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The digital marketing ppt

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The digital marketing ppt

  1. 1. The Digital Landscape Wh y
  2. 2. Speed & Popularity To reach 50 million customers Radio took 38 Years It took 13 year for Internet took 4 years Added 50M in 62 days in 2010 And in 2014 took 5 days for the same
  3. 3. Social Networks & Social Channels are growing with lightning speed :In 4 years had reached 1184 million users. 123 million for had 232 million and and 52 million users for Heather Bellini, software analyst at Goldman Sachs.
  4. 4. Once upon a time advertising meant..
  5. 5. 2 hour yearly meeting with a yellow pages rep and 1 hour a month with the local newspaper or a radio rep and At the most 6 days with an ad agency . In brief, in a span of 7 days most businesses had spent their annual advertising.
  6. 6. We have a different story altogether Then comes PPC, where bids are constantly in a flux, Advertisers can start and stop campaigns within minutes ,companies are visible one moment and then gone next. No longer does advertising takes 7 days in a year ..for many companies it is 24x7x365 love affair .
  7. 7. The need of a full time campaign manager with expertise to mange digital marketing activities hour by hour, day by day, throughout the year is critical to business today Business Conventional marketing Google AdWords PPC Blogs SEM/SEO Google Analytics Blogs Social media Marketing Content marketing
  8. 8. Marketing & Advertising is fast becoming highly automated, tech driven, 24x7x365 real time love affair
  9. 9. Pay per Click OR the PPC http://youtu.be/4cmGAkLaELM
  10. 10. Growth of Pay per Click Industry Year Size in $ billion Remarks 1998 0 Just began 2009 15 2014 31 Expected to overshoot 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 1998 2009 2014 Size in $billion Remarks Column2
  11. 11. Traditional Vs Digital(Ad Words) Campaign Details of one of our Clients Ad Words Campaign In a Nutshell The Campaign was partly Branding and partly Lead Generation
  12. 12. Compare with the Traditional Medium Media Costs Impressions Leads Remarks Print, #3rd placed Local Language Daily Classified 10000/3X3 Column ads 200000 30 to 50 on average Media take no responsibility if no leads are generated Print quarter page ads Leading language & English Daily In Lacs. 5 lac to 10 Lacs Any ones guess Media takes no responsibility TV 10 Sec commercial Campaign costs In Several Lacs. Audience very large & Generic Leads may be unmanageable and so difficult to monetize Media takes limited or no responsibility if response is bad Ad words Much cost effective Managed target audience Leads can be generated at pace you are Can be tested and customized to
  13. 13. Ad words is Google’s online advertising platform that can help you drive prospective customers to your website What is Ad words ? • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05 we2g3Edgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05we2g3E dgs Ad words is Google's online advertising platform that can help you drive prospective customers to your website
  14. 14. Why Ad Words ? Google enjoy 90% of searches and billions of page view on Google Display Network. Ad words backed up by very powerful tools like Google Analytics for comprehensive analysis of your customer behavior on the net .
  15. 15. Advertise with Flair You can use ads with varied content VIZ; Text , Images, Creative layouts, Videos, Animations ,Games and a combination of these . For a typical ecommerce site, the product listing ads (PLAs) are extremely effective. The end result is the customers will have more relevance from the ads . Precise targeting give you better value for money.
  16. 16. Go Granular in Ad words : Some reports from past campaigns
  17. 17. Ad Groups Details :Reports
  18. 18. Ad Groups Details :Reports
  19. 19. Day wise reports
  20. 20. Geographical Details
  21. 21. You can choose specific placements ;web site where the ads were listed 4 the campaign
  22. 22. Reach multiple platform @Google Search & display Networks
  23. 23. YouTube ,a great place to Advertise with banners & true video ads
  24. 24. Video Ads on YouTube beside your favorite content = Define your Success
  25. 25. Text & Image Ads = Success
  26. 26. Text & PLA ads + Images = More success
  27. 27. REMARKETING ; Tool to follow your prospects on the web with tailored ads.
  28. 28. Follow your Costumers @ pre set frequency
  29. 29. Follow with a different message
  30. 30. Define and Achieve Success with AdWords https://www.youtube.com/watch?v =q07Jr9Vihlk
  31. 31. A bunch of Management & Technically qualified professionals with more than 20 years of varied Industry Experience in IT, FMCG, Advertising and Consulting. The SEM division is handled by Dilraj Nalukandathil (MBA,SAS,AOAP,GCP) and IT development is headed by Viju Kottuvatiparambil(M.Tech,REC ) with dearth of experience with Global Conglomerates like Chrysler corporation, Compuware ,Amazon, Bank of America etc .
  32. 32. Our Infrastructure We have offices in Kochi ,Chennai, US and a network of professionals in other major cities. Other than this we have development centre fully operational with dedicated team of software engineers who can handle any complex projects. This center is in operation since June,2010 .
  33. 33. Our revolutionary product to automate web and mobile application development. • https://vimeo.com/66624800 A java based integrated development (IDE) Environment on Cloud
  34. 34. E commerce Applications Httpstudio is a generic product that can be used to create any type of data driven web applications including web mobile applications. The main focus of httpstudio is to reduce time, cost and complexity to develop web based business applications Whether you are working from home, office or . on the move, apps created using Httpstudio is always on the finger
  35. 35. Contact US Chennai Office. Way Stores Retails Pvt Ltd.No.11,2nd Floor, Dhandeeswaran Nagr, Velachery, Chennai 600042 , Ph :91 9176868683 US Office. 800 5th Ave Suite 4100,Mindmax Software Solutions: Seattle, WA 98104 . Ph : +1 206 643 3100 Kochi Office 894 C Manasree, Changapuzha Road , Edappilly North , Kochi 682024 PH : 91 8606081836 Development Centre Mindmax Software Solutions,3rd floor, NSS Buildings. Near Old Transport Stand, Kochi. Ph : 91 484 6535214
  36. 36. Flexible Pricing to Suite Clientage ! Fixed Price on Spend. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) initiatives . Retainership fee Based. For managing Clients entire gamut of Digital Marketing requirements, viz; Branding on social channels like face book, Twitter, LinkedIn ,Google + etc.& Search Engine marketing initiatives. Open end Pricing For high end e commerce and other business applications on both web and mobile platforms.