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How NGOs win on Facebook

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Slides from my presentation with Theo Lamb at NetSquared Camp, May, 2012

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How NGOs win on Facebook

  1. How NGOs win on Facebook Here comes the science
  2. ✤ Questions ✤ What kind of content earns the most likes, comments and shares? ✤ Which organizations are killing it on Facebook?
  3. What we did
  4. Earthjustice Sierra Club Surfrider David Suzuki FoundationRainforest Action Network Unfriend Coal 350.org NRDC National Audubon Society Project Aware Greenpeace USA Leave No TraceNational Wildlife Federation Ducks Unlimited The Story of Stuff Earth Hour Earth Rangers WWF CanadaConservation International Nature Conservancy
  5. What we observed
  6. Content Types
  7. Days of the Week
  8. ✤ Other facts ✤ For every 1 comment, there are 3 shares and 11 likes. ✤ External links mostly went to mainstream news sources. ✤ Collectively, the NGOs averaged almost exactly one post a day. ✤ There was no obvious correlation between day of the week and post popularity. ✤ Hardly anybody ever uses Facebook Questions. ✤ 18 of the 20 most popular posts were photos.
  9. What we figured
  10. Engagement =Likes +(Comments * 2.5) +(Shares * 5)
  11. Engagement vs. Frequency
  12. EngagementOrg Names Removed
  13. Content Types by NGOOrg Names Removed
  14. Photos and VideoOrg Names Removed
  15. LinksOrg Names Removed
  16. Org Names Removed
  17. What we admired
  18. Top ten posts:http://j.mp/NGOFBposts
  19. What we recommend
  20. ✤ Recommendations ✤ You’re probably not publishing enough photos and videos. ✤ People like simple messages laid over photos. ✤ Link more often to sites other than your own. ✤ Ask people to share your content sparingly. ✤ Emulate Earthjustice, Surfrider and Rainforest Action Network. ✤ Engagement in your social media channels probably reflects engagement across your entire organization, in all channels.
  21. Questions?