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Chapter Five: Information Literacy

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Chapter Five: Information Literacy

  1. 1. CHAPTER 5- INFORMATION LITERACY1. What are some of the ways to become a Critical Internet searcher?-The internet it’s one of the most amazing invents ever, as you can see we take thisclass online and it save us a lot of time. We can find EVERYTHING online, since buyingthings, jobs, learning how to cook and more. Now days most of the professors ask tofind information around the world, we can read books from different parts of the worldwith a click. Start with searching engines good websites, with reliable information. Usenatural language to find more about, be specific, use different ways like phrases,questions, vocabulary to find out more information. Check every website and with yourcriteria chose the best option to relay on, save or bookmark the site you are focusing.Finally check once again to be more comfortable with your answers. Use commonsense, most of the time what is in the internet it’s not sure to be right, so what I wouldsuggest is use your back knowledge and write everything you know about the topic in apiece of paper and then use the internet wisely, so you can compare and be more sureabout what you are working on.2. Complete the questions on Slide #32-What effects go beyond your world?I don’t have any limitations. The only problem that effects me beyond my world is that Idon’t value myself enough, I know I can achieve all my dreams and goals butsometimes my fear is stronger than me. I just need confidence in myself.-How can you become a literacy volunteer in your community?You can help many people, get online and find out more about where you can be helpful(http://www.floridaliteracy.org, http://aflo.freeservers.com/programs.htm) or call 407)-246-7110. I would help ESL students, because I have been through that progress whenI came to this country, I would help them to follow a right path. With strength in yourselfand with love to volunteer what you know and confidence that you are giving 100% youwill become a leader.-What can you learn from Gary’s case about SQ3R and begin an information literatereader?I think the SQ3R reading strategy, should be apply for everyone because onlyremembering the material or going over very quick before the test it’s not going to helpyou succeed. Survey about the material previewing, question yourself what you know,read more about the material, and recite to yourself. Gary’s case make me feelcomfortable, and even though his counselor said he wasn’t able to be a college materialhe perused his dreams and look forward to show his case to other people giving
  2. 2. conferences. He shows us that nothing is impossible in life. As I said, first of all searchfor details about the assignment the best place where you can find information it’s thelibrary, take your time to sign up for a library orientation never give up your secondoption will be the internet if you learn better visualizing and finally use the computerwisely.3. Explain the ways that you would use to conduct an information search.-I would first write down what I know about the assignment, then I would go to libraryand read some books about the assignment, then I would watch a movie about it or adocumentary. Finally I would search the internet to find more information and combineall of this skills and end up with a great assignment not only rely in the internet.