load and DistributedCache.
  • Single server farm is NOT the same thing as the “stand-alone” install
    Separate SQL server
    Regular service and web apps
    Can use wizard or PS

    You can convert a single server farm into a multiple server farm
    You can use custom and MinRole is not required
    You can mix roles
  • You don’t need full MIM, just the sync engine
  • Team sites speeds are not as fast using the master
    Built to support onedrive
  • eDiscovery = DLP Queries
    Compliance = DLP Policies
    51 built in information types
    Requires Search & Outgoing Email to be configured
    One per web application
    POLICYCTR#0 template
  • Use a tool for the parallel option
  • Meaning that a server that has had these updates applied can co-exist in a farm with servers that have not yet had the update. 
  • Feature Packs currently stated to be available through software assurance
  • He goes on to say “The emergence of cloud as the core for new 'business as a service' offerings will accelerate cloud adoption and dramatically raise the cloud model's strategic value beyond CIOs to CXOs of all types."
  • "With SharePoint Server 2016, in addition to delivering durable and exciting on-premises capabilities, we’re focused on bringing the value we ship in Office 365 to our on -premises customers, ensuring that we make it seamless to bring the cloud to your datacenter through new hybrid innovation." - Julia White
  • When a user follows a site, a link to that site is added to the user's Followed Sites list. If you're using both SharePoint Server 2016 Beta 2 and SharePoint Online, your users will have different followed lists for sites in each location. Hybrid sites features consolidates the information from both locations into the SharePoint Online list in Office 365

    The primary difference in cloud hybrid search is how the search index is stored and managed. In a cloud hybrid search scenario, the search index for both on-premises and Office 365 crawled content is stored in Office 365. However, a federated hybrid search maintains a discrete index for on-premises content (stored on-premises) and Office 365 content (stored in Office 365). Search results are obtained from each location where an index is stored.
  • Point out that in this example, cloud = Office365
  • There can be a lot of decisions that go into hybrid. Plan, plan plan
  • DLP can also be considered “Data Loss Prevention”
  • If you upload something nothing happens until its indexed
  • Add contact information.
  • RC is now available and is a patch