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OBF Academy 13.3.2017 / Turku University of Applied Sciences

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Marjo Joshi, Online Teaching Specialist from Future Learning Design team at Turku University of Applied Sciences, and Leena Seilonen, Online Teaching Specialist from Learning Environment Services at TUAS, share their experiences in using Open Badges for accrediting skills and sharing expertise as part of a professional development in online teaching. In early 2015, TUAS had started offering their teachers training in online pedagogy and technology through eTUBE professional development course, and took on a pilot to use Open Badges as a means of supporting professional development, accrediting skills and sharing expertise.

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OBF Academy 13.3.2017 / Turku University of Applied Sciences

  1. 1. Open Badges in Continuing Professional Education – case eTUBE M Joshi & L Seilonen, TUAS, March 2017
  2. 2. Turku University of Applied Sciences is an inspiring community of 10 000 members – an innovative and multidisciplinary higher education institution, which creates international competitiveness and well-being for Southwest Finland. Our graduates are practice- oriented professionals with top competences. About us
  3. 3. About Digitalisation and Online Teaching Future Learning Design & Learning Environment Services Quality in Teaching, Learning and Working Online Pedagogical frameworks Technological solutions Learning Environments Continuing Professional Education
  4. 4. Why badges? Need: • New method for assessment and accreditation of skills instead of traditional paper-based course certificates Pilot • started in 2015 • eTUBE Continuing Professional Development course for TUAS staff Objective for pilot: • Accrediting skills and sharing expertise as part of a professional development in online teaching
  5. 5. www.tuas.fi Marjo.Joshi@tuas.fi eTUBE Pedagogical and technical skills Learning materials and processes Guidance and feedback Teaching methods and approaches Assignments and assessment Collaboration and motivation Recording tools Online meeting tools VLEs Copyrights and security Social media About eTUBE What does eTUBE offer?  Combined training and support for pedagogy and technology  Collaboration between teaching staff and technical staff  Blended or Online options  5 study credits (=135h)  Innovation pedagogy® approach  Creation of online courses ready for implementation  Enthusiastic online teachers!
  6. 6. About eTUBE Badges • Three levels: • Basic • Specialist • Expert • Based on criteria • Fulfilled during the eTUBE CPD course OR • As evidence-based with self- reflection
  7. 7. About Our Experiences • Over 140 staff trained to date • overall a positive response for the use of badges as a new method • Badges still a new concept • More training still needed especially about • badge levels • applying for and sharing badges • utilizing badges in relation to changing ways of teaching and learning
  8. 8. About the future • Badges will be expanded to e.g. • Degree programme teaching • Case: IB Online • Student training • Case: International Student Tutor • Staff training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqTAp_Qb0cY
  9. 9. Want to know more? Contact for more information: Marjo Joshi Future Learning Design team marjo.joshi@turkuamk.fi Leena Seilonen Learning Environment Services leena.Seilonen@tuas.fi www.tuas.fi Check out our new video publication: http://julkaisumyynti.turkuamk.fi/PublishedService?file=page&pageID=9&itemcode=Journey+to+Online+Teaching