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TheGood Home / Antwerp

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The Good Home as part of the International Week in Antwerp at the University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences

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TheGood Home / Antwerp

  1. 1. The Good Home An Introduction thegoodhome.org @GoodHomeProject
  2. 2. The Good Home Design-led & technology-enabled exploration of the future of home living.
  3. 3. Workshop leaders Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (London) Product & interaction designer specialised in connected product design. Dries De Roeck (Antwerp) PhD research in user-led internet of things practices
  4. 4. Project values Networked Communal Interdependant Participatory Readable Open Humble Adaptable Hackable Diverse Resilient Respectful Sustainable Local Careful Provocative Post-capitalistic Constructively critical
  5. 5. Process Pick a time / location / context Choose a theme Work with local contributors Exhibit & organise public workshops Expose the work as much as possible
  6. 6. The Good Home 1 Mozilla Festival in November 2015 Hosted by BBC Homelab Our theme: The Kitchen Contributors: The Incredible Machine & Cyberduck 2 days of workshops & discussions Workshops: •  Gender dynamics in kitchen design •  Interface design for the home •  Kitchen design and families •  Low carbon eating
  7. 7. The Good Home 2 Milan Furniture Fair April 2016 Hosted by Mikamai Our theme: Data & the home Contributors: 4 4 days of exhibition & workshops Workshops: •  Data privacy & the home •  Connected product design.
  8. 8. The Good Home 3 London Design Festival Hosted by the Digital Catapult Contributors: 9 7 days of exhibition & 2 events Showcase at the Victoria & Albert Museum Events: •  Connected product design methods with Know Cards •  Panel discussion with exhibitors
  9. 9. The Good Home 3 Ideas developed & presented •  Brexit Bedroom •  Data Brick •  Good Go(o)ds •  Modular Architecture •  Pegmodular •  Raincloud •  Wayback machine •  Whole Child Play
  10. 10. Layout 1: Studio Apartment - King-size bedroom - Bathroom - Open plan kitchen/living area Modular Architecture Simon Saint Elizabeth Gilbert Rachel Sullivan This project by Woods Bagot & Travis Perkins is a rental housing concept offering the home as a shell only, with a suite of modular, demountable partition walls, ceilings, floors, bathrooms and kitchens which can be installed to a tenant's requirements. In this model the tenant pays a "base rent" which covers the area of the apartment as a shell space, the tenant can then choose where to build walls to create rooms, with the walls being added to the rent at a linear metre rate. The tenant could then also select from a range of bathroom pods and modular kitchens, which would also be added to the rent. By using modular, demountable elements this system is intended for also reduces the materials used and refuse to landfill, as each element used can be repaired, stored
  11. 11. The Good Home 4 Mozilla Festival 2016 Our theme: Migration Contributors: 3 ½ day exhibition
  12. 12. The Good Home 4 Ideas developed & presented •  Cloud Index •  Papers Please •  Teleport Machine (Wayback machine III)
  13. 13. The Good Home 5 Augsburg Werkwoche 2016 Our theme: Nowhere to hide: living with others 2 day workshop 3-4pm exhibition on Wednesday
  14. 14. The Good Home 5 Ideas developed & presented •  Meetime •  Nook •  Rosie
  15. 15. The Good Home 6 Antwerp International Week – Faculty of Design Sciences Our theme: better together tomorrow 5 day workshop 6pm exhibition on Friday
  16. 16. Theme Explore and respond to cross-generational challenges of modern home living whether that is because people are too close or too far.
  17. 17. Questions you can decide to address How does an ageing population relate to space and real estate?
  18. 18. Questions you can decide to address How is healthcare integrated into home life and habits environment beyond elderly ‘surveillance’?
  19. 19. Questions you can decide to address What can we learn from different cultures and family structures?
  20. 20. Questions you can decide to address How do people’s changing attachments to their belongings change across generations with more digital crutches and tools?
  21. 21. Questions you can decide to address How does the idea of heirloom change when family members live more and more apart?
  22. 22. Constraints Respect the design values. Engage outside your comfort zone. Talk to real people to find *real* opportunities. Work in new ways.
  23. 23. Constraints Don’t use technology for its own sake. An idea can be low or no tech.
  24. 24. Schedule Today 11-12h30 Intro, Individual exercise & groups are formed 12h30-14h00 Lunch 14h00- Group work (Dries away)
  25. 25. The Good Home 6 Tomorrow 9h00 Group reports on findings (5mn/team) 12h30-14h00 Lunch 16h00 Group commitments to a theme 17h00 Exhibition design discussion & budget
  26. 26. The Good Home 6 Wednesday 9h00 Group reports on process (5mn/team) 12h30-14h00 Lunch lecture by Alex 17h00 Exhibition design discussion
  27. 27. The Good Home 6 Thursday 9h00 Group reports on process (5mn/team) 12h30-14h00 Lunch 14h00 Exhibition build 17h00 Install your projects 18h00 Setup finished
  28. 28. The Good Home 6 Friday 9h00 Group presentations (10mns each) with feedback from Peter Bihr (former Good Home curator) 12h30-14h00 Lunch 14h00 Visit from Aalst guests 18h00 Public exhibition opens
  29. 29. Outcome format •  Document your process as you go #thegoodhome •  Use any format image / paper / functional prototype / digital •  A 300 word description in Flemish & English •  A 30s video on Youtube of your idea •  1-3 high resolution images
  30. 30. The opportunity All projects will be published on website. The best idea may be invited to contribute to a possible presence at the Milan Furniture Fair in April and in Aalst at the end of the year.
  31. 31. Process Your process will be public unless you don’t want it. Please tell us now. •  Twitter on @GoodHomeProject •  Instagram #thegoodhome
  32. 32. The Good Home 6 Let’s start your research By 9am tomorrow, tell us about your family using quotes from someone you meet today or haven’t spoken to in a while. Learn more about how they live. Design is what happens outside lecture rooms.