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The Global Farmer Field School Platform Dgroups

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Presentation by Suzanne Phillips (FAO) at the FAO-Dgroups webinar on 22 March 2018.

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The Global Farmer Field School Platform Dgroups

  1. 1. THE GLOBAL FARMER FIELD SCHOOL PLATFORM DGROUP Supporting quality FFS globally Suzanne Phillips FFS team FAO Dgroups: Simple solutions for building online communities Webinar, 22 March 2018
  2. 2. Context: The Farmer Field School (FFS) approach • 15-25 farmers/pastoralists meet together over crop or animal cycle • Setup study and experimental fields – ‘the field is the book’ • Learn and experiment about ecology and field management • Uses non-formal adult education approaches, learning by doing Since its development by FAO in 1989 in Indonesia, the approach was adapted to different production systems, regions and organisations. About 10-20 million smallholders had been trained through FFS up till 2012, with FFS initiatives in at least 90 countries
  3. 3. Context: The Global FFS Platform A global FFS platform to: • Facilitate exchange of knowledge, expertise and information • Document and improve visibility of achievements globally • Promote quality of FFS through harmonization, collaboration among teams, develop key tools and studies Suzanne Phillips FAO Rome 22 March 2018 ❖ How to facilitate the implementation of good quality innovative FFS? ❖ How to support the growing global FFS community?
  4. 4. The global FFS platform A collaborative multi-stakeholder effort The FFS platform website was developed and is facilitated by:  FAO’s crop production and protection division, ▪ Many FAO divisions, regional and national offices ▪ A network of FFS partners ▪ FFS practitioners worldwide Suzanne Phillips FAO Rome 22 March 2018
  5. 5. Issue at stake: How to connect the FFS community of practice? Suzanne Phillips FAO • FFS website makes documentation, news and expertise available • BUT practitioners need a space to discuss issues and share questions, innovations and successes • Inclusiveness: everyone should be able to contribute • no matter how far, where they work, independently of quality of internet connection and IT skills… Rome 22 March 2018
  6. 6. How we used Dgroups: the global FFS email- discussion group https://dgroups.org/fao/fieldschools Topics discussed: climate change adaptation, institutionalization, IPM, livestock, post disaster risk reduction; exchange of training material .. FFS Dgroup = Parallel platform for discussions amongst FFS practitioners Over the past 14 months… 1000 members 106 countries 174+ discussions 790+ contributions Upcoming webinars • Livestock FS • Gender and FS • Fisheries FS Rome 22 March 2018 Suzanne Phillips FAO
  7. 7. Using Dgroups: we would recommend it! The Dgroup has allowed us to connect a global community of FFS practitioners. We would recommend as it is: ✓ free of charge for end users ✓ easy to use even if have low IT- literacy ✓ email-based, to overcome poor internet connection and reduce the time needed for exchanges (no passwords, navigating to website…). ✓ easy to moderate (admins’ viewpoint) Suzanne Phillips FAO
  8. 8. http://www.fao.org/farmer-field-schools/en/ THANK YOU ! Suzanne.phillips@fao.org
  9. 9. Dgroups: simple solutions for building online communities Webinar 22 March 2018 dg-coordination@dgroups.org www.dgroups.info