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Glossy Forum: Age of E-Commerce | Tanya Taylor

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Presented by Emily Swapp and Katie Underhill

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Glossy Forum: Age of E-Commerce | Tanya Taylor

  1. 1. 2012 Brand launched with wholesale distribution 2013 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Finalist 2015 Launched TanyaTaylor.com
  2. 2. We are painting the world we want women to live in A world pulsing with creativity and color, where women are encouraged to celebrate every version of themselves.
  3. 3. E X T E N D E D S I Z I N G How feedback fundamentally shaped our business
  4. 4. A N O P T I M A L M I X Watching, listening, and inviting
  5. 5. B A R B A R A 55 years old Size 16 Married A mother She lives in Jupiter, FL She only shops dresses for vacations she’s taking or events she is going to. S H E L I K E S Books + News articles Royals + Reality TV Travel + Travel Deals Family Home Decor + Interior Design Gardening S H E L O V E S T O Watch “30-Minute Chefs” Visit salons A professional Socially engaged 24-55 years old Sizes 0-22 W H O S H E I S Washington DC Dallas Chicago New York City Miami W H E R E S H E L I V E S Art, Theater, Movies, Books, Interior Design, Travel, Pop Culture, Celebrity News, Current Events W H A T S H E E N J O Y S C O L E T T E 33 years old Size 2 Single Career-driven in the music industry She lives in New York City, NY She shops for everyday life, from work to events. S H E L I K E S Fashion + Beauty Food Art + Theater + Movies Social Networks Music Reality TV Travel S H E L O V E S T O Stream TV shows Visit trending coffeeshops
  6. 6. D E V E L O P I N G T R U S T Turning conversation into action
  7. 7. L I V E C H A T S H O W R O O M
  8. 8. Growth in eCommerce sales YoY 261% Growth in extended size sales in YoY 86%
  9. 9. “You guys are seriously the most conscientious company. In a week since placing my first order, I’ve told many friends about your great customer service and will continue to sing your praises.” “I love that you design with different women in mind. My body wasn’t an after thought in the process, attempting to make something work that wasn’t made for women shaped like me. Instead it was something taken into consideration from the very first sketch” “Thank you so much for making gorgeous clothes in sizes that fit real women. The fact that I can wear the same dress as Taylor Swift is so empowering!”  "I have been buying as many Tanya Taylor dresses as I can find. My husband of 39 years just passed away and being able to dress in colorful and beautiful dresses has helped to lift my spirits! For that I thank you! He would have loved all of your things too."
  10. 10. T H A N K Y O U