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Being Agile: Delivering Value to your Customers

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Join this Open Space session to discuss and learn about Agile development and delivery. Open Space is an approach where the session's participants create the agenda at the beginning of the session. Topics are proposed by attendees and then they self-organize into groups and discuss. We will also embed Salesforce Agile coaches with deep Agile and Lean experience into the groups to help facilitate discussion.

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Being Agile: Delivering Value to your Customers

  1. 1. Being Agile: Delivering Value to your Customers ​ Stacy Gordon, Agile Coach ​ stacy.gordon@salesforce.com Dreamforce 2015
  2. 2. Adaptive Delivery Methodology (ADM) is an Agile discipline and culture that is specific to Salesforce It’s foundation is built upon Lean principles, employs Scrum and Kanban frameworks, and adopts certain Extreme Programming practices.
  3. 3. 350+ teams Predictable delivery across infrastructure and products Strong leadership commitment to Lean- Agile principles and practices Internal coaches supporting 3500+ engineers Why Agile?
  4. 4. ADM Coaching Team Kelly Currier Director Agile Delivery Stacy Gordon Agile Coach, Director Nicole Buckberg Agile Coach, Director Adib Yassine Agile Coach, Sr. Manager Just Hired! Just Hired! Nick McDuffie Agile Coach, Sr. Manager Tamsen Mitchell Agile Coach, Sr. Manager
  5. 5. ​ Self select a area of interest ​ Gather topics ​ Sort and prioritize ​ Discuss! ​ Share what you learned #BeingAgile The Next 40 Minutes… Agile Planning Getting Teams to Deliver Agile Basics Agile at Scale Big picture to execution Values, prioritization and story best practices Scrum, Kanban, principles, roles and meetings What does it look like?
  6. 6. How? 1.  Set up 3 column kanban (Discuss, Discussing, Discussed) 2.  Gather what to discuss (one idea per sticky) 3.  Vote (each person gets 2 votes) 4.  Talk (starting with highest ranked item, 2-3 min per topic) A structured, but agenda-less meeting. Agenda is created on the fly and democratically Lean Coffee http://leancoffee.org/
  7. 7. ​ What practices are you going to keep doing on your team? ​ What are you going to encourage your team to stop doing? ​ What new suggestion are you going to take to your team? Individual reflection…
  8. 8. Thank you