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Moodle plugin for OBF

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How to install and use the Moodle plugin for Open Badge Factory.

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Moodle plugin for OBF

  1. 1. openbadgefactory.com Open Badge Factory Moodle plugin
  2. 2. openbadgefactory.com •Installing •Connecting to OBF •Exporting Moodle badges •Badge list •Badge details •Issuing a badge •Issuance history
  3. 3. openbadgefactory.com •Revoking an issued badge •Awarding rules •Course badges •Badges related to a course •Issuing a badge on a course •OBP and Backpack -settings •Course participiant badges •Displayer -plugin
  4. 4. openbadgefactory.com Install Download Open Badge Factory plugin from: https://moodle.org/plugins/view/local_obf Install the plugin in Moodle Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins
  5. 5. openbadgefactory.com Establishing connection to OBF Post-install
  6. 6. openbadgefactory.com 1. 2. 3. Select & Copy
  7. 7. openbadgefactory.com Paste the API key here
  8. 8. openbadgefactory.com Exporting internal Moodle badges
  9. 9. openbadgefactory.com Selected badges will be available in OBF (and Moodle) after exporting
  10. 10. openbadgefactory.com Badge list
  11. 11. openbadgefactory.com Badges created in OBF are accessible here Badges can be filtered by categories defined in OBF
  12. 12. openbadgefactory.com Badge details
  13. 13. openbadgefactory.com
  14. 14. openbadgefactory.com Issuing a badge (manually)
  15. 15. openbadgefactory.com
  16. 16. openbadgefactory.com Issuance history
  17. 17. openbadgefactory.com Issuing event details (and revoking)
  18. 18. openbadgefactory.com Revoking an issued badge
  19. 19. openbadgefactory.com Select users and click Revoke
  20. 20. openbadgefactory.com Awarding rules •Awarding rules can be created in either Site administration, or course administration
  21. 21. openbadgefactory.com 3. Select a badge and create awarding rules on the Awarding rules tab of a badge. 1. 2.
  22. 22. openbadgefactory.com Select rule type: course or activity completion
  23. 23. openbadgefactory.com Select a course or courses
  24. 24. openbadgefactory.com Define conditions or select which activities need to be completed
  25. 25. openbadgefactory.com Set if all of courses need to be completed, or just of the selected courses. (Default: all)
  26. 26. openbadgefactory.com When a badge has rules, they can be viewed/changed in the Awarding rules tab of a badge.
  27. 27. openbadgefactory.com Course badges •Attach a badge to a course by making a course related rule for it
  28. 28. openbadgefactory.com 3. No badge is attached to the course yet. Select a badge, and create awarding rules 1. 2.
  29. 29. openbadgefactory.com Awarding rule creation is easier when accessed via course administration
  30. 30. openbadgefactory.com Badges related to a course •After attaching course completion rules to a badge, the badge will be related to a course
  31. 31. openbadgefactory.com Badges related to the selected course listed here.
  32. 32. openbadgefactory.com Issuing a badge on a course
  33. 33. openbadgefactory.com Issuing form accessed from a a badge in course administration is different from the form in site administration. It will only list users enrolled on the course.
  34. 34. openbadgefactory.com Open Badge Passport and Backpack -settings •Users can manage what badges they want to appear on their Moodle profile page
  35. 35. openbadgefactory.com 1. 2.
  36. 36. openbadgefactory.com Open Badge Passport does not need connecting, but Backpack does.
  37. 37. openbadgefactory.com Users can have many badge groups on OBP or Backpack, and can select which of them to show on Moodle
  38. 38. openbadgefactory.com Badges of course participants •Users can see the badges earned by other users participating in courses
  39. 39. openbadgefactory.com
  40. 40. openbadgefactory.com Open Badge Factory Displayer Block Moodle plugin •Needs to be installed as a separate plugin •Can be used to display badges on profile pages •Supports multiple services (OBF, OBP, Backpack)
  41. 41. openbadgefactory.com A Displayer block can be configured to display on user profile pages.
  42. 42. openbadgefactory.com Select if you want to display badges from external services or just badges issued on your Moodle site
  43. 43. openbadgefactory.com Links https://openbadgefactory.com https://moodle.org/plugins/view/local_obf https://moodle.org/plugins/view/block_obf_displayer https://openbadgefactory.com/developers/plugins