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SaskCulture Annual Gathering Keynote

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SaskCulture Annual Gathering Keynote

  2. 2. HAMLET, ACT 1, SCENE 3Laertes is leaving to study inFrance. Polonius, his father,offers him some advice.
  3. 3. With hoops of steel
  4. 4. “It is a constant surprise to those of us over a certain age, let’s say 30, that large parts of our life can endup online. But that’s not a behaviouranyone under 30 has had to unlearn. They are soaking in the Web.” Clay Shirky
  5. 5. LESSONSTeach your staff--digital natives andimmigrants alike--about privacy.A small but increasing part of the onlineconversation about you is invisible toyour organization.
  6. 6. Neither aborrowernor alender be
  7. 7. Entertain AdviseEducate Deliver Value Inform InciteInspire Amuse
  8. 8. LESSONSYou are not the only authority.Respect the cocktail party rule.
  9. 9. Do not dull thy palm
  10. 10. LESSONSIf you’re an early adopter, feel free tokick the tires.Don’t invest until there’s indications ofwidespread adoption.
  11. 11. And they in France
  12. 12. LESSONSIt’s early days for these tools andtechnologies, but they’re here to stay.Explore how you can deepen theconnections between offline and onlineactivities.
  13. 13. Be thoufamiliar, butby no means vulgar
  14. 14. LESSONSConsider how your website looks onmobile devices.Apps are expensive, and most of themfail to meet expectations.
  15. 15. Those friends thou hast
  16. 16. Crowd - Knows about theatre companyCommunity - Has attended a showCongregation - Has attended multiple showsCommitted - Subscriber, first-time volunteerCore - Board members, volunteers & donors
  17. 17. LESSONSRethink your online audiences.Communicate with the Core differentlythan you’d communicate with the Crowd.
  18. 18. Entertainment of each
  19. 19. LESSONSYour organization is comprised mostly ofpeople. Feature them.Make the audience the heroes of yourstories.
  20. 20. Beware ofentrance to a quarrel
  21. 21. To thine own self be true
  22. 22. “Google is a reputation management system.” Clive Thompson
  23. 23. LESSONSDon’t lie on the Internet.The Internet never forgets.
  24. 24. QUESTIONS? Darren Barefootdarren@capulet.com