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Exactly What Is Article Marketing?

  1. Exactly What Is Article Marketing?
  2. In this ARTICLE (wink wink) we're going to talk about how you can market your unique articles in an efficient way. Furthermore, we'll find out how writing articles is an excellent method of driving qualified targeted traffic to your web site.
  3. What is Article Marketing
  4. The major reason behind any sort of marketing is to increase visibility, i.e. get your product or your web site in front of as many interested people as possible.
  5. Article marketing also allows the opportunity for your article to go 'viral' and have an additional webmaster pick it up and publish it on their internet site or blog. This certainly increases your visibility (the objective of marketing) and provides an intriguing opportunity of leverage. You may see your article pop-up within a social media network or the likes.
  6. The first point to know within this Article Marketing 101 is that you do not just write one article. You need to regularly submit well-written articles so you are able to build authority and readership.
  7. Article Marketing 101 - Know Your Target Audience
  8. You may be able to do that with a little keyword research. Watching Google trends, or simply going to the forums within their communities and reading what they have to say. It might clarify any false tips you've gotten about your audience and give you fresh tips when it comes to what they're seeking.
  9. Do Your Analysis and Do it Efficiently - It Pays Off!
  10. Do not skimp on the investigation.
  11. Article Marketing 101 - Write a great Article & Headline
  12. The search engines are getting smarter daily, and also the the division among man and machine is blurring. Do not try and fool the search engines with keyword, keyword, keyword headlines. Make them catchy for people that are truly going to read your articles.
  13. You could of course incorporate your search phrases into your article headline, and you ought to. But remember you want them to read full-natural and not seem like it's beefed up with steroids and packed with keywords that do not make any sense whenever you read them out loud.
  14. Now the essence of a great title is a one that 1) contains your key phrases 2) catches a readers eye and 3) entices them to learn a lot more.
  15. Writing a really good title is an art and combining terms like "tips", "ways to" and "secrets to" can be really efficient. You'll need to find out how to pique your reader's interest, and then keep her interested throughout the body of your text.
  16. 1 - People interest span is short. Give 'em a break! Make your sentences brief. Like these. 2 - Use numbered lists or bullet point lists when possible. 3 - Construct your article so your reader will wish to read it. Cliffhangers are very good.
  17. Article directories all have various guidelines. Some demand that your article be at least 500 words. Other insist on 800 words or more. However, most article directories won't accept articles at all (regardless of how many words) if it sounds like it's an ad.
  18. This is by no means an extensive Article Marketing 101 but it does give you the basics and a number of points you ought to find out more about, before you start