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How to connect an online first mentality to the success of your library

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Are you looking to increase your online presence? Could your library benefit from cultivating an online first mentality? What else can you do to make this mentality a reality?

Join David Lee King, library consultant and Digital Services Director at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, and see what it means to have an ‘online-first’ mentality and how it can benefit your library. The webinar, “How to Connect an Online-First Mentality to the Success of Your Library,” will cover the following:

- What an online-first mentality means for your library
- Specific examples for creating a digital presence, from placing storytimes on YouTube to providing online chat options for patron questions
- How an online-first mindset can launch conversations between libraries and patrons, thus strengthening your relationship with your community

Extend your presence beyond your library’s walls—rethink you library’s online presence! Join us for this webinar to discover how.

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How to connect an online first mentality to the success of your library

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  2. 2. Online-First Mentality
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  5. 5. Retail
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  7. 7. can online first work here?
  8. 8. everything has an online component
  9. 9. Where do I start?
  10. 10. some problems
  11. 11. don’t do it … anywhere
  12. 12. ramp it up
  13. 13. create an alternative
  14. 14. flic.kr/p/ahGdmN where are your customers?
  15. 15. You have access to them! flic.kr/p/ahGdmN
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  18. 18. where should YOU be?
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