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Jorawar Singh Dham (26-10-2016)

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The Video-Game Quiz
The Video-Game Quiz
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Jorawar Singh Dham (26-10-2016)

  1. 1. VIDEO GAMES QUIZ by Jorawar Singh Dham
  2. 2. RULES YOU DEFINITELY DIDN’T KNOW  INFINITE POUNCE AND BOUNCE  +10/0 on bounce  +15/-10 on pounce  QM has GODMODE
  3. 3. 1.IDENTIFY X The X’s cycle between two states called Scatter Mode and Chase Mode. In Scatter Mode, each X will head for a target in its own pre-defined zone. Once they’ve reached their target zone, the X will follow a looping path around their individual corners for a few seconds before they switch over to Chase Mode. As the name implies, this means the X will start to actively pursue the player until they switch back to Scatter Mode. The way each X pursues the player is defined by its unique, pre- programmed behaviours *MORE HINTS ON NEXT SLIDE
  4. 4. BLINKY-will hunt the player constantly until its pattern switches to Scatter Mode. Increases speed when the player is about to win PINKY- the Predator: always trying to get in front of the player to block their path. Pinky is programmed to take a route to a position four spaces ahead of wherever ______is moving, which can easily leave the player trapped by Blinky pursuing them from one direction and Pinky rushing in from in front. CLYDE-In Chase Mode, Clyde’s movements will vary based on its proximity to ______. If it’s more than eight squares away, it’ll behave like Blinky and select ______ as its target. But should it move within eight squares or less of ______, it’ll move back to the bottom left corner. INKY- its target is based not just on the player’s direction and position, but also Blinky’s. In Chase Mode, Inky is a bit like Pinky, in that it heads to a space just in front of ______. But just to make things more confusing, it will then move that position to a spot that is twice the distance from Blinky’s current position.
  5. 5. PAUSED
  7. 7. 2.WHAT GAME?  Fraternizing with the enemy. I had stepped over the edge. The cartoon moment when the gravity waits for the coyote to realize his mistake before the plunge  The explosion in my apartment had started a fire. The flames couldn’t burn away my past. They only made the shadows behind me leap higher  He was trying to buy more sand for his hourglass. I wasn’t selling any  It was colder than the devil’s heart, raining ice pitchforks as if the heavens were ready to fall  Home, sweet home. Something in the night felt like a door had been opened, an echo of the past, an old monster snapping its eyes open in the depths of my brain. Closing your eyes forces you to look at the darkness inside  You piece together a jigsaw and the final picture is you finishing that same puzzle, a mad green-eyed killer standing behind you. An urban legend come true.  I might have laughed, if I had remembered how  I don’t know about angels, but it’s fear that gives men wings
  8. 8. PAUSED
  9. 9. MAX PAYNE
  10. 10. 3.IDENTIFY X AND Y  the game originally had a very different identity. For several years, Nintendo had held the license to the American character Popeye, and had printed packs of Popeye playing cards and even Popeye-themed instant noodles.  In its earliest stages, X was intended to be a Popeye game: look again at its design, and you can see how the character's arch rival Bluto could have served as X, while the damsel in distress could have been played by Olive Oyl. For some reason, Nintendo failed to secure the rights to make a Popeye videogame, which forced the designer to come up with characters of his own.  A love-struck _______ absconds to the top of a construction site with the prettiest girl he sees, and her carpenter boyfriend has to come to her aid.  The game also marks the first appearance of Y
  11. 11. PAUSED
  12. 12. X=DONKEY KONG Y=MARIO(jumpman)
  13. 13. 3.WHO AND WHAT GAME? In the words of X:  ‘I constantly had the top score for Gameboy ______ in the Nintendo Power rankings. It got to where they wanted fresh names in the list and said they would not accept my submissions any longer.’  So X had to get crafty. He submitted his name as Evets Kainzow and changed the city from Los Gatos to Saratoga. Sure enough, they printed that name at the top of the next list of scores.
  14. 14. PAUSED
  16. 16. 4.ID X AND Y  When the game that would become X ,had started production, the design team had launched the project with the intent on acquiring the rights to the “Bloodsport” name and adapting the popular 1980s film to an ultra-violent arcade romp. Living martial arts legend Jean-Claude Van Damme was set to endorse and potentially appear as himself, however Van Damme dropped out of the project to pursue stardom in another videogame that ended up never materializing.  Halfway along his project, but unwilling to scrap the work, Ed Boon insisted on developing the game for Midway Entertainment under a new moniker, and the lead role of Van Damme was filled by another actor.  In particular, X has often been criticised from a broad spectrum of politicians and other critics. The violent nature of the series, one of the earliest of its kind, has led to the creation and continued presence of Y.
  17. 17. PAUSED
  19. 19. 5.GIVE ME X AND Y  X was first used in the 1986 release of Gradius for the NES  X was created by Kazuhisa Hashimoto, who was developing the home port of the 1985 arcade game Gradius, a scrolling shooter released on the NES in 1986. Finding the game too difficult to play through during testing, he created X to give the player a full set of power-ups (normally attained gradually throughout the game).  X was still present in the released Gradius after Hashimoto forgot to remove it,  X was popularized among North American players in the NES version of Y where it gave you 30 lives.
  20. 20. PAUSED
  22. 22. 6.what reason  While making Space invadors,creator Tomohiro Nishikado discovered that the hardware still wasn't powerful enough to run the game how he intended it. He programmed the game to move all the aliens at what he thought would be a pretty steady rate  But while play-testing it, he found the aliens to be quite a bit slower than he wanted. There were simply too many on the screen for the hardware to handle, so it lagged down.  As he played on, however, he discovered that the game sped up as he brought swift laser-justice to those invading aliens -- fewer characters for the processor to keep track of meant it could finally move them at their correct speed. He liked the effect so much, he decided to keep it.  HOWEVER it added the only reason to keep playing the game at all..
  23. 23. PAUSED
  25. 25. 7.WHO(ironic AF) and the SERIES?  X’s behaviour is a long standing joke/tribute in the Y series .  In the original Y it was because of a bug. Each leader in the game had an “aggression” rating, and X - to best reflect his real-world persona - was given the lowest score possible, a 1, so low that he’d rarely if ever go out of his way to declare war on someone.  Only, there was a problem. When a player adopted democracy in the game, their aggression would be automatically reduced by 2. Code being code, if X went democratic his aggression wouldn’t go to -1, it looped back around to the ludicrously high figure of 255, making him as aggressive as could possibly be.
  26. 26. PAUSED
  28. 28. 8.ID X  Before id Software became famous for its angry, action-packed shooters such as Doom, Quake, and Rage they produced platformers such as X  John Romero reminisces about the unlikely situation and how it all began in 1990 with a tech demo called X in "Copyright Infringement“: We decided to create a real, polished Super Mario 3 demo and send it to Nintendo Of America to see if we could do the PC port of the game. The SM3 demo made it to Nintendo of Japan and Shigeru Miyamoto specifically. They were very impressed with the demo but their corporate plan was to never release their IP on a platform other than their own.  X is a 1988 computer game by John Romero. It was developed for the Apple II and DOS as an example game to accompany his article about his GraBASIC, an Applesoft BASIC add-on, for the UpTime disk magazine.  The game is a platformer with object of the game is to collect gold cups to move on to the next level.  *IMAGE IN NEXT SLIDE
  29. 29. PAUSED
  32. 32. PAUSED
  33. 33. AKIRA TORIYAMA, creator of the dragon ball manga did the character design for these games.
  34. 34. 10.SEEM FAMILIAR?  Axel  Bose Jefferson  Cydney Bass  Milwaukee Jon  Pearl McKurdy  Rhonda the ____  Slim Jim  Teflon Mike  *MORE HINTS ON NEXT SLIDE
  35. 35.  Diablo  Shuriken,  Panda,  Kamakazi
  36. 36. PAUSED
  37. 37. ROAD RASH
  38. 38. 11.WHAT?  Sonic the Hedgehog 1 was supposed to have a Sound Test, much like other games in the Sonic series. Unfortunately, it was cut for time.  This lead to a large blank space on the cartridge which was then used to put in the iconic X .  X took up one eighth of the available space on the cartridge and was bigger than some whole levels!
  39. 39. PAUSED
  40. 40. THE SEGA CHANT
  41. 41. 12.CONNECT(one is missing in the list)  Elm  Birch  Rowan  Juniper  Willow  Sycamore  Kukui
  42. 42. PAUSED
  44. 44. 13.IDENTIFY THE TWO UNIVERSES  THIS IS THE STORY OF HOW X COULD HAVE BEEN A Y GAME.  Ever since the first X game was released in 1994, fans of the series have been saying, some with kinder words than others, that the series feels similar to Games Workshop's Y universe. It's a sentiment that only intensified after the release of X’, ushering in millions of new fans to Blizzard's games who may not have been aware of Y‘s existence.  Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham hoped to obtain a license to the Y universe to try to increase sales by brand recognition", Wyatt says. “Y was a huge inspiration for the art-style of X, but a combination of factors, including a lack of traction on business terms and a fervent desire on the part of virtually everyone else on the development team (myself included) to control our own universe nixed any potential for a deal.  You all know X.  Games workshop has recently started licensing multiple video game developers for the Y universe. Most notably a total war game.
  45. 45. PAUSED
  47. 47. 14.IDENTIFY X  Burnout Paradise features in-game advertisements for a number of brands, including Burger King, JL Audio, Nvidia, Gillette and CompUSA.  But most notably, in-game billboards featured ads for X. Electronic Arts confirmed that the X campaign paid for the advertisements, marking the first time that a ____________ _________has bought in-game advertising. The X campaign ran only on the Xbox 360 version of the game.  Later The Wednesday instalment of National Public Radio's Morning Edition said the X campaign had announced it is now running ads on a total of 18 games.  TIMELINE-( October 2008)  *IMAGES IN THE NEXT SLIDE
  48. 48. PAUSED
  49. 49. BARACK OBAMA
  50. 50. 15.CREATION OF WHAT GAME MECHANIC, NOW A STAPLE?  Early on in development of street fighter 2 it became clear that we were being a little too strict and a little too severe with the input methods  FOR EXAMPLE-[input to perform a fireball], you had to hit punch at exactly the minute you were hitting right on the joystick or it wouldn't work. And it was just really hard for people to get their heads around that — it really felt like you were doing it right and it wasn't working. So we decided to open up that timing a little bit, just by a few frames, so that if you hit that punch button within those few frames you'd be OK and your fireball would work.  And as a side effect of that — so I guess if you wanted to call it a bug, you could, but really it was a side effect of giving people more time to enter the button, players could now cancel the animations of their current attacks and perform a X.
  51. 51. PAUSED
  53. 53. 16.GIVE ME X,Y AND extra 5 for Z…(only X and Y on pounce)  Nolan Kay Bushnell (born February 5, 1943) is an American engineer and entrepreneur who founded both X and the Y chain.  the name X, a reference to a check-like position in the game Go (which Bushnell has called his "favorite game of all time")..  the company X was closed and its assets split in 1984 as a direct result of the North American video game crash of 1983  In 1977, while at X, Bushnell purchased Y .It had been created by Bushnell, originally as a place where kids could go and eat pizza and play video games, which would therefore function as a distribution channel for X games.  Y entered bankruptcy in the fall of 1984.ShowBiz Pizza, a competing family restaurant, then purchased Y ..Today over 500 locations of this restaurant are in business.  Notably the premise of Y bears stark resemblance to the setting of Z(2014),a horror game by developer Scott cawthon which saw an explosion of popularity on the internet with multiple youtubers playing it, dozens of rabid fan theories ,wikis and spawning sequels ,clones and spinoffs.
  54. 54. PAUSED
  56. 56. 17.GIVE ME A,B and X.(extra +5 for C)  The inception of what would become the released X dates back to 1986 with a joint venture between A and B . A had already produced floppy disk technology to complement cartridges  A approached B to develop a CD-ROM add-on, tentatively titled the “X“  Initially called the Super Disc, it was supposed to be able to play both cartridges and CD-ROMs, of which B was to be the "sole worldwide licenser," as stated in the contract. A was now to be at the mercy of B, Needless to say, A began to get worried.  The day after B announced its plans to begin work on the X, A made an announcement of its own. Instead of confirming its alliance with B, as everyone expected, A announced it was working with C, B’s long-time rivals,  However, B continued to work on X and the rest is history  C is known for creating one of the worst consoles of all time called the ‘C-CDI’ known for its hilarious Zelda cut scenes.
  57. 57. PAUSED
  58. 58. A-Nintendo B X-Playstation B-Sony C-Philips
  59. 59. 18.IDENTIFY THE GAME OR PERSON  The game was released at the peak of this guy's popularity but is now considered one of the worst SNES/Sega Mega Drive games to be released.  There is also a site called X.com which contains the following statement "Picture this: 1994. The United States was slowly moving toward the economic boom of the late 90's. It was the beginning of a golden age that would be remembered for years. At the same time, a young powerful basketball player was becoming a star. He probably has forgotten he ever created this game.  X has to be the worst fighting game in the history of fighting games. In 1994, America could buy it. America thought it was alright and America could tolerate it. Well, America, tolerate it no more! It is time for us to make up for the mistakes of the past. It is time for us to fight back against the mindless merchandising. So how do we do this? X.com's mission is to LIBERATE all the copies of X from existence by buying them from anyone who owns the game, including local console retailers, Ebay merchants, normal citizens, and the like." Id X.
  60. 60. PAUSED
  61. 61. SHAQ-FU OR SHAQUILLE O’NEIL  In the game's storyline, Shaquille O'Neal walks into a dojo while heading to a charity basketball game in Tokyo, Japan. After speaking with Leotsu, a martial arts master, Shaq goes to another dimension, the Second World, where he must rescue a young boy named Nezu from the evil mummy Sett Ra.
  62. 62. 19.IDENTIFY X AND Y  Before implementing X, Y had problems updating its online games, providing patches would result in most of the online user base disconnecting for several days. Y decided to create a platform that would update games automatically and implement stronger anti-piracy and anti-cheat measures  Y approached several companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Real Networks to build a client with these features, but were declined  Development of X began in 2002. Working titles for the product included "Grid" and "Gazelle.
  63. 63.  It was first revealed to the public on March 22, 2002, at the Game Developers Conference, where it was presented purely as a distribution network  Y partnered with several companies, including AT&T, Acer, and GameSpy Industries. The first mod released on the system was Day of Defeat
  64. 64. PAUSED
  65. 65. STEAM,VALVE
  66. 66. 20.WHICH HUGE GAME SERIES  There are two different stories out there. One is that _____ was going bankrupt, and thought this would be their last game, hence was named X.The other is that Sakaguchi was going to quit _____ and go back to college, but make one final game before he left.  Appropriately The project, as ______’s last gasp, was given the name X.  The eponymous first game in the series, published in 1987, was conceived by Sakaguchi as his last-ditch effort in the game industry; the title was a success and spawned sequels.  The series has been commercially and critically successful, with more than 115 million units sold, and is one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time
  67. 67. PAUSED
  68. 68. “FINAL” fantasy(get it??)