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Facebook Locations for Multi-location Brands

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Multi-location brands can configure Facebook location pages for each of its locations. This presentation explains what Facebook Place Pages are, why they exist, why you need to take control of them and who should do so.

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Facebook Locations for Multi-location Brands

  1. 1. David Whatley MISHOP.LOCAL Facebook Locations for Multi-location Brands @mishoplocal https://www.slideshare.net/davidwhatley338
  2. 2. What’s the difference …. ?
  3. 3. Heathrow Terminal 2 has two Facebook Pages What’s the difference?
  4. 4. Heathrow Terminal 2 has two Facebook Pages What’s the difference? Official Page Unofficial Page Managed Unmanaged 20,289 likes 4021 reviews 802 likes 204 reviews 186,750 visits (check-ins)
  5. 5. Are your customers checking-into; unclaimed, unmanaged and unbranded Facebook location pages?
  6. 6. ▪ Facebook Place Pages for Multi-location Brands ▪ What they are ▪ How and why they exist ▪ Why they need to be managed ▪ Who should use them What am I going to talk about?
  7. 7. What are Facebook Place Pages?
  8. 8. FACEBOOK BRAND PAGE FACEBOOK LOCATION PAGE 1 FACEBOOK LOCATION PAGE 2 FACEBOOK LOCATION PAGE 3 FACEBOOK LOCATION PAGE n Multi-location brands can have a Facebook Brand Page AND Facebook Location Pages (Place Pages) Likes Reviews Check-ins Social Likes Customer Interaction …
  9. 9. Multi-location brands can have a Facebook Place Page for each location connected to the brand page Locations
  10. 10. Location Specific URL www.facebook.com/Brand+location/ Locations Tab Locations Name Location specific: • Address, • Category • Weblinks and • Opening Times Locations specific likes & follows Locations specific reviews Anatomy of a Place Page
  11. 11. Shared Brand Content Shared Customer Interactions Location Specific NAP & Map Location Specific Likes & Follows Location Specific Reviews Location Specific URL How Place Pages can vary for multi-location brands
  12. 12. How Place Pages appear in “All” search Places Nearby
  13. 13. How Place Pages appear in “Pages” search
  14. 14. How Place Pages appear in “Places” search
  15. 15. Do you suffer from UFLoPs? Unofficial Facebook Location Pages If you are a multi-location brand, the chances are you do!
  16. 16. Unofficial Facebook Location Page What are UFLoPs?
  17. 17. UFLoPs
  18. 18. There are two types of UFLoPs 1. Organic UFLoPs 2. User created UFLoPs
  19. 19. Organic UFLoP - Created from 3rd party business listings. Full Address Details. Not always correct!
  20. 20. Full address details User content Organic UFLoP - with user content
  21. 21. User Created UFLoPs – Created by users “checking-in” to unlisted locations. Users can add locations
  22. 22. User created UFLoP No address details User content
  23. 23. Facebook is getting better at organic listings, however, brands need to make sure they are correct.
  24. 24. Why should brands care about location pages?
  25. 25. Duplicates and UFLoPs confuse customers wanting to check in Which one ?
  26. 26. Search UFLoP Owned Page Same location 2 different pages UFLoPs take traffic away from official pages.
  27. 27. UFLoPs take traffic away from official pages. UFLoPOwned Page 6,944 likes 6,882 follows 7,676 likes 1,923,369 visits
  28. 28. Search Old (unverified) New (verified) Same location 2 different pages Duplicates take traffic away from official pages.
  29. 29. Duplicates take traffic away from official pages. Old (standalone) Page. New (verified) Page. Last reviewed March 2018 Last reviewed in Nov 2015
  30. 30. Facebook Local New Discover places to go and events near you! ▪ Facebook and Facebook Local share the same code ▪ Accurate location information and branding is important
  31. 31. locations come from Facebook locations
  32. 32. Google LOCAL ‘knowledge graphs’ links to Facebook local reviews
  33. 33. UFLoP interactions are invisible to the brand
  34. 34. Yo! offers a great sushi experience! Many fans check-in and write reviews in Facebook
  35. 35. Yo! has a Brand Page with lots of followers But it does not have a location tab
  36. 36. Yo! has multiple standalone Business Pages
  37. 37. Each Yo! branch has a standalone business page
  38. 38. Brand Followers Brand Posts are only seen by brand followers Branch Followers Branch Posts are seen by a few followers. Standalone pages lack brand consistency and have a small audience.
  39. 39. 39 Facebook Place Pages are a strategic asset that can magnify the brand Alone = Diluted Together = Stronger
  40. 40. ▪ Greater control ▪ Consistent branding for all locations ▪ Managed centrally ▪ More efficient to administer & monitor customer interactions ▪ Better able to administer local Facebook Ads The Benefit of managing Place Pages within a Location Hierarchy
  41. 41. Who should use Facebook Place Pages?
  42. 42. Who should use Facebook Place Pages? ▪ Brands with locations ▪ Franchises ▪ Concession
  43. 43. People love checking-in to luxury brands
  44. 44. People love checking-in to luxury brands
  45. 45. People like checking-in to cafes
  46. 46. People love checking into restaurants
  47. 47. Concession Brands
  48. 48. Setting-up a Facebook Location Structure
  49. 49. There are 3 Facebook location hierarchy options Most versatile. Good for franchises Brand Page Best of both Worlds Brand Page Local Heroes Brand Page Central Content Branch Content Fill in the Gaps
  50. 50. 50 Interaction Type Brand Page Place Pages Like Yes Yes Share Yes Yes Check-In No Yes Post Optional Optional Review Optional Optional Configuring how customers interact with your Brand and Place Pages Configurable Fixed
  51. 51. 1. Audit your Facebook locations. Identify locations with: ▪ Owned Pages ▪ Unofficial Pages, or ▪ No Pages 2. Devise a strategy for local Facebook management 3. Verify your Brand Page and configure it for locations 4. Set-up Places Pages for each location 5. Merge or delete UFLoPS and owned pages 6. Manage Process: Set-up and manage a Facebook Location Structure
  52. 52. Takeaways 1. Facebook is going local. 2. Do customers check-in to your brand? 3. Do you know where your customers are checking-in and are you in control of those places?
  53. 53. Thank You
  54. 54. For more information, please contact: MiShop.Local Ltd.  info@mishoplocal.co.uk 01273 987498 www.mishoplocal.co.uk © MiShop.Local 2018