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Character Profile

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Character Profile

  1. 1. The main characters in the novel are Giacomo and Leonardo. My favorite character in the novel is Giacomo because he is a very curious person. He likes to learn how to draw like Leonardo da Vinci so he has a dream in his life. Giacomo changed closer to the end of the novel; he started to become a more mature person and respected Leonardo more when he was told to do something. He also started to have way more influence to paintings then at the beginning. He wanted to help Leonardo to finish the last supper which he did get to do. I can relate Giacomo a bit to students in 8th grade. The reason why is because in 8th grade we start to be more independent and become way more mature. We basically have to find our own way. This connects to Giacomo because hes also mature throughout the book. Giacomo has a dream to become a painter and be as successful as Leonardo. I also have a dream which every day is to become a successful person and have a good job to live a wealthy life. As a result Giacomo is a very interesting character to learn about and see his changes throughout the novel.
  2. 2. Leonardo Da Vinci is another really interesting character; the reason why is because he doesn’t share much about himself. These types of characters act like they have mood swings, because sometimes you can tell that Leonardo is being really kind toward Giacomo but other times you wonder if he is a different person. This made me think about dogs especially my own dog the reason why is; because my dog always has mood swings sometimes you think he’s the happiest person alive and all of a sudden he goes back to normal. This really made me think of how Leonardo acts. In addition, Leonardo is a man that can leave things for the last moment but then get it done well. That reminded me again to students, mostly they leave there work for the last minute and then do it when they had weeks to finish it. As we got to know him a bit better throughout the novel he becomes a very successful artist especially the messages he brings when he is painting something. As a result he shows what a man can be, when they work hard, in my opinion.
  3. 3. Katarina is a character that just concentrates on her work, but she is also a very caring person especially for Giacomo. When Giacomo first comes to Leonardo’s House he has to learn new things, for example his jobs at the house, when he has to wake up all these sorts of things Katarina was there for him. As a connection Katarina made me think of a cleaner I met in a beach club he was the hardest worker I have ever seen. He took care of the bathrooms, handed people towels and many other things. Then I talked to him and he was from Africa he told me that he was doing this for his family and they are all living in Africa. Katarina really related to this because she works really hard to help Leonardo and for her to provide a home and food.