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Group Computer Magazine

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Group Computer Magazine

  2. 2. Latest Intel Core Laptop Computer Intel Core 2 Duo the latest and newest T7500 2.2GHz 4MB L2 products on the market 1GB DDR2 667 100GB like Mobile Phones, SATA Multi-Format Laptops, Desktops, DVD±RW DL Intel Printers, Peripherals, TV, Wireless WiFi Link Audio, Video, Media 4965AGN Bluetooth v2.0 Players, Shoes, CDs, 56K Modem Gigabit NIC Games, DVD Releases, 12.1" XGA Windows Vista Books, Music, Concerts, Business Cameras, Camcorders, Home Cinema, Projectors About Latestchoice: and the list keeps growing. the home of nothing but
  3. 3. Computer Design by Vaio This work of art is the keyboard. When developed by Eno the PC is off the Setiawan of Yanko monitor becomes a Design and named glass screen and the Sony Vaio Zoom. It’s keyboard a flat plate 100% holographic, ceramic glass. both the monitor and
  4. 4. Windows to the World’ concept By Kelvin Ko, from screen that will most likely the Fontys IBMS Coolhunt: be transparent. It will be This concept Internet like having wikipedia search device is designed whereever you go but this by Mac Funamizu. It is a is much cooler and way
  5. 5. more advanced. The be able to show you more artist’s impressions for this details about it--such as concept is to make a the name of an insect, a portable device that has a car model, or food on the touchscreen panel, built-in table--on the screen. We camera,Wi-Fi connectivity, suppose at this point of Google Maps and Google time it will use the onboard Search capabilities. The Wi-Fi to grab information capabilities of this screen is from the Web. that when you point it at an object, the device will
  6. 6. Samsung Haptic Beam Phone Samsung’s Haptic Beam is time. In addition, the Haptic Beam the first full touch mobile can be used to display projector phone. The device is a presentations during business revolutionary concept as it moves meetings. The projected image can the mobile phone from a personal be enlarged to a good resolution to a group domain in providing size of 50 inches. The external multi media entertaiment such as sound capabilities are sufficient to live television, internet surfing and share the multi media experience stored movies for a long length of with a considerable group. Hybrid Dual Portable Computer Mobile Intelligent Computer (HDPC). The new Ubiquitous aka MIU has model offers a 4.1 inch TFT unveiled the third generation display (800 x480 of its Hybrid Dual Portable resolution), a 2.4 inch
  7. 7. AMOLED internal display phone than a computer, (320 x 240 resolution), ARM though I would not want to processor for menial tasks, argue with anyone regarding Intel Atom processor, the absolute definition of Windows CE operating ‘portable computer’ these system and DMB navigation days. The latest product from capability. MIU has been scheduled to be released in Korea for $500. However, there is no word on the release date at As you can see this gadget this time, so in the mean looks more like a mobile time, here’s a quick video…