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What's so smart about the smart home

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Keynote given at the Building IoT conference in Cologne on April 2nd 2019.

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What's so smart about the smart home

  1. 1. What’s so smart about the smart home? @iotwatch
  2. 2. Industrial & interaction designer First UK distributor of the Arduino
  3. 3. Clients
  4. 4. Founder Good Night Lamp goodnightlamp.com
  5. 5. #iotlondon meetup.com/iotlondon
  6. 6. Head of Labs bulb.co.uk/labs
  7. 7. Wrote a book designswarm.com/book
  8. 8. What can we learn from the past to help us build for the future?
  9. 9. Systems thinking Size, behaviour & culture How products grow in the home Between invention and innovation Mental models for product development The changing role of family life Laws & the role of regulation
  10. 10. The mental models we use to sell technology in the home are constantly changing.
  11. 11. A servant, a secretary or a guard dog.
  12. 12. QVC
  13. 13. IKEA
  14. 14. John Lewis
  15. 15. Apple
  16. 16. There is no universal home to start with. There is no baseline. There is no known system to start from.
  17. 17. Apple
  18. 18. There is no universal home to start with. There is no baseline. There is no known or predictable system to start from.
  19. 19. 23 The new housekeeping: effeciency & studies in home management (1913)
  20. 20. 24 Electrical Association for Women (IET Archives) (1927)
  21. 21. 25 Smart House LLP, National Association of Home Builders (1987)
  22. 22. 26 La Domotique, Pierre Brun (1988)
  23. 23. Thington (2016)
  24. 24. Size & demographics influence behaviour.
  25. 25. The home as a trampoline. Size of average American home in sq feet based on M.K.Mason (2017)
  26. 26. The home as a trampoline. Size of average American home in sq feet based on M.K.Mason (2017) Up to 6 children Up to 4 children Up to 3 children Up to 2 children
  27. 27. Title, Presentation, Author, Department, Date 31 Who watches the watchers? Bathroom selfies (2019)
  28. 28. 19th century dwelling, England.
  29. 29. Chambre de bonne, Paris (1950s)
  30. 30. Co-Living, London (2016)
  31. 31. Minimal living.
  32. 32. Eltham Palace, Feng Shui, Marie Kondo (1930s, 90s, Today)
  33. 33. Invention & innovators.
  34. 34. The telephone by Antonio Meucci (1871)
  35. 35. Joseph Swan’s lightbulbs in Cragside (1878)
  36. 36. Radio sets (1927)
  37. 37. Curry’s (1920s)
  38. 38. Curry’s (today)
  39. 39. The role of design & advertising.
  40. 40. The White House (1894)
  41. 41. GE Theatre (1953)
  42. 42. The ghost of servitude.
  43. 43. ECHO IV (1966)
  44. 44. Voice ‘assistants’
  45. 45. Out of sight, out of mind.
  46. 46. Mostly women.
  47. 47. The problem of social care
  48. 48. Laws & Regulation.
  49. 49. Public Health Act (1866)
  50. 50. Adafruit IoT Bill of Rights Adam Greenfield's Everyware Principles Arduino IoT Manifesto Better Things BSI Kitemark CE, FCC, UL mark Charter of Trust CrowdSupply Proclamation of User Rights Cyber Independent Testing Lab Doteveryone trustworthy tech mark Doteveryone Ethical Tech Directory ENISA Baseline Security Recommendations for IoT Global Ecolabelling Network Greenpeace Guide to greener Electronics I am the Cavalry Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety Program IEEE Standard for Harmonization of Internet of Things (IoT) Devices and Systems IEEE Standard for Privacy and Security Architecture for Consumer Wireless Devices iFixit Repairability score Ind.ie Ethical Design Manifesto IoT and public interest IoT CyberSecurity Improvement Act of 2017 IoT Design Manifesto IoT Facts IoT Security Foundation Best Practice User Mark Application Note: Mapping the IoT Security Foundation’s Compliance Framework to the DCMS proposed Code of Practice for Security in Consumer IoT IoT Security Foundation Principles Jen Persson Making of an IoT Trust Mark Project Sopris Seven Properties of Highly Secure Devices Respects your freedom hardware product certification Secure by Design: Improving the cyber security of consumer Internet of Things Report Securing consumer trust in the IoT, Principles and Recommendations 2017 Security Checklist for IoT Seven Properties of Higly Secure Devices "The Internet of Things and challenges for consumer protection" Trustable Tech Mark
  51. 51. betteriot.org
  52. 52. Changing ideas of privacy.
  53. 53. Bathroom selfies (today)
  54. 54. Think about specifics Consider size, behaviour & culture Are you the inventor or the innovator? Avoid the servant, secretary or dog model Think about future regulation Think about our changing social realities There is probably no killer app.
  55. 55. Good luck! @iotwatch designswarm.com/book