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CHIN Presentation to the Digital Curation Institute Conference, June 2010

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Presentation by David Hendricks, of the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN), to the University of Toronto Digital Curation Institute (DCI) conference on June 16, 2010

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CHIN Presentation to the Digital Curation Institute Conference, June 2010

  1. 1. And Now For Something Completely Different: The Virtual Museum of Canada
  2. 2. The Canadian Heritage Information Network Mobilizes and supports a collaborative network of Canadian museums using digital technologies Develops and provides skills development products and services for heritage professionals Supports the development, presentation and promotion of digital heritage content National Centre of Excellence in Technology CHIN enables Canadian museums to engage their audiences through the use of innovative technologies
  3. 3. The Digital Situation of Canadian Museums  Canadian museums cannot make digitization their highest priority  Canadian museums have not yet entirely accepted the added value that digital can bring to the museum experience  Canadian museums face a digitization backlog  Canadian museums as a practice rely on outside agencies to do digital curation
  4. 4. Challenges Facing Canadian Museums: Challenges of Scale  Most Canadian museums are small  Most Canadian museums are local  Most Canadian museums are relatively poor  Even larger museums face fiscal challenges Bytown Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
  5. 5. Challenges Facing Canadian Museums: Challenges of Knowledge  Increase in digitization projects has resulted in an increase in the need for staff trained in information technology  Recruiting and retaining expertise is a common challenge for most museums  Many museums lack the IT-trained staff to complete digital curation projects in-house  Appearance of more and more sophisticated digital tools only exacerbates the situation
  6. 6. Challenges Facing Canadian Museums: Challenges of Outlook Recent research has revealed that:  museums are continuing to hire largely for the traditional roles (curatorial, collections management, etc.)  museums have modest expectations of candidates’ knowledge of emerging digital tools and applications  there is a disconnect between what museums say they require from job candidates and what they actually ask for
  7. 7. The Virtual Museum of Canada
  8. 8. Virtual Museum of Canada Exhibits
  9. 9. VMC Digital Curation vs Artefacts Canada Digital Curation
  10. 10. VMC Successes # 1 search engine ranking on the Web 365 learning object collections and over 500 active teachers 150 interactive resources 500 virtual exhibitions 680,000 images of artefacts More than 3,000 organizations represented 2 million + visits annually
  11. 11. Challenges of Doing Digital Curation on the VMC  Ongoing challenge of competition between virtual and physical exhibitions  Ongoing challenge of in-house museum competencies  Rapid pace of technological progress  Ongoing museum hesitancy to embrace digital curation  Editorial sustainability  Choice of content
  12. 12. Museum Digital Curation in the Right Direction
  13. 13. Websites and Contact Information Websites  CHIN’s corporate website: www.chin.gc.ca  VMC: www.virtualmuseum.ca  The Professional Exchange: www.pro.rcip-chin.gc.ca Contact Information  dhendricks@pch.gc.ca