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Smith Engineering - Structural Highlights

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Smith Engineering - Structural Highlights

  1. 1. Presented by: Derek Boeldt, PE, MLSE Structural Team Leader, Vice President Smith Engineering Company Tuesday, August 30, 2011Pioneer Bank, Roswell, New Mexico Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  2. 2. ◦ A regional civil/structural engineering firm.◦ Offices in Albuquerque, NM, Las Cruces, NM, Midland, TX and Roswell, NM◦ Founded in 1989◦ Offers the following services:  Construction Services (including inspection, materials testing and surveying)  Flood Control and Drainage Engineering  Grant and Funding Application Assistance  Site Engineering  Structural Engineering  Transportation Engineering  Water/Wastewater Engineering Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  3. 3. ◦ 20 million project◦ 119,00 square feet◦ Building includes:  Classrooms, a gym, locker rooms, computer labs, a film studio, a technology lab and a kitchen◦ Kitchen built over a crawl space to allow easy access to equipment plumbing with a composite concrete floor slab over composite steel beams.◦ Cafeteria is complete with two story windows to the north and south. It is also enclosed with 95’ long bowstring roof trusses.◦ Gym has 120’ long bowstring roof trusses.Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  4. 4. ◦ High-profile “flagship” branch.◦ Two story atrium space with a barrel vault roof.◦ Banker’s offices showcase unique mansard roof system.◦ Contains:  A secure vault, four lane covered drive-through, easily accessible walk up teller desks and lender desks.◦ Building was constructed with steel roof joists and beams on steel columns, bearing on concrete spread footings with a steel-braced frame lateral system.Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  5. 5. ◦ 12,000 square foot stand-alone auditorium.  Serves entire Stanton school district◦ Two 100’ span girder trusses on load-bearing concrete masonry over spread footings and concrete slab- on-grade.◦ Roof was fireproofed and noise controlled with 4” light-weight cementitious fill on the metal roof deck.◦ Stadium seating was built on light- gauge pony walls topped with concrete slabs Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  6. 6. ◦ 1 story, 6,500-SF office building will serve as the Me-Tex Oil & Gas, Inc’s new corporate headquarters.◦ Main entrance: covered wrap- around porch with exposed rough- sawn timber framed roof.◦ Floor to ceiling windows and doors continue the inviting entrance into the front lobby.◦ Construction of the building was wood roof trusses on load bearing wood stud walls and concrete spread footings. Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  7. 7. ◦ Expansion of the public outreach center at Blakemore Planetarium, Museum of the Southwest.◦ Includes a new 25’x70’ classroom area with a wall of glass facing east.◦ Also includes a new 12’x70’ covered patio overlooking the Museum grounds.◦ The existing planetarium theater was completely demolished, re- oriented and rebuilt, complete with stadium seating, reclining leather chairs, modern furnishings and state of the art projectors and sound system. Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  8. 8. ◦ 75,000-SF elementary school was built to support the growing school age population of Las Cruces.◦ 4 classroom wings all extending north off the central services area which includes administration offices, gymnasium and cafeteria.◦ Construction of the building was steel frames in the classroom and administrative areas and load- bearing concrete masonry in the gymnasium and cafeteria.◦ The estimated construction cost $14 million and the actual bid cost $11.7 million. Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  9. 9. ◦ Project included demolition, remodel, adaptive re-use and additions to the existing20,000-SF, 1950’s era building that housed the High School kitchen and cafeteria.◦ The extent of work incorporated the new media center and book depository into this existing building.◦ Existing roof structure was reinforced to support new RTU’s, reinforcing existing walls for new grand entries and reinforcing existing columns, beams and footings for removal of existing columns.Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  10. 10. Structural ProjectsPlainview High SchoolPlainview, TX ◦ $12 million, 59,000sf High School Addition to be built in 4 Phases. ◦ Phase I is a two story, 26,000sf administrative office and library addition to the front of the existing entrance to the high school, putting a fresh new face on an existing 1950’s era school with it’s curved glass and stone façade with glass tower stair tower “book ends”. ◦ Phase II will be a 2 story, 32,000sf, brick clad classroom addition. ◦ Challenges included building over and next to an existing basement to remain for tornado shelter needs and existing pipe tunnels. Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.
  11. 11. Structural ProjectsSt. Ann’s Chapel and Commons AdditionMidland, TX ◦ 9,000sf chapel and commons addition ◦ Challenges included:  building a vestibule to serve as a fire separation between the new and existing buildings and to showcase and protect the existing stained glass windows.  Created a column-free 43’x43’ chapel space with a pyramid shaped roof.  19’ cantilevering porte cochere Solutions for today… Vision for tomorrow.