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Presentation on hdfc bank.
Presentation on hdfc bank.
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36518008 hdfc-bank-3

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  HDFC Bank Ltd. is a major Indian financial services company based in Mumbai, incorporated in August 1994, after the Reserve Bank of India allowed establishing private sector banks.  The Bank was promoted by the Housing Development Finance Corporation, a premier housing finance company (set up in 1977) of India.  HDFC Bank is headquartered in Mumbai. The Bank has an network of 1,725 branches spread in 780 cities across India.  All branches are linked on an online real-time basis. Customers in over 500 locations are also serviced through Telephone Banking. The Bank has a presence in all major industrial and commercial centres across the country.  The Bank also has 4,393 networked ATMs across these cities.  Moreover, HDFC Bank's ATM network can be accessed by all domestic and international Visa/MasterCard, Visa Electron/Maestro, Plus/Cirrus and American Express Credit/Charge cardholders.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW Founder Deepak Parekh Products  Investment Banking  Commercial Banking  Retail Banking  Private Banking  Asset Management  Mortgages  Credit Cards
  4. 4. OVERVIEW Revenue ▲Rs 20,266.99 crore (US$ 4.32 billion)(2010) Operating income ▲Rs. 4,419.01 crore (US$ 941.25 million)(2010) Profit ▲Rs. 3,032.92 crore (US$ 646.01 million)(2010) Total assets ▲ US$ 39.723 billion (2009) Total equity ▼Rs 21,158.15 crore (US$ 4.51 billion)(2010) Employees 51,888 (2010) Website HDFCBank.com
  5. 5. HISTORY  HDFC Bank was incorporated in the year of 1994 by Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC), India's premier housing finance company.  It was among the first companies to receive an 'in principle' approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to set up a bank in the private sector.  The Bank commenced its operations as a Scheduled Commercial Bank in January 1995 with the help of RBI's liberalization policies.  In a milestone transaction in the Indian banking industry, Times Bank Limited (promoted by Bennett, Coleman & Co. / Times Group) was merged with HDFC Bank Ltd., in 2000.  This was the first merger of two private banks in India.
  6. 6. ORGANISATION STRUCTURE Aditya Puri Aditya Puri MD MD Jagdish Capoor Jagdish Capoor Chairman of BOD Chairman of BOD LEGAL LEGAL Merchant Services Merchant Services Vasudev Vasudev Capital Commodity & Capital Commodity & Director Operations Operations Director Business Markets Business Markets Pandit Palande Audit, Compliance Audit, Compliance Pandit Palande Retail assets & Credit Retail assets & Credit Director Vigilance & Service Vigilance & Service Director cards cards Quality Quality Gautam Divan Gautam Divan Credit & Market Risk Credit & Market Risk Director Trading Trading Director Management & HR Management & HR Arvind Pande Arvind Pande Equities Pvt. Banking Equities Pvt. Banking Director Wholesale banking Wholesale banking Director & 3rd Party Products & 3rd Party Products Keki Mistry Keki Mistry Finance & Finance & Wholesale credit & Wholesale credit & Director Director Administration Administration market risk market risk Renu Karnad Renu Karnad Human Resources Hdfc securities Human Resources Hdfc securities Director Director Ashim Samanta Ashim Samanta Information Information Treasurer Treasurer Director Director Technology Technology
  7. 7. THE THREE MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF HDFC BANK HDFC Bank deals with three key business segments:-  Retail Banking Services  Wholesale Banking Services  NRI Banking Services It has entered the banking consortia of over 50 corporates for providing working capital finance, trade services, corporate finance and merchant banking. It is also providing sophisticated product structures in areas of foreign exchange and derivatives, money markets and debt trading and equity research.
  8. 8. RETAIL BANKING SERVICES  The objective of the Retail Bank is to provide its target market customers a full range of financial products and banking services, giving the customer a one-stop window for all their banking requirements.  The products are backed by world-class service and delivered to customers through the growing branch network, as well as through alternative delivery channels like ATMs, Phone Banking, Net Banking and Mobile Banking.  HDFC Bank was the first bank in India to launch an International Debit Card in association with VISA (VISA Electron) and issues the MasterCard Maestro debit card as well.  The Bank launched its credit card business in late 2001.
  9. 9. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS Types of Savings Accounts These accounts are primarily meant to inculcate a sense of saving for the future, accumulating funds over a period of time.  Regular  Salary  Savings Plus  Classic  No Frills  Premium  Senior Citizens  Kisan No Frills  Pension Savings  Family Savings
  10. 10. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS Types of Current Accounts You can have the power of multi-location access to your account from any of our 1,725 branches in 780 cities. Not only that, you can do most of your banking transactions from the comfort of your office or home without stepping out.  Plus  Trade  Premium  Regular  RFC Domestic  Flexi Current Apex  Max
  11. 11. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS Types of Fixed Deposits Fixed deposits allow you to borrow from your own funds for a limited period, thus fulfilling your needs as well as keeping your savings secure.  Regular  Fixed Deposit  Super Saver  Sweep-In  5 Year Tax Saving Fixed Deposit
  12. 12. LOANS Types Of Loans  Personal loans  Smart draft  Home loans  Vehicle loans  Gold loans  Educational loans  Loans against securities  Loans against property  Health care finance  Retail agri-loans  Warehouse receipt loans
  13. 13. CARDS HDFC Bank has cards that help you meet your financial objectives. whether you are looking to add to your buying power, conducting cashless shopping, or budgeting your expenditure, you will find a card that suits you. 1)Credit Cards Besides arming the customer with unmatched spending power, our Credit Cards are designed to meet your unique needs. even the online credit cards service Net safe. The types of Credit cards available are Premium Credit Cards, Commercial Cards, Titanium Card, Other Cards, Gold Credit Cards. 2) Debit Cards HDFC Bank Debit Cards give you complete and instant access to the money in your accounts without the risk or hassle of carrying cash. The types of Debit Cards are Classic Cards, Premium Cards, Specialised Cards.
  14. 14. CARDS 3) Prepaid Cards Besides offering convenience, our Prepaid Cards have been tailored to answer your travel and gifting needs. The types available are:-  Forex Plus Card  Food Plus Card  Money Plus Card  Prepaid Travel Card  Prepaid Gift Card
  15. 15. INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE Life insurance is designed to offer financial protection for you and your family during the times of uncertainties. Choose from a range of traditional insurance and unit linked plans designed to help you with your savings, retirement, investment and protection needs. Wealth Advisory Services This exclusive service comes to you with an array of unmatched benefits. Mutual Funds Invest through the Mutual Fund route to meet your varied investment objectives. Tax Planning At HDFC Bank we offer a number of advantageous tax saving investment options.
  16. 16. INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE  Insurance Life insurance is designed to offer financial protection for you and your family during the times of uncertainties. Choose from a range of traditional insurance and unit linked plans designed to help you with your savings, retirement, investment and protection needs. Traditional Plans  HDFC CHILDREN'S PLAN  HDFC MONEY BACK PLAN  HDFC SAVINGS ASSURANCE PLAN Unit Linked Plans  HDFC Pension Supreme  HDFC Young Star Supreme Suvidha  HDFC Wealth Builder
  17. 17. INVESTMENTS & INSURANCE Types Of Insurance  General Insurance  Health Insurance  Bonds  Knowledge Centre
  18. 18. FOREX & TRADE SERVICES If you need to deal in foreign currency and keep tabs on exchange rates every now and then, transfer monies to India, make payments etc., HDFC Bank has a range of products and services that you can choose from to transact smoothly, efficiently and in a timely manner. Foreign Exchange and Trade Services Travellers Cheques Foreign Currency Cash Forex Plus card Cheque Deposits Trade Services Important guidelines and schedules All Foreign Exchange transactions are conducted by strictly adhering to RBI guidelines. Depending on the nature of your transaction or point of travel, you will need to understand your Foreign Exchange limits.
  19. 19. PRIVATE BANKING(ADVISORY SERVICES)  Portfolio analysis and financial planning The bank analyses your existing portfolio allocation and recommend changes in line with current opportunities, your profile and cash flows, risk appetite and financial requirements. A comprehensive investment plan is drawn out to meet your long and short- term financial goals across multiple asset categories.  Portfolio review and tracking Your portfolio is tracked on an ongoing basis to monitor the portfolio returns, cash flows and asset allocation. We continually advice you on appropriate rebalancing of your portfolio on the basis of performance of each asset category and analysis of future expectations. All portfolios are approved by our research desk on an ongoing basis.  Advice across asset categories We offer research-based advice across asset categories like mutual funds, equity and its derivatives, insurance and more. Also, a holistic view of your portfolio across all asset categories helps us advice you better and offer you a consolidated wealth statement.
  20. 20. PRIVATE BANKING(ADVISORY SERVICES)  Dedicated investment advisor a trained personal advisor is assigned to you as a one-point contact, guiding you and attending to all your investment related needs. The advisor on an ongoing basis helps you restructure and monitor your portfolio based on research desk's recommendations as well as provides procedural assistance, both through online and offline modes.  Value added services the bank offers value added services that help your portfolio like transaction audit for transactions done through HDFC Bank, tax guidance and opinions in related areas.
  21. 21. PRIVATE BANKING(RESEARCH RESOURCES) 1) Research Reports In this world of communication clutter, it is becoming increasingly difficult to sift out information that is relevant to your portfolio. Multiple reports running into multiple pages with points and sub- points leave you with complex data you don’t have time to go through. Our research reports are designed to provide you relevant information in the simplest formats. 2) AAG – At A Glance An exclusive monthly magazine is available only to our investment advisory clients. It is a widely acknowledged monthly publication produced by the bank’s research team that analyses specific mutual funds, stocks, sectors and the equity / debt / forex markets, providing a sharp view of the equities and debt markets.
  22. 22. IMPERIA/PREFFERED/CLASSIC  HDFC Bank Imperia Premium Banking programme is designed for the royalty of today . It seeks to enhance the exclusivity that you are accustomed to and pampers you with services that others can only dream about. Like Client Relationship Manager, customised investment advisory or exclusive privileges. Imperia takes care of every little detail to ensure a banking experience like no other.  HDFC Bank Preferred Banking is for the customers with more expectations from the bank. It is the world of exclusive banking. Where the customers comfort comes first and the customer will always be first in line for service. This programme is Ideal for seasoned professionals or businessmen. It provides the customer with a banker dedicated to take care of all their banking and investment needs. It also means getting preferential rates on various banking products and other exclusive benefits.  HDFC Bank Classic Banking is to experience banking beyond the ordinary. It entitles the customer to a host of benefits, including a bouquet of preferentially priced products and specialised Investment solutions.
  23. 23. WHOLESALE BANKING SERVICES  The Bank's target market ranges from large, blue-chip manufacturing companies in the Indian corporation to small & mid-sized corporate and agri-based businesses.  For these customers, the Bank provides a wide range of commercial and transactional banking services, including working capital finance, trade services, transactional services, cash management, etc.  The bank is also a leading provider of structured solutions, which combine cash management services with vendor and distributor finance for facilitating superior supply chain management for its corporate customers.  It is recognized as a leading provider of cash management and transactional banking solutions to corporate customers, mutual funds, stock exchange members and banks.
  24. 24. CORPORATES  Corporate Banking reflects HDFC Bank's strengths in providing our corporate clients in India, a wide array of commercial, transactional and electronic banking products. They achieve this through innovative product development and a well-integrated approach to relationship management.  Large Corporates-HDFC offers blue chip companies in the India, a full range of client-focused corporate banking services, including working capital finance, trade and transactional services, foreign exchange and cash management, to name a few. The product offerings are suitably structured taking into account a client's risk profile and specific needs. Based on our superior product delivery, industry benchmark service levels and strong customer orientation, we have made significant inroads into the formal banking consortia of a number of Indian companies including multinationals, domestic business houses and prime public sector companies.
  25. 25. CORPORATES 1) Supply Chain Partners At HDFC Bank we create Supply Chain Finance solutions that enable our clients to automate supply chain management resulting in operational efficiency and supply chain gains. Our vast array of services and supply chain solutions help in seamless transfer of funds, faster delivery of goods and reduction of processing costs. 2) Agricultural Lending Everyone who is involved in agricultural industry knows that the business is not usual. Each agribusiness faces different challenges and has unique needs. From the fluctuating cash flows to the unpredictability of the weather, managing a successful agribusiness requires a distinctive approach.
  26. 26. FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS & TRUSTS HDFC caters to the following institutions:- Banks Financial Institutions Mutual Funds Stock Brokers Insurance Companies Commodity Businesses Trusts
  27. 27. GOVERNMENT SECTOR HDFC Bank acts as an active medium between the government and the customers by means of various services. These services include:- Tax Collection wherein customers can directly pay their taxes like Direct taxes, Indirect taxes and Sales Tax collections at their local HDFC Bank. E-Ticketing - Helps the customer by providing him a direct access to book a Railway Ticket online and get it home delivered. Opening of L/C's is done by the bank on behalf of Government of India, Mints and Presses, thus facilitating imports for the Government. Collection of levies and taxes on behalf of Municipal Corporations i.e. Kalyan -Dombivli Municipal Corporation, is undertaken by the Bank. Collection of stamp duty is done via franking mode in the state's of Maharashtra & Gujarat.
  28. 28. NRI BANKING  With a view to attract the savings and other remittance into India through banking channels from the person of Indian Nationality / Origin who are residing abroad and bolster the balance of payment position, the Government of India introduced in 1970 Non-Resident(External) Account Rules which are governed by the Exchange Control Regulations.  The funds held in Non-Resident (External) Accounts (NRE Accounts) qualify for certain benefits like exemptions from taxes in India, free reatriation facilities, etc.  HDFC Bank facilitates NRI customer with accounts such as (NRE) Non Resident External Accounts, (NRO) Non Resident Ordinary Accounts & (FCNR) Foreign Currency Non Resident Accounts
  29. 29. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS TYPES OF SAVING ACCOUNT  NRE SAVINGS A/C NRE Savings Account lets you transfer your earnings to India conveniently with complete security. You can repatriate the funds held in the account along with the interest earned at any point of time and you don't even have to pay tax on the interest amount. With a host of direct banking channels available at your fingertips, you can stay in complete control of your hard-earned income abroad.  NRO SAVINGS A/C Right from repatriating funds after applicable tax payments to operating the account through the various direct banking channels, experience hassle- free banking from any corner of the world. You are eligible if you are a Non-Resident individual of Indian nationality or of Indian origin.
  30. 30. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS TYPES OF CURRENT ACCOUNTS 1) NRE CURRENT A/C Transfer and repatriate funds easily with your NRE Rupee Current Account. Convenient banking options make your account accessible to you from anywhere in the world. 2) NRO CURRENT A/C Park your Indian earnings or remit funds through various channels; NRO Rupee Current Account is an ideal account for foreign corporate bodies and foreign nationals on visits to India.
  31. 31. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS 1) NRE FIXED DEPOSIT NRE Fixed Deposits are maintained in Indian Rupees. Repatriate the principal and interest amount fully and also get higher interest rates. The deposit rates for NRE deposits will change from the first of every month. Since the cap on NRE rates has been enforced by the Reserve Bank of India 2) NRO FIXED DEPOSIT Invest in NRO Fixed Deposits for high growth returns on your savings. Maintained in Indian Rupees, the Deposits are an ideal long-term investment option for you.
  32. 32. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS  SUPER SAVER A/C Super Saver Account gives you the dual advantage - liquidity of a Savings Account + high interest rates of Fixed Deposit. You can avail of an overdraft up to 75% *of the value of your Fixed Deposit. All NRIs holding an NRI account with HDFC Bank are eligible to open a Super Saver Account.  SWEEP IN A/C Link your Fixed Deposit to your NRI Savings or Current Account and it’ll take care of deficits, if any, in your NRI Savings or Current Account without losing out on the interest. All NRI account holders are eligible to open the Sweep-In Account. The facility is available against the NRO/NRE Term Deposits and is not available against FCNR Term Deposits.
  33. 33. ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS FOREIGN CURRENCY DEPOSITS  FCNR DEPOSIT With this account not only will you grow your foreign currency securely by protecting it against exchange rate fluctuation but also earn interest at Indian rates. Book fixed deposit in 6 foreign currencies and protect your deposit from exchange rate risks.  RUPEEMAX Make your Rupee earn more with RupeeMax RupeeMax is a forward cover product, designed to get you maximum returns in INR. RupeeMax locks into an exchange rate to convert foreign currency investments into Indian Rupees.
  34. 34. ACCESSIBILITY Wherever you are, HDFC Bank is always accessible. Customers can experience total control and convenience with the range of innovative services. Net Banking lets you manage your account from the comfort of your mouse - anytime, anywhere. Credit Cards Online Access your Credit Cards account anytime, anywhere. Phone Banking Your phone is now your Bank Insta Alerts Get regular updates on your bank account on your mobile phone or email ID.  Mobile Banking Access your bank account and conduct a host of banking transactions and inquiries through your mobile.
  35. 35. ACCESSIBILITY  ATM 24-hour access to cash, view mini-statement, order cheque books, recharge your prepaid card... all from our wide network of over 4,393 ATMs.  One View is a revolutionary service from HDFC Bank that allows you to manage multiple accounts in different banks through one single online interface.  Email Statements HDFC Bank introduces Email Statements for all its Savings & Current account holders.  Branch Network Our sophisticated computerized network gives you the flexibility of accessing your Savings or Current Account from any of our over 1,725 branches and over 4,393 ATMs across India.

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