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How and Why the Direct-to-Consumer Model Works in eCommerce

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Why choose a direct-to-consumer model than the traditional in-store model? This is what Rajen of RJR Venture Group and Mike from Endy Sleep helped to explain at our eCommerce Toronto Meetup this month. Raj and Mike shared the behind the scenes operational components that make direct-to-consumer fully functional. The discussion was focused on two parts: sales and operations. From a sales perspective, what are the benefits of direct-to-consumer and eCommerce? How does this model positively impact business growth and sales? From an operational perspective, how can you turn a traditional sales model into a successful direct-to-consumer / vertical one? They touched on the methods to sourcing materials, finding the right manufacturer, considering currency and shipping options. Lastly, they discussed the challenges of marketing and PR faced along the way.

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How and Why the Direct-to-Consumer Model Works in eCommerce

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