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Digital Marketing Innovation


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Digital Marketing Innovation

  1. 1. Daniel Sumner Developer & Platform Evangelism Digital Microsoft dsumner@microsoft.com Marketing Innovation
  2. 2. About DPE... Engagement Launch Market Early Market Execution Preparation Deployments EPG, MCS, SMSP DPE BizDev Incubation Product Launch Life Cycle DPE continues with support For Incubation activities - fill Gaps to help momentum
  3. 3. “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two –basic functions: marketing and innovation.” – Peter Drucker
  4. 4. engage attract excite The Essence of Marketing
  5. 5. We’re not in the business of keeping the media 1996: 55% We’re in companies alive. 2006: 33% connecting the business of with consumers. - Trevor Edwards CVP Global Brand and Category Management, Nike Nike
  6. 6. The 25 companies that spent the most on advertising over the last five years cut their spending last year in traditional media by about $767 million. And in the first half of this year, those companies decreased their media spending an additional 3 percent, or $446 million, to $14.53 billion . . . --Advertising Age and TNS Media Intelligence A Dramatic Shift
  7. 7. WW advertising spend Hours spent on media per week 1 Magazine Radio $38bn Internet $45bn Direct Marketing 2 Magazines $56bn Newspaper 2 Newspapers $127bn 3 Books Television $180bn Radio/music 7 TV 19 DM $183bn Internet/games 32 Digital lags television for a reason…
  8. 8. December 2007 “The Gen Y Design Guide” Gen Yers Are Content Creators © 2007, Forrester Research, Inc. Reproduction Prohibited
  9. 9. They are plugged in • TV isn’t King • Work isn’t their whole world • They care about what friends think (not your ad) • They are socially conscious • Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb May 15th 2008 Gen Y
  10. 10. Transactional Relationship Collaborative Marketing Marketing Marketing Value is associated with a Value is associated with Value is associated with View of value company’s offering. customer relationships. experiences. Maximize Maximize value in Maximize lifetime value of value of co-created exchanges relationships experiences Place where value is exchanged between customers and Market as a forum View of market the firm. Market is separate from the value creation where value is co- process created through interaction and dialogue Passive buyers to be Portfolio of relationships to Prosumers – active Role of customer targeted with offerings be cultivated participants in value co- creation Define and create value for Attract, develop, and retain Engage customers in Role of firm consumers profitable customers defining and co-creating unique value Survey customers to elicit Observe customers and Active dialogue with Nature of Customer needs and solicit feedback learn adaptively about customers and Interaction customers communities Source: Mohan Sawhney, Kellogg School of Management New Marketing Model
  11. 11. relevant informational transactional personal interactive social The Web is Your Reflection
  12. 12. Web ERP / Mobile CRM Ad POS Systems Mobile Web Community ERP / CRM POS Community Ads Building a Marketing Platform
  13. 13. Audience Reach Touchpoints Design and Development Analytics / Decisions Infrastructure Technology Stack
  14. 14. Audience Reach Touchpoints Design and Development Analytics / Decisions Infrastructure Technology Stack
  15. 15. Create adaptive Web sites • Engage Online Communities – Going Social • Create more consistent, relevant experiences • BI and Real-time analytics • Reach the right audience with the right ROI • What we can do today . . .
  16. 16. Wine.com Facebook Reach Measure Build Volvo Xbox.com Audience Reach: Engage Online Communities
  17. 17. Audience Reach Touchpoints Design and Development Analytics / Decisions Infrastructure Technology Stack
  18. 18. Silverlight HTML Increasing Reach AJAX Win Forms WPF Increasing Richness Where Silverlight Fits
  19. 19. Demos : Silverlight – Fox Movies & Woodgrove Financial
  20. 20. Silverlight - Live
  21. 21. Silverlight :DeepZoom
  22. 22. Find & Locate Rich Media Identity & Store & Share Communicate & Experiences Authentication Stay Connected Service APIs & Controls Spaces Photos Live Search Silverlight IM & Presence Live ID Streaming Alerts Contacts Virtual Earth Simple & Consistent Terms of Use Training & Support Service Level Agreements Flexible Monetization Windows Live Platform Services: Demo
  23. 23. Demos: Live Platform
  24. 24. Demo:Live Mesh
  25. 25. Popfly
  26. 26. Photosynth
  27. 27. Touch points
  28. 28. Audience Reach Touchpoints Design and Development Analytics / Decisions Infrastructure Just the start... Technology Stack
  29. 29. Think beyond the Web site • Data: the new currency • Build a bridge between IT and Marketing • Microsoft wants to be your platform partner • • Broadest platform: Ads to Infrastructure • Works with what you have In Closing…