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OBF Academy - Case "All Aboard!"

Iain Mac Labhrainn, Director of the Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching at the NUI Galway, talks about digital skills and what is the role of Open Badges in that area. He presents their big national project and the badge applications include: recognising student volunteering; academic staff development; study skills and employability.

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OBF Academy - Case "All Aboard!"

  1. 1. Enabling & Empowering Staff & Students to Flourish in the Digital Age
  2. 2. The Challenge: ◦ Improving the confidence as well as the skills/competences of staff (academic and non-academic) and students ◦ Technology can be intimidating for many ◦ Formal training can be inflexible and costly (time and money!) Digital Skills/Literacies Frameworks? ◦ Many already exist (reviewed over 60!) ◦ Tend to be formal, detailed, prescriptive Our approach? ◦ Try to be more participatory, collaborative ◦ Capture imagination, sense of fun as well as achievement ◦ Use technologies to support skills development
  3. 3. CC-BY-2.0, flickr, Nikos Koutoulas Digital Skills Framework
  4. 4. Developing a national Digital Skills Framework for Irish HE Producing and Developing Training Resources Piloting Open Badges in HE Facilitating Events, campaigns, workshops, partnerships Iain Mac Labhrainn, Blaneth McSharry Gobnait O’Riordan, Aoife Geraghty, Liz Dore Áine Galvin, Leone Gately, Jonathan Flynn Anne O’Keeffe, Deirdre Ryan
  5. 5. Navigating the Digital Skills Framework CC-BY-2.0, flickr, Hans Dinkelberg
  6. 6. CC-BY-2.0, flickr, Rachel Samanyi Badges
  7. 7. Open Badges Using Digital Badges to mark achievement in the Skills Framework BUT also using badges for lots of other activities: • Helps spread and embed the concept of badging • Also increases ‘routine’ use of a key set of technologies • Links digital confidence/competence with personal, professional development • Links with broader agenda of CPD for academics • Links with ‘Graduate Attributes’ of students
  8. 8. Badge Examples Outreach, Volunteering & Communications Non-formal & Informal CPD Skills Development embedded in courses Study Skills Employability & Leadership Graduate Attributes
  9. 9. Criteria, issuing Open Badge Factory + Institutional VLEs Policy & Guidelines
  10. 10. Capturing badges, storing CVs, linking to publications and allowing re-export to other platforms (eg LinkedIn), embedding in websites, etc. Compliance with OBI Open Badge Passport Personal Profiles
  11. 11. Student Partnership CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0, flickr, Mariusz Kluzniak
  12. 12. Recruitment, selection, training and awards ◦ Working with students ◦ Working with staff/services ◦ Creating Content Workshops ◦ Digital Identity & Wellbeing ◦ Social Media ◦ Content Creation: ◦ Infographics, Blogging, Podcasts
  13. 13. DIGITAL CHAMPIONS Develop and showcase your digital skills http://www.digichampsnuig.com/
  14. 14. Meanwhile, in Limerick….
  15. 15. CC-BY-2.0, flickr, Greg Neate Content, Technologies & Processes
  16. 16. Content development Workflow ◦ Curator for each line ◦ Creative workshops ◦ ‘Open Curriculum’ ◦ Lesson ‘descriptor’ ◦ LOs, Learner Activities, Media/Content, Assessment, Badge Criteria ◦ Style Guide/Template ◦ Packaged (SCORM/Tin Can) ◦ Review & Revise ◦ Batch release
  17. 17. Technologies WP based website (HEAnet hosted) ◦ Self-assessment tool ◦ Page per ‘station’ ◦ Online lessons, resource packs, introductory video, posters, links and Badge Criteria ◦ Metro ‘Travelcards’ ◦ Collections of lessons/mini-course/curriculum ◦ Number of different perspectives: ◦ Intended audience ◦ Skillset ◦ Links with disciplines/subjects ◦ Resource packs for T&L and LT units/colleagues ◦ Devolved badge issuing rights (criteria/rubric) ◦ Downloadable in SCORM/Tin Can API/zip packages ◦ Can deploy in any VLE/LMS ◦ LearnDash/Grassblade (LRS) for individual study Open Badge Factory for issuing/tracking ◦ Integrates with WP, Bb, Moodle, etc ◦ Allows sub-issuers at institution level ◦ Conforms to open standards and seamless link with Open Badge Passport (Salava – open source) Content Authoring ◦ ‘Open Curriculum’ approach ◦ Prioritisation/development sequence via survey/consultation ◦ Articulate Storyline for core materials ◦ Evaluation of Adapt (advantages for mobile platforms, etc) & Adobe Articulate ◦ Style Guide and learner activity models ◦ Repurposing/remixing
  18. 18. For further information: http://www.allaboardhe.org Email: iain.maclaren@nuigalway.ie