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Quo Vadis 2015: Studio Panel

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This is a presentation I gave at this year's Quo Vadis conference where we ran a panel about how multiple new studios set up their office and software environment.

Lean more about the game at http://www.das-tal-game.com/kickstarter/.
Learn more about our stuido at http://www.fairytale-distillery.com/.

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Quo Vadis 2015: Studio Panel

  1. 1. Making an MMO on a dime
  2. 2. Das Tal
  3. 3. MUNICH Composer Foley Artist VFX Artist 3D Artist Game Director Tech Director Client Dev BERLIN Art Director 3D Artist AUSTRALIA Head of Comm. USA UI Designer CET -6 hours +8 hours Global Distribution
  4. 4. Home Base MUC
  5. 5. Important: Wall Space
  6. 6. Objectives and Key Results Monthly rhythm: Corp. > Personal > Review
  7. 7. Other Meetings ● Weekly Hangout: Goal Status, Problems ● Daily “Standup” @ Forum: Work done, plans ● 1on1 Skype Calls on Demand
  8. 8. Communication Tools and Processes ● Skype: Meetings and 1on1s with Video! ● Forum: Overnight feedback, important links ● Hansoft: Bug tracking & scope planning ● GDocs: Design Docs, Planning etc. ● Seafile: All other files, multiple repositories
  9. 9. Middleware & Code Client Code C# UI Scripting UGUI + LUA Server Code C# Gameplay & Ability Script LUA Shared Core C# ● Proven middleware -> lower risks and dev time ● Shared code -> lower dev time, core has no external dependencies ● LUA scripting -> fast scripting, designer cannot kill core game, can reload during runtime, UI moddable by players
  10. 10. Continuous Integration w/ Jenkins ● Everybody can get a new (client and server) build at any time - no coder required. ● Long and complicated build process (deploy to servers, CDN, patcher) is standardized. ● Automated testing possible (unit tests for C#, Syntax check for LUA). (Personal Branches) Master Staging Live Code vs Data + Web Site
  11. 11. Other Assorted Tech Thingies ● 6+ servers on Hetzner, Azure, Profitbricks & Google Cloud for Dev Tools & Game ● Root = dev tools & dev game server ● Cloud: backup, smaller tools, US game ● Git for versioning: Gitlab, GitExtension & command line (+ SourceTree)