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Redefine sophisticated luxury with paraisobay

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Redefine sophisticated luxury with paraisobay

  1. 1. Redefine Sophisticated Luxury With Paraisobay There is nothing more delightful than a home that not only has you and your loved ones but aesthetic beauty attached to it for you all to admire for years. If you have always dreamt of living near the Miami Beach and Biscayne Bay, it is time for you to experience the beauty of Paraisobay. Paraisobay, developed by the Related Group, is the new address for sophistication. With three towers and 1000 luxury residences, Paraisobay is the upcoming destination for restaurants, shops, and decorator-ready units. Located between the MacArthur and Julia Tuttle Causeways, this delight for Edgewater district in Miami features high-end European kitchen cabinets. The best thing is that all units face Biscayne Bay and you would get mesmerizing views of South Beach. The list of luxuries you can associate with Paraisobay does not end here. You get access to outdoor barbecue, modern and uniquely-designed facades, massive pool deck, 9+ foot high ceilings, and 100 ft diameter “lagoon” pool facing Biscayne Bay. Moreover, you can stay high on health and fitness by using a wide range of services such as aquatic sports services, gym, spa, outdoor spa, and Jacuzzis in the lush landscape. Also, you can feel the blissful nature at its very best with greenery and different types of plants, flowers, and trees nearby. Furthermore, Paraisobay has something for everyone whether it is massage area or kids’ playground, outdoor al fresco trellis areas or faceted glass railing balconies, all units with private elevators or assigned parking space -- you name it, Paraisobay has it. In other words, you not only get complete value for your property by opting for Paraisobay, but also gets the opportunity to live in the most happening and trendy district of the nation. You get the best places to eat nearby and all basic and luxurious amenities are close by, which means that you don't have to spend gasoline for endless hours to find something that you need or looking forward to. Moreover, Edgewater is one district that has gifted natural sources and amazing places to visit. Considered to be the most chic and hippest places to live, Edgewater is in close proximity to Midtown and the Design district. Edgewater is home to Miami's only Roman Catholic place of worship. It is close to Downtown, a commercial, cultural, and financial center of South Florida that is also home to many parks, banks, government offices, shops, education centers, museums, and theaters. There just cannot be any doubt that Edgewater is a place where everyone wants to be and what could be better than affordable luxury courtesy Paraisobay. Just 5 minutes from Downtown Miami and Brickell, Paraiso bay is the ultimate place where everyone in your family would love to settle down. If that was not all, you are always close to performing arts center and museums so that you always get entertained just as you wanted to. All in all, Paraisobay brings you close to nature and is a fun place where you will find happy and jovial residents who are never shy to assist anyone and believes in living life to the fullest.
  2. 2. About the author: Contact us if you just cannot compromise on the 'true elegance' of a modern living lifestyle and want to experience amazing views of the Miami Beach and Paraiso Bay.