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Connect for iPhone : what we've learned from 1,000,000 sessions

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Connect for iPhone : what we've learned from 1,000,000 sessions

  1. 1. Connect for iPhone What we’ve learned from 1,000,000 sessions.
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Some interesting things to know
  3. 3. Releases First release in late June ’13. Redesign for iOS 7 in November ’13. 11 versions released since public launch.
  4. 4. What our users did Over 90,000 contact groups created. Over 1,800,000 contacts added to groups. Over 200,000 group messages sent. Over 250,000 calls made.
  5. 5. Pricing Free to download and use. (and our goal is to keep a free version of charge forever) No Ads in the app.
  6. 6. USERS REVIEWS Our users love us as much as we love them
  7. 7. 160+ already downloaded in 163 countries. Connect in the AppStore
  8. 8. stars. 500+ users reviews for an average rate of
  9. 9. « The ones that reveal expectation Beautiful app, exactly what I needed! Thank you! Jean L. I was looking for an app to easily contact all my employees, group management really makes the job! Thank you! Jeafio. »
  10. 10. The ones that show convenience « This app is great to use as a contact manager, it is very simple to use, I highly recommend it! Dustin.C It's clean, simple and beautiful. I love it!! Riven Agares »
  11. 11. « The very enthusiastic ones I typically don't rate things... But this app is freaking amazing!!! It's a MUST DOWNLOAD!!! Sweetbabyjesus82 I'm so obsessed with this contact app. Very thoughtful design! Great ease of use and convenience! May Day »
  12. 12. « The fun and suprising ones The UI is fantastic, Nobel Peace Prize for the developers of this app! Farleylives I needed an app to send prayer requests to groups of people at church and with this app, it's a breeze!! Mrslaw54 »
  13. 13. GREAT SUPPORT Nothing matters more than our users’ satisfaction
  14. 14. 800+ emails received in about a year. Support at a glance
  15. 15. 100% requests answered. 92% answered in less than 24 hours. Support at a glance
  16. 16. Connect is definitely one of the best. I'll start with the support... Absolutely fantastic! These guys really reach out and care about the users, Thank you! Doug G. Very high-satisfied users « »
  17. 17. ACQUISITION How we grow through multiple channels
  18. 18. Content Marketing blog posts both in English & French.
  19. 19. What we’re writing about User stories, so people can identify. Tips for better use, so people know how to get the best of the app. Release notes, so people see that we listen to them and bring what they need.
  20. 20. AppStore Optimization Worked on screenshots with real attention. Tested & refined keywords for each release. Updated description over time.
  21. 21. Paid Ads Tried Facebook Ads. Low CPI with great conversion rates. 50+ ads tested in the last 6 months.
  22. 22. Connect in the Press very enthousiastic articles.
  23. 23. Top 3 mentions Maybe the best contact manager on iPhone Presse-citron Try it and Love it! iPhon.fr What strikes with Connect is its incredible fluidity, its sleek design and its great usability! Apps by Thib « »
  24. 24. Special mention to … Product Hunt! Drove lots of unexpected qualified new users. (which are always cool to have, no?) Offered us the opportunity to connect with a lot of users (read the story on our blog).
  25. 25. TEAM LIFE Made by people for people
  26. 26. 99+ meetings to define, refine & refine again until finding the very best solutions inspired from users’ experience.
  27. 27. 200+ liters of coffee to remain active. (and a very very little stressed!!)
  28. 28. 999,999+ pixels designed to find the very best UI. (and a lot of hand-drawn drafts too!)
  29. 29. moment of loosing faith.
  30. 30. AND ONE MORE THING… Always start with the users
  31. 31. Dear users, This could not have been possible without you…
  32. 32. Thank you all! Thank you for your support, your time, your help and your trust.
  33. 33. We’ll continue to work hard to make Connect one of your favorite apps!
  34. 34. Connect for iPhone Download on AppStore www.getconnectapp.com