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Tools for Measuring User Satisfaction

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As we implement new digital services, it can be hard to analyze their success, meaning to users as well as what issues confront our users. In this webinar, we will discuss:
- How to meaningfully evaluate usage statistics
- How to poll and solicit feedback from users online
- Tips on effective focus groups
- How to connect and engage with online users

About the Instructor:
Diana Silveira is the President of Novare Library Services, a company that focuses on web, mobile and infrastructure services for libraries. Previous to starting Novare Library Services, she was the Virtual Reference Manager for Florida’s Ask a Librarian Service and coordinator for Florida’s Statewide Delivery System. She presents regularly on implementing technology, best practices and privacy issues online. She also works with libraries to deploy new technologies and develop new mobile and desktop websites. She was the 2011 the Florida Library Association’s Library Leader of the Year. When she is not playing with gadgets and gizmos, she enjoys diving, kayaking and playing with her son.

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Tools for Measuring User Satisfaction

  1. Tools forMeasuring User Satisfaction Instructor: Diana Silveira
  2. AgendaO How to meaningfully evaluate usage statisticsO How to poll and solicit feedback from users onlineO Tips on effective focus groupsO How to connect and engage with online users
  3. Usage Statistics
  4. What do you collect?
  5. 500
  6. Magic Formula?= Cost/Usage x Outcome Remember cost is not just money but staff time
  7. Tools to Determine Usage
  8. Google Analytics
  9. Facebook
  10. Twitter
  11. Pinterest
  12. Tips for MeasuringO Use a URL Shortners for stats – different URL for different sourcesO EvaluateO Find out what matters to stake holder/decision makers and count accordingly
  13. Feedbackfrom users online
  14. Online Surveys Pros ConsO Easy to Administer O Selective ResultsO Free (or inexpensive)
  15. Softwarehttp://novarelibrary.polldaddy.com/s/library-surveyhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dF83aXFwTnB0VThqaVA3bHB1bmpwT1E6MQhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6KSPBDK
  16. Tips for Successful Surveys O Keep it short O Give an incentive O Only ask what you REALLY need O Don’t ask leading questions
  17. Social Media
  18. Focus Groups
  19. Focus Groups 101O Determine your goals and objectives.O Do rigorous recruiting and screening.O Dont cheap out on the facilitator.O Dont expect hard data.O Do listen to the "loudmouth”O Do remain flexible.
  20. Setting it UpO Eight to 10 participantsO Record/video session so you can reviewO Have a strategyO 90-120 minutes
  21. Tips for SuccessO Don’t ask “Why”O Invitations should come from a “specialized list”O Let people know the topic beforehandO Use non-directive questionsO Follow-up
  22. Connect and Engage Online
  23. CommentsO Allow comments on web pages, catalogs and social mediaO Creating Discussion
  24. Online Focus GroupsO GoToMeetingO Google HangoutO Free Conference Call
  25. Social MediaO Do you follow tags?O Who replies?O Do you ask for opinions?
  26. Creating a “Go To Group”O Invite: Community Leaders, Friends Members, Super Users, Non-traditional users, cross-sectionO Divide into cross-sectionsO Poll, Question, Survey Regularly
  27. Website “Have at least three different ways a customer can easily offer them feedback. And it’s not hard to do if you think of the technology available.”Examples:O Form on your websiteO Email address just for feedbackO Toll-free customer feedback hotlineO Social Media Channels - http://goo.gl/Mo6wH
  28. Email SurveysO Constant ContactO MailChimp
  29. Questions
  30. Contact Me Diana Silveira diana@novarelibrary.com delicious.com/dee987/evaluation slideshare.net/dee987www.facebook.com/NovareLibraryServices 877-816-9638 Visit our booths at FLA and ALA