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Sales & Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report

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Executive Summary

Demand Metric, in conjunction with Tableau Software, recently completed a study to explore the use of sales and marketing analytics tools and technology, seeking to determine:

- The current state and importance of the analytics process
- The tools, technology and data in use for analytics and the overall satisfaction with them
- The motivations that drive analytics efforts
- The effectiveness of analytics results when it comes to influencing decision-making
- The types of analytics organizations are currently conducting, and what is planned
- The roles involved in the analytics process, the degree of collaboration that occurs and how the results are shared

Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Executive Summary
- Research Methodology
- State of the Analytics Process
- Current Analytics Tools & Data Sources
- Motivation for Analytics
- Effectiveness of Analytics Processes
- Types of Analytics Processes
- Roles
- Collaboration
- Sharing
- Analyst Bottom Line
- Acknowledgements

- About Demand Metric

Research Methodology

The Demand Metric 2013 Sales & Marketing Analytics Survey was administered online during the period of November 8th through December 2nd, 2013. During this period, over 350 responses were collected, of which approximately 300 were qualified and complete enough for inclusion in the analysis.

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Sales & Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report

  1. 1. Benchmark Report Sales & Marketing Analytics: Sponsored By: © 2013 Demand Metric Research Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 18 4 22 6 25 7 28 10 32 14 34 17 35
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Without the right tools, technologies, data and processes, organizations are flying blind. In other words, we shouldn’t have an analytics process just to stay out of trouble, but to help our sales and marketing teams perform at their highest level. This study’s focus is to understand the tools, technologies, data and processes that organizations are using to do sales and marketing analytics. It is hoped that the benchmarks this study provides will help advance the state of sales and marketing analytics. No matter how robust an organization’s analytics prowess, if there is little or no collaboration and sharing of results, the good that can come from the process is significantly hindered.
  4. 4. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY       4
  5. 5. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  For those organizations that have a sales and marketing analytics process, 81% report that its importance is moderate to significant to the organization.  Overall satisfaction with the tools used for analytics is low, with 68% of the study sample reporting satisfaction levels of “Neutral”, “Dissatisfied” or “Very dissatisfied”.  54% of study participates share that their analytics process is moderately to very effective at influencing or enabling better decision-making.  The top motives for analytics efforts are driving revenue, tracking or maximizing the performance of marketing and to demonstrate the value of marketing.  Collaboration during the analytics process and sharing the results both have strong relationships to influencing or enabling better decision-making. 5
  6. 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Annual Revenues: Primary Role of Respondent:            Type of Organization:    6
  7. 7. STATE OF THE ANALYTICS PROCESS     Sales & Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report, Demand Metric, December 2013, n=300 7 Of the 329 study participants answering this question, only a single person chose “I don’t know” as a response.
  8. 8. STATE OF THE ANALYTICS PROCESS However, the data this report will share about the effectiveness of using analytics results to influence or enable better decision-making will have value in helping organizations understand the benefits of having an analytics process. Sales & Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report, Demand Metric, December 2013, n=300 8
  9. 9. STATE OF THE ANALYTICS PROCESS Far more organizations (86%) do have some kind of analytics process A very healthy majority (81%) reports that the importance of analytics is moderate or significant Sales & Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report, Demand Metric, December 2013, n=300 9