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Programmatic planning: Brand vs. Performance

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Women in Programmatic is a professional organization with the mission of bringing together women within the programmatic advertising space to share knowledge and support. WiP holds a series of educational workshops related to the industry.
"Programmatic Planning: Brand vs Performance" was a workshop that covered the basics of programmatic and how to achieve marketing goals programmatically.

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Programmatic planning: Brand vs. Performance

  1. 1. Programmatic Planning Brand vs Performance Frith Fraser Director, Platform Solutions, MediaMath
  2. 2. What is Programmatic? Programmatic trading refers to the use of software to purchase and execute digital advertising, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs and manual insertion orders.
  3. 3. Types of Programmatic Buying http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB_Digital_Simplified_Programmatic_Sept_2013.pdf WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 3
  4. 4. Aim to deliver 100% of your branding impressions to consumers who are actually in your target audience—with 0% waste! • Reach those targets seamlessly across publishers and media channels, with the ability to globally control reach & frequency across every digital touchpoint • Maximize the impact of your messaging with the ability to control the environment in which your message is delivered • Leverage advanced brand measurement capabilities • Optimize to the brand outcomes using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms • Understand which segments, media properties and creative executions drive the desired outcomes most effectively • Generate insights from powerful and transparent reporting, including integrated analytics from partners like Nielsen and comScore Brand Awareness & Engagement WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 4
  5. 5. Objective This well recognized pharmaceutical company came to a DSP with the goal of driving purchase intent for one of their over-the-counter (OTC), seasonal products Solution  The advertiser worked with a DSP to access real-time media buying, and implement contextual marketing and re-marketing efforts  Using Nielsen’s Online Brand Effect, we were able to access real-time brand metrics to measure and optimize brand lift in purchase intent, maximizing ROI Success Users exposed to the campaign generated an overall 140.1% brand lift in purchase intent Health and OTC brands spend millions of dollars to reach niche audiences, but once they reach them, marketers still need to ensure they impact their brand opinions. How a client achieved brand awareness via Programmatic? WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 5
  6. 6. Define the goals that matter for your bottom line, down to transaction-level ROI, and optimize every media dollar spent against those goals • Integrate your offline & CRM data both to target offline audiences and to optimize to offline conversion events from in-store purchases to hotel stays to test drives to mortgage approvals • Implement custom attribution models at the impression level • Leverage advanced machine learning algorithms to identify and activate the highest-performing combinations of users, media, and creative • Optimize retargeting along multiple dimensions including audience, product, recency, frequency, and more • Scale prospecting efforts to efficiently drive conversions among new customers • Automatically adapt your buying as the market moves • Understand the underlying drivers of performance with fully transparent algorithm outputs Direct Response & Conversion WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 6
  7. 7. Objective The advertiser’s main objective was to achieve a sub-$5 CPA for restaurant look-ups, driving additional traffic to their website Solution • Leverage a DSP to efficiently optimize buys • Use re-marketing to reach consumers at the point they were most likely to act • Via contextual targeting and 3rd party targeting, hone in on higher performing audience segments Success • Enabled the client to achieve close to 2,000 conversions per day, at a CPA of $1.58 -- 68% lower than goal. How a client achieved direct response goals via Programmatic? WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 7
  8. 8. • Focus on the right goal for the right product Direct Response • Return on marketing investment • Offline attribution/custom attribution Branding • Reach frequency of audience • Brand Survey responses – intent, preference, awareness • Engagement metrics • Understanding audiences • Look beyond the click • Does CPC answer your marketing goal? WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 8 What is the best metric?
  9. 9. What media will you use to hit your advertisers goals? PRIVATE DEALS WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 9
  10. 10. What targeting will you use? Search Keywords Weather Contextual Lookalike 3rd party data Geography CRM data Social data Viewability Reach and Frequency Retargeting WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 10 Location Time Targeting Private Marketplaces Automated Guaranteed
  11. 11. What creative executions will your recommend? WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 11
  12. 12. Case Studies Brand Awareness & Performance
  13. 13. Case Study: Brand Awareness WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 13 Advertiser: Global Bank Budget: $75,000 Campaign Start Date: 1-May-15 Campaign End Date: 30-Jun-15 Market: Singapore Target Audience: C-Level Execs, Business Owners, High Net Worth Individuals Brand Objective: -Overall brand goal is to make BrandX top of mind for TA -Send the message that BrandX is a leader in driving business success across SMEs and large enterprises; BrandX is the authority in global financial trends; BrandX is your trusted partner in achieving your financial goals, growing your wealth and empowering your business and community. Primary Goal: Brand Preference (vs competitors) Uplift of 30% Secondary Goal: Reach & Frequency: Maximum Uniques at 2+ Other Information: -This is basically a corporate branding campaign - no specific product or service will be promoted -Site is desktop and mobile optimised -Contains video content on client success stories, interviews with BrandX C- Levels and Client C-Levels, industry best practices, whitepapers and other articles
  14. 14. Case Study: Performance WOMEN IN PROGRAMMATIC 14 Advertiser Name: Local Online Grocery Store Budget: $100,000 Campaign Start Date: 1-May-15 Campaign End Date: 31-Jul-15 Market: Singapore Target Audience: Working mums, Young Professionals, Expats Primary Goal: ROI: 200% Secondary Goal: CPA: $30 (on Confirmation / Thank You Page) Additional Goals: n/a Attribution Window: Post Click: 30 Days Post View: 7 Days Other Information: -Relatively new to market; brand launch done -Open to tagging the site - site is also mobile optimized -User journey: Homepage > Browse through and add items to basket > Shopping Cart > Login (if not already logged in) > Payment Page > Confirmation / Thank You -Average cost of basket: $90 -Login via Facebook / Site Registration -Payment via Credit Card & Paypal
  15. 15. Brief Response • Challenges to the brief – any questions to the client? Any issues you foresee? • Media Recommendations – banner? Video? Rich? • Strategies – Targeting, tactics, etc Any assumptions, caveats welcome 3rd party measurement or solutions if any • Creative format recommendations • Open to providing recommendations beyond the budget