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Music classes san jose

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David K's Music School specializes in all types of music lessons. From Piano to guitar, woodwinds to voice, we have it all. Our instructors are highly professional from around the world.

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Music classes san jose

  1. 1. Music Classes in San Jose
  2. 2. Why Music as a Therapy?  Music therapy research and clinical practice have proven to be effective with people of all ages and abilities.  Whether a person's challenges are physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological, music therapy can address a person's needs.  Not just because it’s fun, relaxing, and motivating, but because music has a profound impact on our brains and our bodies.
  3. 3. How it Works ?  Modern music therapy consists of several models and methods where music and its effects are utilized in therapeutic work.  Music has this really great power on healing, both emotional healing, physical healing & social healing,”  Providing music therapy to infants, children and adults with learning disabilities, special needs, autism, challenging behaviour and communication disorders, benefit them.
  4. 4. Who can Benefit from Music Therapy?  Exhibiting emotional or behavioral disabilities  Having a dementia related diagnoses  Having learning disabilities  Who have offended or who are likely to offend  Experiencing addiction  Working through issues of gender  Experiencing communication difficulties
  5. 5. Music Classes in San Jose  David K’s Music School is one of the largest independent music schools in the area.  Our staff of over 50 instructors includes some of the most highly qualified local music, art and foreign language professionals.  We offer lessons in Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar, Saxophone, Drums, Viola, Clarinet, Voice, Keyboard, E. Bass and Double-bass!
  6. 6. Join Music Classes Today  David K's Music School  Location: 1428 Saratoga Avenue San Jose, CA 95129  Telephone: 408-866-0120 Email: info@davidksmusicschool.com  Website: http://davidksmusicschool.com