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Google Penguin 2.0 Update

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Google's Penguin 2.0 recently launched on May 22, 2013. Affectionately called the “Webspam” update, the newest Penguin on the prowl. This presentation will help webmasters come to understand some of areas being focused on by Google.

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Google Penguin 2.0 Update

  1. 1. Google  Penguin  2.0  Update    
  2. 2. Penguin Update OverviewOn  May22nd  Google  launched  their  all  new  Penguin  2.0  algorithm  update  and  with  their  latest  assault  on  spam.    Brand  men<ons  could  play  a  stronger  role  going  forward,  i.e.  brand  men<ons  that  are  not  links  There  is  a  chance  social  signals  could  play  a  more  important  role  in  Penguin  2.0  but  currently  this  is  just  specula<on  Whilst  it  is  far  too  early  to  determine  the  exact  levers  that  Google  has  tweaked  with  Penguin  2.0,  early  indicators  are:    Numerous  link  networks  have  been  devalued  Bad  link  neighbourhoods  have  been  devalued  Link  velocity  –  link  spikes  may  be  ignored  and  steady  link  grow  threwarded  Link  trust  will  become  an  even  more  important  factor  with  less  trustworthy  link  sources  being  devalued  Further  anchor  text  devalua<on.  The  thresholds  on  the  levels  of  generic  anchor  text  usage  have  increased  Contextual  relevancy  will  become  more  important  and  links  that  are  not  contextually  relevant  have  had  their  value  decreased  
  3. 3. What does Penguin 2.0 mean for you?Firstly,  let’s  be  really  clear.  Penguin  2.0  is  not  a  penalty;  it  is  an  algorithm  update.    We  have  been  given  a  clear  indicator  that  Penguin  2.0  is  going  to  become  more  aggressive  over  <me  and  that  what  we  experienced  on  22nd  May  2013.  MaP  CuPs  *  from  Google  said  on  his  twiPer  feed  that  2.0  was  essen<ally  just  the  soR  launch.  So,  if  you  have  already  been  nega<vely  impacted  by  Penguin  2.0,  in  all  likelihood  the  impact  may  worsen  as  newer  versions  are  released.      If  you  haven’t  been  impacted  yet  it  doesn’t  mean  you’re  in  the  clear  -­‐  and  when  Google  releases  new  algorithm  releases  your  website  maybe  impacted  by  being  devalued  and  thus  lowered  in  the  organic  rankings.  *  h$p://www.ma$cu$s.com/blog/penguin-­‐2-­‐0-­‐rolled-­‐out-­‐today  
  4. 4. Penguin Predictions For BacklinksLow-Page Rank(<1) BacklinkDomainSite Wide LinksVery Young(<6 months)Backlink DomainVery HighAlexa Rank(>7,000,000)Many externallink from theBacklink page(>20)Link from websitesWith identical C classThe  Penguin  2.0  maybe  using  the  following  condi<ons  to  determine  link  value  for  a  site  and  should  be  considered  within  your  link  development  strategy.  
  5. 5. Factors to consider overcoming Penguin 2.0Remove  the  Bad  backlinks  which  are  linked  with  your  website.    Create  unique  content.  Avoid  Using  The  same  anchor  text.  Avoid  the  keywords  stuffing  and  duplicate.  Keep  tracking  on  your  Compe<tors  ranking.  Keep  your  footer  simple.  Focus  on  appropriate  Directory  Links.  
  6. 6. Been hit in organic rankings? What next?Did You Know ?If  you’ve  been  hit  hard  by  Penguin  2.0  or  are  worried  about  what  the  future  holds  given  that  Penguin  2.0  will  only  get  more  aggressive,  have  a  chat  with  our  teams.      Why?We  pride  ourselves  on  100%  ethical  and  sustainable  strategies  -­‐  we’re  not  just  saying  this,  we  have  the  track  record  to  prove  it  We  are  content  driven,  we  place  content  marke<ng  at  the  heart  of  our  approach  We  will  build  and  execute  a  strategy  for  you  that  will  drive  long-­‐term  success  Clients  work  with  us  because  we  drive  business  growth  through  organic  search  and  we  don’t  put  your  website  and,  most  importantly,  your  business  at  risk  Website  owners  should  not  be  worried  if  they  have  followed  ethical  SEO  and  link-­‐building  prac<ces  –  if  anything  this  update  should  improve  their  rankings  as  spammy  sites  move  down  the  SERPs.  If  you  have  been  hit  hard  by  Penguin  2.0  as  a  result  of  unethical  SEO  techniques,  you  should  take  a  long,  hard  look  at  your  SEO  strategy,  whether  executed  in-­‐house  or  at  an  agency  and  consider  switching  to  an  ethical  SEO  agency  such  as  Digital  Jungle  for  sustainable  long-­‐term  results.  
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