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Don't Just Show Up, Stand Out (LocalUp Advanced 2015)

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Learn how to destroy your competitors with bringing personality to your marketing. Confront the challenges of making HIPPOs comfortable with unique voice, keep brand standards while injecting some fun, and stay in the forefront of your audience's mind.

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Don't Just Show Up, Stand Out (LocalUp Advanced 2015)

  1. 1. #LocalUp DON'T JUST SHOW UP, STAND OUT DANA DITOMASO @danaditomaso Kick Point Inc
  2. 2. @danaditomaso #LocalUp LocalUp was great. We’re doing so much better in the rankings! But I wonder … could we still do more?
  3. 3. @danaditomaso #LocalUp We need to stay top of mind!
  4. 4. @danaditomaso #LocalUp How do I make my boss comfortable with a unique voice?
  5. 5. @danaditomaso #LocalUp And I know we have brand standards to follow, but they can make things really boring.
  6. 6. @danaditomaso #LocalUp I just want some personality in my marketing!
  7. 7. @danaditomaso #LocalUp And that pesky crocodile’s been sniffing around. Should we worry?
  8. 8. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Staying top of mind is the result of emotional connections
  9. 9. @danaditomaso #LocalUp No one gets emotional about a tagline. Especially ®.
  10. 10. @danaditomaso #LocalUp How does your actual audience communicate? #yolo
  11. 11. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  12. 12. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Build your brand voice.
  13. 13. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  14. 14. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Your brand voice is more than just how you communicate in social media.
  15. 15. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Creates a guideline, HIPPOs love guidelines Speech bubble – guidelines are delicious! Guidelines are delicious!
  16. 16. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Brand voice helps you spend more brain time on being interesting as opposed to figuring out the basics of what to say.
  17. 17. @danaditomaso #LocalUp https://bufferapp.com/tone-guide
  18. 18. @danaditomaso #LocalUp It’s extra helpful in social & review responses! Warm / Fun / Honest / Direct / Educate / Entertain
  19. 19. @danaditomaso #LocalUp How does your brand voice speak to each of your personas?
  20. 20. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Make a customer journey map (http://moz.com/blog/customer-journey-maps-whiteboard-friday)
  21. 21. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Does your brand voice come through at each touchpoint?
  22. 22. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Getting comfy with standing out.
  23. 23. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Don’t be different just for the sake of being different.
  24. 24. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  25. 25. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  26. 26. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Don’t fall into the fun trap.
  27. 27. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  28. 28. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  29. 29. @danaditomaso #LocalUp http://www.buzzsumo.com
  30. 30. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Mash that up with referrer traffic & organic traffic.
  31. 31. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Add in what’s lurking in your internal site search.
  32. 32. @danaditomaso #LocalUp Apply the BuzzFeed Test for Content Marketing
  33. 33. @danaditomaso #LocalUp http://www.aminstitute.com/headline/index.htm
  34. 34. @danaditomaso #LocalUp http://www.hemingwayapp.com/
  35. 35. @danaditomaso #LocalUp URL Title Keyword Category Persona Social Score Referral Score Organic Score Total Score BuzzFeed Category Grade Level Comments I do love a good spreadsheet!
  36. 36. @danaditomaso #LocalUp How about some user testing?
  37. 37. @danaditomaso #LocalUp 1. Apply brand voice 2. Make it drive emotion 3. Does the page fulfill the promise of the SERP? I also love a good to do list!
  38. 38. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  39. 39. @danaditomaso #LocalUp
  40. 40. #LocalUp THANK YOU! DANA DITOMASO @danaditomaso Kick Point Inc