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SES Presentation - Using Measurement Tools to Gain Insights into your Social Media Audience

Dr Mathew McDougall's SES presentation (Sept 22nd, Hong Kong). A presentation outlining the difference between monitoring and measurement in social media. Specifically, exploring a Chinese social media analytics technology known as "SIP:Enterprise"

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SES Presentation - Using Measurement Tools to Gain Insights into your Social Media Audience

  1. The  Digital  Marke.ng  Experts  Using Measurement Tools to Gain Social Media Insights Dr. Mathew McDougall CEO, Digital Jungle
  2. •  The differences between monitoring and measurement •  What are the types of data points we can use? •  What each can do for your organization •  Let’s take a look at a Social Media monitoring toolLets use some questions to help us get started
  3. Monitoring is ...watching or listening to conversations inorder to determine a course of actionMeasurement is ...quantifying or qualifying online activity toestablish success,failure or comparison Lets get the definitions straight
  4. Monitoring is ... •  Improve branding & awareness •  Protect/Improve reputation •  Build community/advocacy •  Increase customer satisfaction •  Harvest research •  Drive sales/leads If you are monitoring
  5. Measurement is ... •  Protect your reputation •  Facilitate customer support •  Invite innovation •  Build trust •  Market through conversation •  Gather business intelligence If you are measuring
  6. Before you start - Set Goals….None of these things happen ifyou don’t first know what you’retrying to accomplish! Tip #1
  7. Monitoring Data (KPIs)Monitoring ... • Volume of conversation • Sentiment & tone around your brand • Conversational market-share • Competition comparison • Audience characteristics • Related topics • Influential voices • Location of conversations • Brand mentions • Service issues/needs • Real-time opportunity Monitoring Data (KPI’s)
  8. Monitoring Data (KPIs)Measurement ...Website metrics Social audience metrics • Traffic •  Fans/Followers/Friends • Social outpost traffic •  Outpost activity Conversions •  User-generated content • Sales •  Comments • Leads •  Ratings/Reviews • Downloads •  Volume of conversation Search metrics •  Sentiment & tone • Rankings •  Conversational marketshare • Backlinks •  Competition comparison Share metrics •  Audience characteristics • Shares •  Bookmarks • Click throughs •  Referrals Measurement Data (KPI’s)
  9. Monitoring metrics ...tell’s you who is saying what,when and whereMeasurement metrics ...tell’s you what you’re gettingout of it Tip # 2
  10. Recommendations ...•  Set clear objectives and goals•  Select measurement and/or monitoring metrics that provide insights for your selected goals•  Combine web analytics with your social media monitoring•  Identify owners for measurement and monitoring•  Use technology where possible to ensure consistency of •  CLAY data and automating of collecting/reporting HBERT •  FOUNDER & CHIEF ENGAGEMENT OFFICER, TRIBES WIN Recommendations
  11. TO START, WE NEED TO… Know what reports we can get out of them See the toolsUnderstand what each does Know how to set them up
  12. The Freebie Tools•  Technorati (authority, links)•  Del.icio.us (quality/type)•  Google Analytics (traffic)•  Google Alerts•  Feedburner (subscribers)•  Compete/Alexa (relative traffic)•  Appsholic (social media)•  Video/photo (YouTube, flickr)•  Social bookmarks (Digg/Stumble Upon)•  Forums (Boardtracker/Twing)•  Communities, widgets•  uberVu (freemium)•  BoardTracker•  IceRocket•  Social Mention
  13. But sometimes the free stuff can have someproblems… • Limited data • Limited functionality • Most reporting is manual • RSS Common issues with free tools…
  14. The Paid Tools SIP:Enterprise (SinoTech Group) Alterian SM2 Lithium Radian6 Sysomos Trackur Visible Technologies Dozens more….a number of very powerful paid tools
  15. SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING HAS SOME CONSIDERATIONS Data accuracy and language semantics Setup and configuration
  16. The hardest part of the tools is…. •  Setting Up Your Searches •  Insist on assistance from vendor •  Expect trial and error •  Be patient •  Understand 100% accuracy is not possible Getting started with the tools
  17. And a special mention….. about accuracy •  Sentiment analysis is not an exact science •  Context, sarcasm and tone are killers •  Totality of web not possible •  Variations in results coincidences •  Think averages and trends… not exacts Getting started with the tools
  18. Reporting – Manual vs. Automatic •  Automatic can produce disparate reports (style,data,etc.) •  Manual is time consuming •  Automatic is easier •  Automatic acoincidences can offer real-time data Did I mention… Manual is time consuming Management loves reports
  19. Measurement Recap….•  Remember what we are trying to accomplish•  Select reports that reflect the key performance indicators of those goals•  Produce different reports for different stakeholders coincidences•  Automate as much as you can•  Contextualize with summary Thinking back…
  20. DEEPER DIVE, LETS LOOK AT ONE… SIP:Enterprise, a specialized Chinese language social media platform… that also monitors in 12 other languages What tool are we going to take a look at?
  21. SIP:Enterprise Dashboard
  22. SIP:Enterprise Dashboard
  23. Where are my fans? Are they Positive? What sites am I talked about? Men?Who are my fans? Age? An example
  24. Mercedes-Benz – Deep DiveBRAND   Men.ons   Geographic  Distribu.on   Site  Analysis   Share  of  Voice   Geographic distribution focused on the eastern cities SOV spread through Portals, Microblogs, Social Networks & BBS/ Forums Strong voice from douban.com
  25. Model:  A3   Men.ons   Geographic  Distribu.on   Site  Analysis   Share  of  Voice   Geographic distribution focused on the eastern cities. With a high intensity in Beijing and Shanghai SOV spread through Portals, Social Networks & BBS/forums High number of mentions from seller.cheshi.com
  26. Share of voice by car brand Breakdown by car brandDetailed Analysis
  27. Auto Scorecard (Models) Comparison by car featuresThe auto scorecard ranks the 5 automotive models based on a defined criteria list.Fuel Economy: Lexus CT200h, Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz A Class all ranked highly in fuel economyValue For Money: Audi A3, BMW 1 Series and Infinity G25 were all considered good value for moneySafety: Lexus CT200h and the BMW 1 Series ranked highly in safetySportiness: Audi A3, Infinity G25 and BMW 1 Series ranked well in sportinessQuietness: Lexus CT200h and Audio A3 ranked highly in quietness
  28. •  Set Goals •  Translate to Calls-To-Action •  Measure it •  Trend & Track other KPIs •  But don’t get distracted!Things to remember
  29. Thank  you!   Follow on Twitter: @sinotechian Follow on Weibo: sinotechian Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com.sinotechian Read my blog: www.dmic.asia Connect on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/drmathewmcdougallDr. Mathew McDougall! Chief  Execu.ve  Officer   My presentations on Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/digitaljungle