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DAS Performics: Hypebusters: "The Golden Age of Marketing"

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DAS Performics: Hypebusters: "The Golden Age of Marketing"

  1. 1. @dainamiddleton CEO Performics Marketing in the Age of Participation © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 1
  2. 2. A Little About Performics 1998 Performics 1.0: Original Performance Agency • Launch CPA/CPL-based Affiliate Network #1 SEM Partner for Internet Retailer’s Top – Largest share of Internet Retailer 400 500 for 3 consecutive years – Proprietary Connect Commerce performance platform • Launch SEM (‘00) & SEO Services (‘01) 2004 Performics 2.0: Performance Technology + Services Awarded Leading SEM by Advertising Age • Merger with DoubleClick then Google – Performance search + display technology & Services – Industry-leading platform 2008 Performics 3.0: Marketing/Media Integration #8 Interactive Agency in U.S. • Acquired by Publicis Groupe 2010 Performics 4.0: Zenith Optimedia Alignment • Performance AOR driving engagement, participation, leads and sales Best Performance Marketing Campaign 2009 • Global Performance Marketing Agency • Performics France launched 2012 Performics 5.0: Global Performance Marketing • 16 Performance Marketing Offices • 3 Regional Centres • Further expansion planned for 2013 15+ Recognitions © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 2
  3. 3. © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 3
  4. 4. © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. Source: The Catalyst Project 4
  5. 5. © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 5
  6. 6. Participation at All Times, Across All Screens • Americans spend more than 33 hours per week watching video across screens. • 42% of Tablet users use them daily while watching TV. © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 6
  7. 7. Participation Across a Number of Action Types “Anyone need size 4 boys jeans?” Recommendation Opinion Factual Knowledge Rhetorical Invitation Favor Social Connection Offer Source: Microsoft Study: What do People Ask their Social Networks & Why © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 7
  8. 8. Content Socialized Across All Categories Micro blogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction It’s not just young people using social networking– it’s all age groups The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 8
  9. 9. Global Participation Explosion 9
  10. 10. Global Participation Snapshot • 7 Billion People in the World • 2 Billion Internet Users in the World • 1 Billion Social Network Users • 600 Million Use Social Networks at Least Daily • 58% of Facebook Users Login Daily • 36% Post Company/Brand-Related Information • Besides Connecting with Others, Getting Info About (new) Products and Brands is Driving Social Network Membership • 42% Participated in a Conversation with a Brand in a Social Network Source: Insites Consulting Social Media Around the World Study, 2011 © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 10
  11. 11. Participants Expect Interactive Relationships 11
  12. 12. Participative Marketing Nears $55 Billion by 2014 12
  13. 13. Mobile is the Greatest Source of New Social Connections 13
  14. 14. Within 2 Years, Social will be a Mobile Medium 30,000 Mixi’s Monthly Page Views - CQ2:06 – CQ3:10 25,000 20,000 Mobile Page Views Desktop Page Views Monthly Page Views (Min) 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 2Q06 4Q06 2Q07 4Q07 2Q08 4Q08 2Q09 4Q09 2Q10 Note: Mixi is one of Japan’s leading social networking sites on PC and mobile with 22MM registered users as of 10/31/10. It monetizes mobile usage via sales of avatars, customized homepages and other premium services. Source: Company reports, Morgan Stanley Research 14
  15. 15. Mobile Supply Chain Will Complicate the Landscape Even Further • Brands • Agencies • Publishers • Mobile marketing enablers • Operators • Infrastructure providers Source: Michael Becker, iLoop Mobile, Inc., and The Mobile Marketing Association 15
  16. 16. Participation Activism 16
  17. 17. Marketing is Changing Every Day Source: Forrester Splinternet Study 17
  18. 18. Internet Entering a New Era Source: Forrester Splinternet Study 18
  19. 19. As Fragmentation Grows, so do Budgets By 2015, ad spending in the US and Canada will likely pass $190 billion. US Online Advertising Spending to Surpass Print in 2012 19
  20. 20. Marketers Rethink Paid, Owned, Earned More time is spent making decisions, watching others make decisions, and participating across devices, screens and with brands Streaming Audio Local Mobile Social Search Video 20
  21. 21. Marketers Have Leaner Teams than Ever 21
  22. 22. Most Interactive Staff Fewer Than 10 Source: Q3 2009 Global Interactive Marketing Organization And Agency Survey 22
  23. 23. What Used to Look Like This… Awareness Interest Desire Action 23
  24. 24. Really Looks More Like This… 24
  25. 25. Time for Marketing Revolution Marketers are Also Evolving in the Digital Ecosystem 1 2 3 4 5 Skeptic Experimenter Practitioner Conductor Revolutionist  Data adverse  Tech laggards  Digital optimists  Embracing digital and  Digital innovators frameworks participation  Technology  Standards and  Insights driven and tools adverse best practices  Data optimizer performance  Experimentation  Total message  Test and learn  Governance  Integrated and control culture optimized plans  Performance  Data/participant marketers  Agile adaptive profiling marketing culture  Channel integration Adapted from: Forrester Interactive Marketing Maturity Model, 2008 25
  26. 26. 26
  27. 27. Motivating Participation is Key 27
  28. 28. A Formula for Participation D + E + C = P2 28
  29. 29. D = Discover 66% use social to learn about products/brands Getting information about products and services is driving membership 29
  30. 30. E = Empower 36% post about company-related brand information 58% have never experienced an action by a company/brand on a social network site 30
  31. 31. C = Connect 42% Participated in a conversation with a brand in a social network Connecting with others drives Participation 31
  32. 32. P2 = Participation & Performance 32
  33. 33. Interactive Channels will Become More Effective Increasing effectiveness Decreasing effectiveness 33
  34. 34. Participation = Performance 34
  35. 35. The Science Behind a Wave • Usually rolls clockwise • Is 6 to 12 meters wide (average of 15 seats) • Moves about 12 meters (20 seats) per second • Is generated by no more than a few dozen people • Acquires a stable, near-linear shape as it expands through the crowd © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 35
  36. 36. © Performics. Proprietary and Confidential. 36
  37. 37. Performance never rests 37

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  • Nielsen, Cross-Platform Report Q3 201170% of tablet consumption happens at home; 30% of tablets are used “on-the-go42% of Tablet users use them daily while watching TV (Source: Nielsen Digital Consumer report, 2012)Tablet users are checking email and Facebook with similar frequency during TV programs as they are during TV commercials
  • Social networking is the most popular online activity worldwide: Social networking accounted for nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online globally in October 2011, ranking as the most engaging online activity worldwide. Social networking sites now reach 82 percent of the world’s Internet population age 15 and older that accessed the Internet from a home or work computer, representing 1.2 billion users around the globe. The importance of Facebook cannot be overstated: In October, Facebook reached more than half (55 percent) of the world’s global audience and accounted for 1 in every 7 minutes spent online around the world and 3 in every 4 social networking minutes. Microblogging has emerged as a disruptive new force in social networking: In recent years, micro blogging has taken hold as a popular social networking activity on a global scale. In October, Twitter reached 1 in 10 Internet users worldwide, growing 59 percent in the past year. Other popular micro blogging destinations seeing rapid adoption include Chinese site Sina Weibo, with its audience growing 181 percent in the past year to rank as the tenth largest social network in October. Tumblr, which ranked twelfth worldwide in audience size, grew 172 percent in the past year. It’s not just young people using social networking anymore –it’s all age groups: Although young users age 15-24 still represent the most highly-engaged segment of social networkers, with an average of 8 hours per visitor spent in the category in October, social networking is catching on among older age segments across the globe. In fact, people age 55 and older represented the fastest-growing age segment in global social networking usage, with the penetration of social networks in the segment increasing nearly 10 percentage points since July 2010 to 80 percent in October 2011. Mobile devices are fueling the social addiction: In the U.S., 64 percent of smartphone users accessed social networking sites at least once in October 2011, with 2 in 5 smartphone owners connecting via social networking nearly every day. In the EU5, 45 percent of smartphone owners accessed social networks on their mobile device during the month, with nearly 1 in 4 doing so on a near daily basis. comScore Releases Report: “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need-to-Knows About Social Networking and Where It’s Headed” Dec 2011
  • Social Media explosion:Nielsen puts social networks as accounting for 23% of US internet time:Globally Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web Source: Huffington PostAnd its not just Facebook:Facebook users = 600million with Tencents QQ IM service having some 637 million active users
  • The biggest social network of all is the telephonic network But the big bang is in mobileIn 2008 Facebook grew by 100 million, internet grew by 198 million, mobile grew by more than 800 millionAnd people can do more and more with their phonesiPhone applications hit 1 billion in 9 months.., and will hit 20bn by 2014 (all mobile downloads: source Juniper research)And the killer mobile app is social
  • Facebook - 30mn users in >3 years, 30mn users in 6 months on mobile80% tweet from their mobile phonesAnd this is the place where a lot is going to happen on social mobile platform: India, China have more than 1bn mobile users already…3 GS the Facebook mobile uploads increased by per 400% per day in week 1
  • Obviously, we have seen so much about this area lately. New technology, and new participants allow for a gathering of minds, TribesSupporting a wife variety of causes, charity, politics, and support for global causes. Perhaps one of the most notable examples of social movement participation is recent the Egyptian uprising, where people took on an incredible challenge: the nation’s administration, notably Hosni Mubarak. It all began with an anti-Mubarak Facebook page created by Google Middle East Marketing Manager. The page encouraged millions of Egyptians to take to take part in a social movement and demanded that Mubarak step down after three decades of authoritarian rule. Even when the government made the unprecedented move to shut the country's Internet connections with the outside world for several days, engineers from Twitter and Google developed a "Speak-to-Tweet" service, giving Egyptians a way to send voice messages from their mobile phones to be transmitted by Twitter
  • In 2008, Forrester began to track the impact and influence of data on marketers sophistication. Certainly, the economic pressures of the last two years have had an impact on the acceleration of marketer sophistication. As each dollar a marketer spends becomes even more important, utilizing data as a way to spend dollars smarter has become vital. And, it’s not only utilizing data at the beginning of a marketing program, but also utilizing it throughout to optimize the program for maximum results. And, search and affiliate were really the two channels traditionally thought of as performance marketing channels – those programs so focused on measurement and optimization. This slide is out of order. It needs to come at the end of the marketing section.
  • 58% Have Never Experienced an Action by a Company/Brand on Social Network SitePeople Connect with a Brand because they have Used it and because someone invited them to to soParticipants Expect to have a voice
  • I like the wave metaphor because it is about what a diverse group of people can do to accomplish when united by a common vision. It illustrates the power that moves through a group of people when they perform at their best, their most unbridled and passionate. There’s a powerful way of accomplishing something that incorporates transparency, relevance, declaring your intentions, and being very open about everything it means to you; and how that affects the Wave you create. Individuals start Waves by acting powerfully, and effectively on those around them. Studies show that waves begin more easily and travel further in circular or overal stadiums than they do in lineal ones. It’s a perpetual performance loop that never rests.