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Express Cargo logistics |V-Xpress

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V-Xpress Leading Logistics Company specialized in Express Cargo Logistics

Winner Of India's Best Express Cargo Service Provider 2015

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Express Cargo logistics |V-Xpress

  2. 2. Express Logistics 1. End-to-end logistics solution: Express delivery services provide a complete chain of solutions from the collection of shipments at the doorstep of the consignor to packaging, transportation, storage, clearances, and the final delivery of shipments. 2. One-stop solution: Given the integrated nature of service, the customer needs to deal with only one operator in the entire value chain of service 3. Time bound service: Time bound delivery is the most critical aspect of the express industry. The delivery timelines ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours for most destinations, In addition to the day definite delivery, express industry also provides time definite delivery services. 4. Tracking and Delivery confirmation: Express delivery services provides real time tracking of shipments to enable visibility to the customer on the movement of goods and provides delivery confirmation for the shipments. 5. Global reach: Express delivery services links to a large number of destinations across regions providing global reach to its customers. 6. Premium pricing: Express delivery services is the premium segment of the logistics industry and is priced at a premium compared to the traditional delivery services given the time-bound nature of services.
  3. 3. Express Logistics - The Need Rapid growth in industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail has significantly increased the demand for movement of consumer and capital goods across the country, from manufacturing or distribution locations to customers & from customers to consumers. Domestic shipping being a large industry, it can be really tough for business owners to find out a safe & reliable cargo carrier service provider that provides fast, safe & efficient delivery. Businesses require a service provider that not only provides delivery of goods on time, but also delivers it very safely. To make shipping easy, V-Xpress brings their experience into application for an express and reliable transport. V-xpress has a highly trained workforce that handles the materials with great care and delivers with great efficiency on time. We provide great service to our clients and prove to be the reliable partners for all businesses. We strive to accomplish all necessary qualities required in a reliable Xpress cargo service provider.
  4. 4. High Competition among Industry Players Low Entry Barrier High Bargaining Power of Buyers Low Threat from Substitutes Moderate Bargaining power of Suppliers Competition in Express Logistics
  5. 5. Customer expectations from Express Service Providers 1. Timely pick up & delivery 2. Safe handling of packages 3. Prompt service 4. Delivery confirmation report 5. Round the clock service “Must Have” Services “Should have” services “Good to have” Services Door to Door Delivery Non-standard shipments for odd shipments Time definite guaranteed service Real Time Tracking Centralized / De- centralized billing Service to multiple location Multiple Pick-up in a day Time definite guaranteed service Low cost service for noncritical items
  6. 6. V-Xpress’ Competitive Advantage V-Xpress possesses all characteristics and qualities that businesses want in their Logistics partners: 1. Cost Effective – With a highly trained workforce and a huge pan India network for transportation, V-Xpress proves to be highly cost effective for its customers. 2. Network reach – A strong network of 479 offices Pan India helps V-Xpress to transport anything timely throughout the country across 4500+ locations. 3. Handling – With a trained workforce of 2000+ and high quality material handling equipments, V-Xpress proves to be a specialized cargo handling partner. We take great care of materials from the point of lifting till the point of delivery to our customer. 4. Compliance – A well defined process, various checklists and the desire to provide the best services makes V- Xpress highly compliant in its operations.
  7. 7. 5. Timely delivery – As the name suggests V-Xpress strives to provide time bound deliveries to help businesses work efficiently. 6. Brand Image – With a legacy and experience of 55 successful years V-Xpress proves to have a strong brand image for all our partners. 7. Equipment – One of the strong pillars for the high quality service of V-Xpress is the best-in-class equipments for material handling and transportation that helps us handle client materials with best care. 8. Service Quality – Many successful years and highly satisfied customers speaks for the service V-Xpress promises and provides. V-Xpress strives to be the best available express cargo service provider in India and keeps improving to provide a safe & reliable experience to all businesses in India. V-Xpress’ Competitive Advantage cont.