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Smash Those Apps! - Texas ASCD Conference

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Are you App Smashing yet? We often hear "there's an app for that." Yes, but there is not one app that does everything. Come learn about the power of combining apps as well as explore a variety of apps that can be used to create smashed projects. In this hands-on session, participants will leave knowing how to smash apps in order to increase student retention of learning. Note: Participants will need to bring an iPad so they can app smash.

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Smash Those Apps! - Texas ASCD Conference

  1. 1. Smash Those Apps! Presented by Diana Benner & Jered Martinez
  2. 2. This Presentation http://dbenner.org
  3. 3. Director of Professional Development Texas Computer Education Association diana.benner@gmail.com @diben DIANA BENNER http://dbenner.org
  4. 4. Director of Professional Development Texas Computer Education Association jmartinez@ tcea.org @jeredmartinez JERED MARTINEZ http://stated.education/
  5. 5. In the next 60 min . . . What is App Smashing? Which apps work well with App Smashing? How can App Smashing be used in the classroom?
  6. 6. About App Smashing
  7. 7. App Smashing is the process of using MULTIPLE apps in conjunctions with one another to complete a final task or project. What is App Smashing?
  8. 8. http://vimeo.com/71366694 Greg Kulowiec
  9. 9. • Students can create, transfer, and enhance • Students can publish and share an engaging learning product • It demands creative thinking, critical thinking, and evaluation Why App Smash?
  10. 10. • Allow for a variety of apps to be used • Find an app that allows saving in camera roll • Assessment criteria must be clear • Start with simple apps • Give time to explore apps beforehand • Let the imagination roll Key Points & Tips
  11. 11. http://www.literaryfusions.com/2014/04/02/app-smashing/ App Smashing Process
  12. 12. App Smashing Examples
  13. 13. African Documentary Mr. Andrew’s iPads in Education | http://youtu.be/mQ5If_ozUt0
  14. 14. http://youtu.be/C5w0_FuuhNM Scientists
  15. 15. http://youtu.be/Jc7pBNGxhEU Earth & Moon
  16. 16. http://youtu.be/fnZu1UY466g Mars
  17. 17. http://goo.gl/AB3e2V Lone Star Legends
  18. 18. http://youtu.be/TtNXckafdFg Book Review
  19. 19. http://youtu.be/QSMiEUkSVBs The Readbox
  20. 20. More Sample Projects • Mr. Andrew’s iPads in Education • Lone Star Legends Thing Link • Have you ever seen a pumpkin? • Published Web Book • Weekly Vocabulary Words • Teacher Presentation on GT Program • Rose, Where Did you get the Red? Poem • TechChef4U Examples • More Lesson Ideas
  21. 21. App Smash Challenge
  22. 22. https://youtu.be/He0_NGX8i6o
  23. 23. Go to the App Smash Challenge document: https://goo.gl/2wGzvE App Smash Challenge “Learn Today, Use Tomorrow”
  24. 24. Apps to Smash
  25. 25. http://list.ly/list/LAu-app-smashing-list List of Apps
  26. 26. http://goo.gl/8xXdmA App Smash Matrix
  27. 27. Share on Today’s Meet http://todaysmeet.com/smash Discussion Tweet @diben | @txascd | @jeredmartinez
  28. 28. Continue Learning
  29. 29. The Definitive App Smasher's Guide by M. Guhlin https://goo.gl/xpOekJ
  30. 30. This Presentation http://dbenner.org This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Leave us a Comment about this presentation https://goo.gl/wicvxu Resources used for the presentation are located at http://dbenner.org Thank You!
  31. 31. 1. Intro to App Smashing Video - http://vimeo.com/71366694 2. Zig Zagging: App Smashing - http://zigzaggingedtech.blogspot.com/p/app- smashing.html 3. Literary Fusions - http://www.literaryfusions.com/2014/04/02/app-smashing/ 4. What are App Flows? Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnyRKeS7iA8 5. App Smashing: Combining Projects http://www.graphite.org/blog/app-smashing-combining-apps-for-innovative- student- projects?utm_content=buffer05585&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.co m&utm_campaign=buffer 6. Calling all App Smashers http://comfortably20.blogspot.com/2014/03/calling-all-app-smashers.html?m=1 Session Resources
  32. 32. 7. Thank You App Smashers http://comfortably20.blogspot.com/ 8. App Task Challenges http://www.thedigitaldogpound.com/app-task-challenges.html 9. My App Smashing List http://list.ly/list/LAu-app-smashing-list 10. App Synergy http://www.techchef4u.com/history/app-synergy-the-art-form-of- app-smashing/ 11. App Smashing: iPad Created Content http://blogs.cofc.edu/tlt/teaching/conference-presentations/app-smashing-ipad- created-student-multimedia-projects/ 12. App Smashing on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/bookwoman/app- smashing/ Session Resources