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20 Essential KPIs to Optimize Your Social Media ROI

  1. 20 Essential KPIs to Optimize your Social Media’s ROI July 27th, 2017 20 Essential KPIs to Optimize Your Social Media ROI
  2. SPEAKER Christine Carzo Marketing Director Digimind
  3. DISCOVER: ● How to build effective KPIs for your social media strategies ● 10 rules for developing your KPIs ● 20 essential KPIs for you to measure your social media ROI ● How to design and use dashboards for your KPIs
  5. OUR VISION Insight-Driven is the Next Shift to Digital Transformation “Insights-driven companies will grow at least 8 times faster than global GDP”
  7. CAMPAIGN EXECUTION STRATEGIC PLANNING ANALYSIS Digimind Social Vision: Transform data into actionable insights at each stage of the marketing process Campaigns Competitors Market Segmentation Marketing Mix Messaging Reach Amplify Convert
  8. procès How to Build Effective KPIs
  9. What Are KPIs? Key Performance Indicators are measurable indicators that help make decisions. - Analyzed on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. For Marketing→ Define the criteria taken into account when measuring the effectiveness of global marketing actions, a communication campaign, or a specific action (PR, influencer marketing, etc.)
  10. First: Define Your Objectives Before developing your KPIs, define your goals. What are the objectives you wish to achieve through your digital actions? - Improve brand reputation - Become a thought leader - Drive lead generation - Detect influencers and ambassadors These objectives must be derived from the global marketing strategy!
  11. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs Locate your function and actions within this funnel = better clarify your objectives and therefore your KPIs #1 Place yourself in the marketing funnel
  12. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs #2 Quantified performance indicators = Effectively set, evolve, and carry out your goals, both in the short and long term KPIs are your friends #3 There’s no right or wrong These are your KPIs, they should match your goals and needs
  13. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs Closely match your daily activity and working patterns #4 Personalize #5 Think qualitative Add context to your KPIs
  14. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs Analyze beyond performance - Predict the performance of future actions (predictive) but also to improve all the processes (prescriptive) #6 Analyze #7 Think “Reference” KPIs with a reference base can help set your objectives and thus improve the relevance and legitimacy of the KPI
  15. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs When you use the right tools, you can automate the data collection and metrics generation for many marketing activities #8 Use measuring tools to analyze your data #9 Select the right KPIs Too many KPIs defeats the point of a KPI
  16. 10 Rules to Develop Your KPIs Digital marketing is constantly evolving, your KPIs should too#10 Evolve KPIs over time
  17. 20 Essential KPIs for your Social Media ROI
  18. 5 Key Objectives
  19. Brand Awareness KPIs
  20. Brand Awareness KPIs Objective: Develop the awareness of your products and brand online and on social media Tactics: Invest in Facebook and Twitter Ads, develop partnerships, etc. KPIs should show: - Level of brand recognition on social media - Audience sentiment toward your messaging - Your brand reach - Your audience reach compared to competitors
  21. Brand Awareness: Essential KPIs MentionsImpressions Reach Traffic Share of Voice
  22. Personalization Possibilities: Targeted Geographical - Country - Regions - City - District Demographic - Gender - Age - Center of interest
  23. Community Development KPIs
  24. Community Development KPIs Objective: Develop your target audience community on social networks Tactics: Speak directly with fans, followers and subscribers to share and promote ideas KPIs should show: - The importance of different social channels to your online community - The growth of your online community on different social channels - Your share of voice in “owned media” vs those of your competitors
  25. Community Development: Essential KPIs Shares per Channel Online Community Size Growth of Online Community Traffic Share of Voice
  26. Engagement KPIs
  27. Engagement KPIs Objective: Build relationships and demand among your target audiences to develop brand ambassadors Tactics: Push high quality content, newsjacking, boost the visibility fan base posts and comments, etc. Analyze to find out: The links and interactions with your audience and your online communities
  28. Engagement KPIs: The Essentials Engagement Volume Engagement Development Engagement Rates
  29. As Well As Hashtag Performance Number and growth statistics of hashtags citing your brand, related to your brand, number of official re-posts of your campaign(s)/event(s) hashtags. Influencer Performance Influence Score of your fans and subscribers
  30. Client Satisfaction KPIs
  31. Client Satisfaction KPIs Objective: Improve the perception of your brand + product satisfaction Tactics: Improve customer support responses via social Create case studies, success/innovation stories and share them on social KPIs should show: The perception of your brand, products and actions held among your consumers and online users
  32. Client Satisfaction KPIs: The Essentials Sentiment Change Over Time Brand Mentions Sentiment Number of CS Issues Resolved Customer Response Time
  33. Lead Conversion KPIs
  34. Lead Conversion KPIs Objective: Convert social media community into quality business sales leads Tactics: Push targeted, high quality, gated content, offer free trials or product samples, reach out directly to social users expressing a need and offer a solution KPIs should show: Volume and percentage of leads are originating from social media? (sponsored messages or organic)
  35. Lead Conversion KPIs: The Essentials : Lead volume Growth rate of leads from social
  36. KPI Dashboards 2
  37. How Should They Be Organized? 1. Social Media dashboards organized by channel type: Paid, Earned & Owned Media
  38. 2. Dashboard organized according to your social media marketing funnel phases Brand Awareness > Community Growth > Engagement > Customer Satisfaction > Lead Conversion How Should They Be Organized?
  39. 3. Market/regional dashboard How Should They Be Organized?
  40. Conclusion The importance of social media continues to grow at every stage of the marketing funnel. The key for marketers to show success in social will be to turn vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Here’s how: 1. Establish the right KPIs to measure performance 2. Utilize the right tools to analyze data and create insights 3. Prove the true ROI based on unique objectives
  41. Q&A Christine Carzo Marketing Director Digimind
  42. 20 Essential KPIs to Optimize your Social Media’s ROI July 27th, 2017 20 Essential KPIs to Optimize Your Social Media ROI Thank You!