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Slack 4 ELT tutorial

How to use Slack to teach online. Get more info here - https://eltbuzz.com/slack-4-elt/

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Slack 4 ELT tutorial

  2. 2. What isit? Slack is a communication & management platform for teams (classes) Imagine your classroom instruction & communication in one place, seamlessly organized, available wherever you go.
  3. 3. Slack is like a classroom command center Communicate with all students or just one. Launch your video call and teach. Assign & view student work.
  4. 4. Gettingstarted HOW IT WORKS? IMPLEMENTATION Registration Channels Notifications Files Search Personalizatio n Invite Students Establish Channels Integrate tools/apps Define roles Get to know Slackbot Pricing
  5. 5. How itworks?
  6. 6. Registration https://slack.com/get-started#/ o Create Your Workspace (Class space) - https://classname.slack.com O Follow the steps. Click your confirmation email, etc … O You can create as many Classes (workspaces) with your email as you need O Personalize your workspace with your own colors (students can do this
  7. 7. Channels – Your Class Directory O Slack communication is organized into channels which anyone in your Slack can join. O Each channel is a part of our curriculum. A topic. Welcome. Events. Week 1. Week 2. Final Exam. O Other options also exists such as Direct Messages & Private Groups (project work). oIt allows the building of a database and archive of organizational knowledge with zero effort.
  8. 8. Notification oEtiquette @slackname or @channel for specific messages oHighlight words like a name, project, customer, team, etc. oPush notification on mobile and email oPersonalise notifications settings for every channel
  9. 9. How itworks -Uploading files oUpload easily photos, documents, PDFs, etc. oTip: give your file a good title (will be easier to find later) oCreate posts for sharing notes and long piece of writing
  10. 10. How it works- Search oMessages and files are searchable O Name files with a clearly identifiable name O Slack is a powerful archive of all student knowledge and activity. See analytics and get reports (see Tools or use the
  11. 11. Personalization / Settings O Each student in your class can personalize their colors and user experience. Go to Preferences O Also set your Slack general settings. Go to Settings & Administration – Workplace Settings.
  12. 12. Implementation
  13. 13. Invite Students • Send students the unique “invite” link. • Enter individual student emails and send • Students register and then have access to the channels you’ve set for them • By default all students will have access to all channels in your Slack • Personalize the default greeting to students in your settings. 2 Ways To Invite Students Invite and get them using your Welcome or Fun channel
  14. 14. Establish Channels Establis h channel s Group channel s Topical channel s Project channel s Location - based channel s Section channels Organize your class instruction into channels. Think of channels as “topics”. Add a fun channel where Students can just fool around and Socialize, just like in a F2F class. Announcements / Events are also an important channel. You must add apps to a channel so you use them. Example. Add zoom to your events channel. Then you can just type /zoom to get a link for all in the channel To click to go to the Zoom video room. In channels you can have threaded Discussions. Students can also submit classwork. The possibilities with channels are endless. Make sure to set each channel’s settings separately.
  15. 15. Defineroles Owner • Control the highest- level security and administrat i ve settings. Teacher • Able to manage member s, moderat e channels , invite users,… Student • Access to standard features like joining public channel and uploading files Invited Guest • Access only to a limited set of channels and private groups defined by the Admin
  16. 16. Integrate externalapps Zoom Google Docs Eventbot Calendar Google Calendar Drop Box Voicemessages Polly (quiz/survey) Giphy (fun gifs) Trello – project management Jibble - attendance https://slack.com/apps The free version of #slack allows you to install up to 10 apps
  17. 17. Slackbot Get to know slackbot • Built-in robot • Assistant • Notepad • Automatic responses
  18. 18. Pricing -Freemium “Slack is free to use for as long as you want, and with an unlimited number of people”. For more Information, see https://slack.com/pricing FRE E • $ 0 STANDA RD • $6.67 per user per month PLU S • $12.5 per user per month ENTERPR ISE • $32 per user per month
  19. 19. For moreinformation Contact me david@eltbuzz.com Join our Slack4ELT class and play around. View the Slack4ELT Using Slack As Your LMS Brochure >>>