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Engagement Strategies for the HTCE

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Slides for talk at HTCE

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Engagement Strategies for the HTCE

  1. 1. A Two-Pronged Digital Engagement Strategy Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot
  2. 2. Who Are YourPeeps?
  3. 3. Engagement Pyramid Core - Leaders Committed - Evangelists/Influence Congregation - Regular Buyers Community - First-Time Buyers Crowd - Aware
  4. 4. Audience: Committed Online In the Real WorldCharacteristicsActionsMessageWhat do they get?How do theyclimb thepyramid?
  5. 5. Audience: Committed Online In the Real World Builds mobileCharacteristics Loves PhoneGap apps regularly Active in the Uses PhoneGapActions Google group over other tools Become a core DevelopMessage contributor PhoneGap Recognition on Invited to presentWhat do they get? the blog and soc at conferences, meds etc.How do they Writes tutorials, Run a PhoneGapclimb the etc. meetuppyramid?
  6. 6. Custom Asks for Each Audience Segment Find us on Facebook Make product recommendations Create an account Core Share with friends Committed Recommend to othersCongregation Sign the petitionCommunity Write a product review Crowd Buy
  7. 7. A Two-ProngedEngagement Strategy
  8. 8. Heartbeats
  9. 9. Heartbeat Activities:Website contentSearch engine optimizationEmail marketingPress releasesSocial media updatesOnline advertising
  10. 10. Heartbeat Outcomes:Connect with your communityGet evaluators; users excitedShine a light on customersEngage users/members further
  11. 11. The Problem
  12. 12. Everyone is doingit.
  13. 13. Remarkables
  14. 14. “Safe is risky, andrisky is safe.” - Seth Godin
  15. 15. Remarkables Outcomes:Recruits new customersInspires actions & activitiesConnects with influencersIncreases attention (often media)Improves web presence
  16. 16. How Do YouMakeRemarkables?
  17. 17. Change the medium of the message.
  18. 18. Say it visually.
  19. 19. Riff on what the web loves.
  20. 20. Enable user contributions.
  21. 21. Heartbeat and RemarkablesWorking Together for Good
  22. 22. Word of mouth ROIMore actionsLess fatigueStronger customer voiceImpactRelevanceUps the cool factor
  23. 23. IngredientsStrategy: WOMMake great, sharablecontentSome budgetEngaged membersStaff resources
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. @julieszabo, @dbarefoot