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  1. 1. The Founder & Chief Architect Of Infosys: N. R. Narayana Murthy
  2. 2. Infosys Ltd. is Technologies one largest the Information Technology in of companies India. It has International presence, having 63 offices and development around employing centres the more 122,000 persons. World than
  4. 4. Major milestones in their 30-year-old journey  1981 • Infosys is established by N. R. Narayana Murthy and six engineers in Pune, India, with an initial capital of US$ 250 • Signs up its first client, Data Basics Corporation, in New York  1983 • Relocates corporate headquarters to Bangalore  1987 • Opens first international office in Boston, US
  5. 5.  1993 • Infosys got listed on BSE on June 14, 1993  1999 • Infosys was listed on NASDAQ  2000 • Opened offices in France and Hong Kong, a global development center in Canada and UK and three development centers in the US  2001 • Offices opened in UAE and Argentina and a development centre in Japan  2002 • Nandan M. Nilekani took over as CEO
  6. 6.  2003 • Subsidiaries established in China and Australia.  2004 • Infosys Technologies became the first Indian listed software company to have a net profit of Rs 1,000 crores or more.  2005 • Won the Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) award.  2006 • N. R. Narayana Murthy retired from the services of the company on turning 60.
  7. 7.  2007 • Reported Q2 revenue of over USD 1 billion. Annual revenues crossed USD 3 billion.  2008 • Revenues crossed USD 4.18 billion  2009 • Employee strength grew to over 1,00,000  2010 • Infosys voted as the Best Managed Company in India by Finance Asia.
  8. 8. The Headquarters of Infosys located in Bengaluru Glass building in Pune campus
  9. 9. A building in Thrivandrum campus Main block in Chennai campus
  10. 10. The Development Center in Mysore campus
  11. 11. “To be a globally respected corporation that provides best ofbreed business solutions, leveraging technology, delivered by best- in- class people”
  12. 12. • “To achieve our objectives in an environment of fairness, honesty and courtesy towards our clients, employee’s vendors and society at large”. • Its business activities are anchored in three pillars of corporate behavior, Viz., Business Ethics, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  13. 13. MESSAGE o “Powered by Intellect” o “Driven by values” o “Combination of world class quality and talent, guided by ethical values.”
  14. 14. Infosys standards  Best campus  Best working environment  Best employer  Most transparent dealings  Highest quality standards
  15. 15. Powered by Intellect • Leveraging GDM (Global Delivery Model) • Help clients derive maximum advantage. • Customer-centricity • Meeting shareholder expectations • Building a multicultural workforce strategic
  16. 16. GDM • In GDM, large scale software development projects are divided into diff categories • The tasks that were needed to be carried out at the location of the client • The tasks that were needed to be carried out closer to the client • The tasks that could be done in remote locations where process driven technology center with highly skilled manpower were easily available.
  17. 17. OBJECTIVES OF GDM • To ensure the distribution of application and business process lifecycle activities and resources, while ensuring their integration.
  18. 18. Driven by Values • Customer delight • Leadership by example (set stds) • Integrity and transparency (ethical,sincere and open) • Fairness (objective and transaction oriented) • Pursuit of excellence
  19. 19. What makes Infosys special? • Highest performance standard • Long term shareholder value • Functioning rooted in strong ethical values • The 3 pillars - Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
  20. 20. Corporate Governance A system of corporate governance is a system of checks and balances between the board, management and investors to produce an efficiently functioning corporation, ideally geared to produce long-term value.
  21. 21. The philosophy of corporate governance of Infosys is based on the following principles: 1.To satisfy the spirit of the law. 2. To have transparent and high degree of disclosure levels. 3. To have distinction between personal conveniences and corporate resources. 4. To have truthful external communication. 5. To comply with laws of all countries in which the company operates. 6. It have simple and transparent corporate structure driven solely by business needs. 7. In Infosys management is considered as the trustee of the shareholder’s capital and not the owner.
  22. 22. • Infosys has an active, well-informed and independent board, which is necessary to ensure high standards of corporate governance in any organization. • Infosys Technologies believe that the Board of Directors is at the core of corporate governance practice and oversees how management serves and protects the long term interest of all stakeholders. • In Infosys the majority of the, 8 out of 15 are independent directors. • Infosys is committed to long-term shareholder value.
  23. 23. • Infosys has audit, compensation, investor grievances, nominations, and risk management committees which comprises only independent directors. • Infosys furnishes in the annual reports about its compliance with the corporate governance guidelines of six countries in their national languages. • The company comply with Euro shareholders corporate governance guidelines, 2000. • The recommendations of The Conference Board Commission on public trust and private enterprises in the US. • The company also adheres to the UN global compact programme.
  24. 24. • At Infosys, the distribution of wealth is considered as important as its legal and ethical creation. A strong sense of social responsibility is therefore an integral part of its value system. • Infosys Foundation established in 1996, supports programs and organizations devoted to the cause of the destitute, the rural poor, the mentally challenged, and the economically disadvantaged sections of the society. • Community service through its Computers@Classrooms initiative launched in January1999. • Infosys donated 2,567 computers to various institutions across India.
  25. 25. • Infosys is engaging with global thought leaders and decisionmakers in debate and actionable programs to identify and drive the implementation of sustainable ways to manage the consumption of energy and resources. The efforts begin right at home, through project Ozone. • Social commitment in education: Infosys' Education & Research group has the pride of anchoring the Infosys Extension Program (IEP), which consists of the Infosys Fellowship Program, Rural Reach program, Catch Them Young and Train the Trainer.
  26. 26. • Sustainability Report : Infosys has published its first Sustainability Report, 2007-2008. In accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework, the report encapsulates the company's- • economic performance, • innovation in offerings, • people engagement, and corporate social responsibility initiatives, • The report has been awarded an A+ rating by the GRI.
  27. 27. • In 2000, the company was conferred the National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance by the Government of India. • The Business World — IMRB Survey ranked Infosys number one among the most respected companies in India, in 2001. • It was voted as India’s best managed company for 6 years in a row, between 1996 and 2001 by the Asia Money Poll. • In the year 2000, in the survey of Far Eastern Economic Review, • Infosys was selected as one of Asia’s leading corporations and was ranked first as “ The Company that Others Try to Emulate” • The company was voted “India’s Most Admired Company” in Economic Times in 2000.
  28. 28. • In 2003, Infosys Technologies co-founder and chairman, Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, won the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur of the Year award for his company’s “outstanding financial performance and global impact in a dynamic and volatile industry”. • Infosys Technologies has won the prestigious “Global MostAdmired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE)” Award, for 2004. • Infosys Technologies made a winning sweep in the Business World “Most Respected Companies’ Award” 2004.
  29. 29. • The latest Business Today—AT Kearney study conducted in March 2005placed • Infosys Technologies as “India’s Best Managed Company”. • CRISIL assigned the company the “CRISIL GVC Level 1” rating, indicates the capability to create wealth for all stakeholders while adopting sound corporate governance practices. • ICRA assigned “CGR 1” rating to the company for their corporate governance practices.
  30. 30. CHALLENGES • Huge decline in IT industry - Global economic slowdown • US Govt. against Outsourcing • Shrinking margins due to rising wage inflation - offshoring • Foreign Exchange fluctuations • Competition from giants -Accenture, IBM…
  31. 31. Strategies Used by Infosys… • Diversify the revenue • Employee oriented • Using Modern technology • Cost reduction
  32. 32. • The Phaneesh former Infosys Murthy employee Case Reka In Dec. 2001, Maximovitch, Bulgarian American national filed a complaint against Mr. Phaneesh Murthy (head of U.S. Operations and member of BOD) alleging verbal sexual harassment, unwanted sexual advancements termination of employment. and unlawful a
  33. 33. • Infosys started an internal settlement and after initial reluctance Phaneesh submitted himself for all the conditions that company had set. • Infosys announced amicable dispute settlement on 11th May 2003 and Reka was paid $3 million as compensation.
  34. 34. • The company had paid $570,000 to Phaneesh Murthy as part of the final settlement of his dues when he resigned in July 2003 as head of Infosys' worldwide sales and marketing and from the company's board of directors. • After this episode, Infosys put in place principles of work ethic sand a whistle blower policy. • Infosys also started sexual harassment cell “call ASHI” (Anti Sexual Harassment Initiative), to provide an environment free of harassment • After this case there has been no allegations of any kind on the company.
  35. 35. All about sacked iGate CEO Murthy May 22, 2013: The twice-born, middle-class Brahmin boy from Malleswaram, Bangalore has now twice fallen for the same vice: sexual misconduct with women at the workplace. By his sheer star-wattage and brilliance, he managed to resurrect his career after he was fired by Infosys in 2002. However, after the current sex scandal, it's hard to see a second comeback for Phaneesh Murthy.
  36. 36. • Sound corporate structure and policy does not guarantee avoidance of scandals like Phaneesh Murthy’s case. • It’s the managers ethical standards which decide the level of integrity and value system within an organization.
  37. 37. • Mr. Narayana Murthy : “For me corporate governance is a mindset, a question of value systems. It is a way of saying that I put public good ahead of private good; of not using the corporation's resources for personal benefit. As a society becomes more and more evolved, what appears in the realm of ethics automatically enters the realm of the legal framework.”