powder metallurgy powder bed fusion additive manufacturing binder jetting slm layer by layer manufacturing 3d printing lens gamma ray testing magnetic particle testing ndt eddy current testing non destructive testing radiographic testing thermographic testing mpt lpt visual inspection xray testing liquid penetrant testing ect ultrasonic testin vapour absorption refrigerant refrigeration fms jit capp plc geometric modelling cam cad ebm laser engineered net shaping ecm lom selective laser sintering usm lbm abrasive water jet machining fdm liga edm stereo lithography composites ceramics tool wear cutting fluid tool life thermal aspects of machining merchants analysis chip formation production sintering micro machining mraff disc type hybrid turbine-pump forging defects in automobile component simulation and optimization of material flow remedial measures using deform software experimental and numerical study stirling engine for residential application micro-cogeneration power plant updraft solar anova inconel 625 grey relational analysis taguchi method aircraft propulsion tesla pump disc pump
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