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Transparency Life Sciences

  1. Transparency Life Sciences DayOne Basel June 25, 2019
  2. Unique, Highly Differentiated Clinical Trials Partner The unique Transparency Virtual Trials platform could immediately be applied to 25% of clinical trials: • Design: Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing - proprietary tool for stakeholders (sponsors, patients, physicians) to co-design clinical study protocols • Execution: as a technology enabled service, the Transparency Virtual Trials platform offers the unique combination of high technology (wearable, handheld devices) with study personnel - patient interactions via telemedicine; The TLS comprehensive clinical trial design and execution offering translates into better designed, patient-centric protocols which facilitate patient recruitment and retention. • Biopharma sponsors benefit from higher quality and increased density of data resulting in shorter and less expensive clinical trials. Transparency Life Sciences is the only company exclusively designing and conducting virtual (digital) and hybrid clinical trials.
  3. Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing™ Better protocols Patients selected and “soft-screened” before enrollment begins Potential to consent patients in days vs standard of months Strong support from FDA Multiple TLS trial designs approved by major U.S. academic IRB’s Protocols crowdsourced in CNS, GI, cancer, autoimmune Results of prostate cancer project published in JNCI Transparency Crowdsourcing collects, curates input from global community of patients, MDs, researchers
  4. Fully Virtual Clinical Trials Platform is Ready Protocol crowdsourcing Better design Online recruitment Faster eConsent can consent all patients within days Delivery/training monitoring equipment Medication administration, adherence, & vitals monitoring eDiary/ePRO surveys Higher quality data Telehealth for exams & protocol assessments Better adherence In-home visits Higher patient retention Cloud-based data aggregation, warehousing & visualization Real time analysis Patients participate digitally and in whole or in part from home in the clinical trial process Transparency Protocol Crowdsourcing™ + Transparency Virtual Trials™
  5. Therapeutic Areas phase II, IV target autoimmune CNS chronic cancers dermatology GI diseases rare diseases straight- forward ease of in-home execution difficult acute indication chronic MI, stroke, acute cancer examples of great fits: • CNS / Ph II • RA or IBS / Ph IV compound characteristics: • oral ↑ • topical ↑ • IM/S.C. ↓ • IV ↓ Opportunity to enhance patient-centricity phase I, III ophthalmology