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20151123 a future resilient – tracking the trends

  1. A future resilient David Overton dbyhundred AGI 24th November 2015 @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  2. What is dbyhundred  A Geographic Innovation business;  Bringing Innovation practice to Location  Bringing Location practice to Innovations  What makes business resilient?  Increasingly it’s the most intangible stuff  Data  Cloud  Culture @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  3. Create, Consult and Innovate @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  4. SplashMaps? A Sports Map Brand @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  6. The Authoritative data @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  7. An OpenStreetMap approach  Easier to use  Low cost market entry  Increasingly pervasive @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  8. And what next?  The future reference? @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  9. Keeping briefed  #GeoMob London  21st January UCL
  11. Automotive – From hard-wired to updates in the cloud  Sentience  Dedicated data collection  Car controls its own speed
  12. 5 years behind?  Solid State solutions  Culture  Compliance
  13. Driverless update – remotely!
  14. What causes 8M arguments per day? @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  16. A climate for change?
  17. Changing ways of funding a business  SplashMaps  Reward Crowd Funded via Kickstarter  1st round equity Angel Funding  Grants @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  18. Agility  Chemical Engineer,  Marketer,  Innovator, @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  19. Dispersed Teams @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  20. Who do you work with?
  22. Mindset for resilient projects  Geodata  Official sources vs unofficial  Horses for courses… for now!  Services  Start with the End in Mind  Ways of Working  Aim for confident delivery @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  23. Meet me after!  I want to share  Get involved with more life improving business  Help you grow… @dbyhundred @splashmaps
  24. Contacts    @dbyhundred  @splashmaps    07876 390656  Skype: david-overton @dbyhundred @splashmaps

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Thanks to Rollo for giving me time to talk about Innovation within our sector, This presentation will demonstrate how our sector, as early adopters of many of the trends governing ALL sectors now, have a lot of experience to share and our understanding of the trends will help us all remain resilient and growing businesses. Purpose- Impart experience and observations of the unfolding trends in vertical sectors Audience – Geographic Information users, verticals using GI, Bloggers, Academics and Geonerds Needs – A resilient future, guidance to help them get there, unblock any barriers to growth Information – Insights into trends across a number of verticals (Leisure, Automotive) Communication
  2. -Bringing Innovation Practice to location projects, and visa versa -15 years of innovation management and 10 years in the GI sector -How is your data strategy? -How does your business benefit most from the cloud… it’s not just about elasticity! -How does your business cope in this era of more Open Innovation – where collaboration is king and there’s no room for “not invented here” mentaility
  3. -Dbyhundred has brought innovation skills to all these projects and businesses -Innovation is about making things happen, getting round barriers. Its about the right attitude, passion and the right processes. -EuroGeographics – A mega network of mappers across Europe -Using contacts to gain market entry strategies for Telematics -ESDIN the first – Adopting Agile methods to gain INSPIRE compliant multi-themed services available through a browser -European Commission – Expert work gained insights into bidding processes -Innovation Manager at Productiv – Industrialise UK Low Carbon technologies in cars Across all these businesses: Agility in management and innovation, Distributed data & services in the cloud and Openness in the building blocks
  4. SplashMaps is An award winning sports mapping brand Reviving the escape and evasion maps ideas for today’s adventurers They’re not for wets and wimps! We are about the REAL outdoors. You know when you regularly walk past the end of a trail and you wander where it goes? This innovation gives you the confidence to explore that trail simply because it’s easy to use and can’t let you down. We sell maps of all National Parks in Great Britain and we are unique in making personalised maps of anywhere in the world... !
  5. The Traditional sources are the best! Right? Eurogeographics (a membership organisation for all Europes NMA’s and Land agencies) corrals the resources to make unified products. -The ESDIN project was 20 partied and largely theoretical -We workshopped hard to build connections between the 12 packages –Piloting the stuff of INSPIRE legislation Won award for ESDIN’s contribution to European GI Policy at World Geospatial Forum 2012
  6. Since my time with Authoritative data starting up a business was way easier using OpenStreetMap and Open Data. Consistent access across the globe. Thankfully OS had gone down the line of Open Data. The combination brings authority and a freedom to style.
  7. A blissfully simple concept, that each 3m square on the planet becomes a reference point in a global grid. The non addressable is suddenly addressable. I first met Chris Sheldrick and Team at GeoMob.
  8. SplashMaps Sponsors GeoMob; It’s where we first met W3W, Liz from eMapsite and a host of new and established geobusinesses following the trends I’m covering this afternoon. As a sponsor we get to award the best speaker typically with one of our London series of maps
  9. In the Sentience project, working with Ordnance Survey and Transport Research Laboritories, the prototype SUV had fixed geographical data transferred to it via GSM (Orange); We proved that efficiencies could be improved if the car had the ability to speed up and slow down for known conditions (2008/9) Productiv; 2012 Amazing introductory service where I was charged with creating a programme to encourage investment from manufacturers for tech for low carbon vehicles. It was held at MIRA road testing facility. The use of speed dating and networking pods broke barriers and led to 70 new collaborations; the corresponding part of the initialtive I set up involved actively progressing these leads with membership players like Castrol, Tata and Jaguar Landrover. As well as designing the programme around openness (in an otherwise proprietary field) I drew attention to the connected systems aspects. Did you know that when a car goes to market, all the technology is at least 5 years behind the curve? This thinking helped Castrol launch their own Open Innovation programme as they could see an end to lubricants!
  10. I was responsible for kicking off initiatives that created business opportunities between engineers and OEMs. I developed their Meet the Engineer event and their Radar Club: I was able to feed into the process that low carbon and performance were more likely to come from systems and service rather than hardware. This did bring a new focus as I introduced IBM and data crunchers… Who’s ever had the european data in their car updated during a service??
  11. So this year my garage spent 6 hours updating my sat nav for Europe for our trip to France. This year my clients Tesla performed a remote software update to allow his car to drive itself!
  12. 8M Arguments per day in this country over screen time I worked with the inventor of the HomeHalo, an app driven home wifi management system Originally designed to be managed mainly from the router itself, I could see this would hold us back. We moved the majority of the service to the cloud, allowing us to be less reliant upon both the router manufacturer and the categorisation service. The Business model is more independent, robust, transferable and protectable.
  13. General Assemblies at Eurogeographics were very formal affairs. Information imparted. Check that Horse-shoe style with the UN stlye name labels. Moving this to a more informal “Café stle” layout with orchastrated speed dating and petcha-kutcha style presentations to smaller groups opened up the Director Generals and their advisors to the concepts we needed to progress. It led to us being sanctioned to develop ideas further with the resource they provided for an ELF task force and ultimately a successful bid managed by, dbyhundred. ELF – Implementing the infrastructure Project explicitly tests via pilots the vertical sectors where How to make it work? Take the traditional owners of the geo-data on a long journey starting with a nice dinner – Café Style.
  14. Another crowd trend that makes for more resilient business models… Let the crowd decide! Let the money people spectate, then dip in. Be canny with the money now supporting innovation in this country from the European Commission which comes down to the TSB and more localised initiatives.
  15. ESDIN I used Scrum to bring 7 nations data together in the ESDIN portal with a team spread across Europe With HomeHalo I used the philosophy to coordinate between Taiwanese manufacturers, Belarussian developers (Apps – Android and Apple and Service) and our own internal team. Finishing the job by training up our new tech support as Scrum Master.
  16. To help us stay expert we have a great network of associates extending our expertise into Open Sources software, Innovation event management, European Collaborations and event driven innovation
  17. Right now the choice between official and unofficial datasets is one of horses for courses; but the lines are blurring as ELF makes national data more consistently available and tested in a number of verticals and services like MapBox and Thuderforest simplify the process of making meaningful and beautiful maps from OSM. The Cloud isn’t just about the resilience you get from the benefits of elasticity and the simplicity of back-ups. They’re givens. More importantly it really is about enabling models that are much more resilient to your business threats from competition and suppliers. The ability to make services more resilient to business risk must surely now exceed the monopoly power given by patent? You need to start with this end in mind. In the way we work there has to be serious effort to understand the cross cultural barriers. Agility in the way we fund, run and collaborate will make for confident delivery.
  18. I’m privilaged to have been trained in creativity & innovation (Innovation is about the doing and not just the idea generation); turning ideas into plans and plans into commercial product. I’ve failed fast and succeed for my businesses and my clients. I’ve experienced cutting edge trends where getting it wrong directly impacts my life. Getting it right improves others’ (that’s what business is all about).