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20150901 Mapping Yorkshire

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20150901 Mapping Yorkshire

  1. 1. Where Maps get used is immaterial Mapping Yorkshire David Overton, MD & Founder SplashMaps Ltd. @SplashMaps #Geomob
  2. 2. Route Map.. • What are we? • Why map together? • Show & tell • Examples in Yorkshire • Working with SplashMaps
  3. 3. What are we? A Sporting Map Brand
  4. 4. What we bring you
  5. 5. Unique relationships
  6. 6. What do you think?
  7. 7. Fell Running
  8. 8. Illustrated in Yorkshire
  9. 9. Tour of Britain
  10. 10. Harvey Maps Partner Launching Today!! Harvey Maps SplashMap of the Dales Way. www.splash-maps.net
  11. 11. Before and Since
  12. 12. Where’s your gap? • Working together, let’s – Tailor something for your customer – Let’s build on the influence we both have – Make an amazing proposition
  13. 13. If you’re looking to; • Create a premium product • Satisfy a client need • Explore extending your design on to new materials Speak to David Overton www.splash-maps.com david@splashmaps.net 07876 390 656 T:@splashmaps FB: /splashmaps

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • I’m David Overton, winner of last years Wallis award for Cartographic excellence, MD of SplashMaps In the past I’ve represented innovation in most of the national mapping agencies in Europe, including our partner Ordnance Survey. Today I want to talk with you about how we can map together to lift us out of the idea of paper squares at £8 per pop.
  • SplashMaps is
    An award winning sports mapping brand
    Reviving the escape and evasion maps ideas for today’s adventurers
    They’re not for wets and wimps!
    We are about the REAL outdoors. You know when you regularly walk past the end of a trail and you wander where it goes? This innovation gives you the confidence to explore that trail simply because it’s easy to use and can’t let you down.

    We sell maps of all National Parks in Great Britain and we are unique in making personalised maps of anywhere in the world...
  • Downward pressure on price
    Historic Price wars
    Maturation of the market
    Who’d go into the printed map market?
    So has Print had its day?
    Our market <sports> is underserved by mappers – is everything really going electronic?
    How many businesses here have printed products amongst their portfolio?
    Wouldn’t it be great if …
    there were more margin…
    If folks paid the true value of a good map
  • Over 3 years we’ve work solidly on the relationships we need to establish a brand; attending and supporting major sporting and adventure groups and events.
    John Blashford-Snell even the most remote locations. John Blashford-Snell, the founder of Raleigh International and president of the Scientific Exploration Society considers SplashMaps to be "vital for our expeditions now!".
    Perry McGee – British Tracking School, Yorkshire
    Scott Forbes – Ultra Marathon champion
    Claire Maxted – Trail Running chief editor
    The World Bank – Taking delivery of Dar Es Salam SplashMaps this week, Our maps have been praised by the President of Tanzania and UNICEF.
    The enthusiasm by National Triathlete teams has led to a trial of the maps for Rio 2016
    These inspirations help us
    -address unmet needs
    -help us realise the important points of uniqueness we can bring
  • Focussed on our customers –
    -All these relationships help us solidify our principle of giving our customers confidence in their adventures.
  • Show and tell: What would you say each map is for?
  • Dave Taylor – Fell Running Guide
    Kevin Smith at Yorkshire Dales NPA
    Right Product, Right Concept and the right marketing with the right inspirations
    Team SplashMaps' Ultra Marathon runner, Scott Forbes, has boosted his gold medal count this year and provided inspiration to our range of products which now include long distance trail maps as well as the best known Ordnance Survey maps and A to Z maps and even maps of the stars. All printed onto performance fabrics
  • A great idea that came from a meeting with friends at SDG following the Carto Soc 2013
    Teriffic Map design from a business with a strong history with massive sporting events
    Unique user centred design based upon a genuine need from the client
    So many positive outcomes;
    -Winning the Wallis Award
    -Press coverage & interest from the cycling community
    -Great experience of partnership in the design of optimised
  • Scott’s Long Distance encouraged us to make key national trails available. Better to partner than create from scratch ourselves. South Downs Way became our top selling map when launched in March this year. Immediately picked up by the National Trail officer himself with a glowing review. 7 are available now and today we announce the laumch of the Dales Way to celebrate my talk on Mapping Yorkshire!
  • Different partners to address different needs;-
    -Wil Tirion
    -Mike Hall
    -Geographers’ A to Z
    A variety of materials, styles and partners with different capabilities, reputations and niches is helping diversify the broader fabric map offering.