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  1. How to Get Hot Leads With Facebook! A  presenta*on  by   Frank  Rumbauskas New  York  Times  Best-­‐Selling  Author
  2. What  You’ll  Learn  Today • Why  Facebook  is  a  goldmine  of  leads • No  need  to  pay  for  Facebook  ads • Se<ng  up  your  account  &  page • Building  credibility  &  networks  on  Facebook • Facebook  prospec*ng  strategies • Facebook  lead-­‐capture  mechanisms • Step-­‐By-­‐Step  Facebook  Mastery  Plan
  3. • Facebook  now  gets  more  traffic  than  Google! • 400%  more  page  views  than  Yahoo! • Over  260  BILLION  page  views  per  month • Over  800,000,000  Facebook  members • Growing  business  presence  and  use Why  Facebook?
  4. • LinkedIn  is  a  MUST  for  Salespeople • However,  LinkedIn  is  strictly  a  networking  tool,   albeit  the  best  in  the  world
  5. • No  direct  lead  capture• Direct  lead-­‐capture   mechanisms Want  HUGE  success?   Use  both  Facebook  AND  LinkedIn!
  6. • Connect with & find ideal prospects • Build credibility & visibility • Get them to engageYOUR Facebook business page (not your personal page) • Use lead-capture systems to get them into your sales lead pipeline • Follow-up marketing to prospects and re-engagement with existing customers • These methods cost NO MONEY! Facebook Goals
  7. How  Facebook  Works • Like  everything  I  teach,  this  is  a  system! • Step  1:  Engage  with  your  ideal  prospects  on  Facebook • Step  2:  Deliver  extremely  valuable  content  that  gets  their   aQen*on,  while  defining  YOU  as  THE  expert  in  YOUR   industry • Step  3:  Drive  them  to  YOUR  Facebook  business  page  where   you  can  employ  lead-­‐capture  systems  to  get  them  into  your   sales  pipeline
  8. • Define your prospects and their interests • Discover Facebook groups where your ideal prospects and best customers can be found • Examples for me: LinkedIn for Business, Skype for Business, Entrepreneur Groups, Facebook for Business, and so on… • These are ideal prospects for my sales training and marketing consulting • Who are YOUR ideal prospects?
  9. • You’ve  defined  your   prospects. • Now,  what  value  can  you   deliver  to  them? • How  can  you  help   prospec*ve  customers? • BoQom  line:  People  DON’T   CARE  about  you,  un*l  they   know  what  value  you  can   offer  them • Every  day,  your  compe*tors   are  ge<ng  on  Facebook  and   stealing  YOUR  leads! • Advantage:  Most  are  doing   it  wrong. Your  Job  in  ConnecNng
  10. Using  Facebook  Groups • Keep  in  mind  that,  just  like  LinkedIn,  your  ideal  prospects  are   joining  Facebook  groups  where  they  can  LEARN • They’re  not  there  to  self-­‐promote • Your  job  is  to  BUILD  VALUE  by  adding  valuable  content  to   Facebook  groups  -­‐  help  them  learn! • All  of  my  ar*cles,  blog  posts,  and  videos  are  posted  to  both   LinkedIn  &  Facebook  Groups
  11. This  Works  for  All • The  vast  variety  of  Facebook  groups  offers  opportunity  to  all   salespeople • Are  you  in  MLM?  Join  MLM/Network  MarkeGng  Groups • Real  estate?  Join  real  estate  groups • Offer  B2B  products  or  services?  Join  Entrepreneur  and   Business  Owner  groups Get  the  idea?  Now  get   creaBve  and  start   searching!  Use  the   Facebook  search  bar
  12. Facebook  Business  Page Your  Facebook  Business  Page  is  your   “brochure”  to  your  prospects • Goals  of  your  page  are  two-­‐fold: • Step  1:  Get  them  to  “Like”  your   page  which  builds  your  exposure   and  authority • Step  2:  Capture  their  personal   informa*on  via  a  lead-­‐capture   system  for  follow-­‐up  online  or   offline Without  a  serious   Facebook  Business  Page,   don’t  even  bother  with   Facebook
  13. Facebook  Business  Page Your  Facebook  Business  Page  is  very  much  like  a  website • The  advantage  is  your  prospec*ve  fans  and  customers  never   have  to  leave  Facebook  to  engage  with  you • Keeping  your  lead-­‐capture  system  within  Facebook  is  far  more   effec*ve  then  sending  people  to  an  outside  website;  that   happens  AFTER  you  capture  them  on  Facebook!
  14. • With  this  webinar  recording  you’ll  receive  the  tools  needed  to   accomplish  the  examples  you’re  going  to  see • Pages  changed  drama*cally  post-­‐Timeline  and  require  a  new   lead-­‐capture  strategy Business  Page   is  everything Personal   profile  and/or   company  page   are  everything
  15.          Facebook  Page  Examples
  16.  for  Pages • Don’t  have  *me  to  set  up  your  page? •  is  an  outsource  website  where  all  jobs  cost  $5   • You  can  have  amazingly  professional  work  done  that  runs   the  gamut  from  page  design  to  header  design  to  video   produc*on  for  only  $5  each • Buy  only  from  providers  with  posi*ve  reviews,  much  like  on   eBay
  17. GeOng  Fans:  Promo;ng  your  page  is  key 1. Step  1:  Driving  your  exis*ng  contacts,  prospects,   and  customers  to  “Like”  your  page 2. Step  2:  Using  a  content  strategy  to  drive  brand-­‐ new  prospects  -­‐  people  who  don’t  yet  know  you   -­‐  to  like  your  page  and  engage  your  lead-­‐capture   system
  18. InviBng  ExisBng  Contacts • The  fastest  way  to  get  people  Liking  your  page  and  sharing  and   spreading  your  content  is  to  invite  exisGng  contacts • The  three  ways  are  to  invite  email  contacts,  to  invite  exisGng   Facebook  friends,  and  to  share  your  Business  page  on  your   personal  Facebook  page
  19. Invite  Email   Contacts
  20. Invite   Facebook   Friends
  21. Share   Facebook   Page
  22. More  Page  PromoBon • Set  up  a  custom  Page  URL.   • Default  pages  look  like  this: 902890344983 • In  se<ngs  you  can  change  that  to: NeverColdCallAgain Once  your  URL  is  set  up,  promote  your  page  URL  ...   EVERYWHERE!
  23. More  Page  PromoBon • Include  the  URL  in  your  Email  Signature • Include  the  URL  on  all  sta*onery  -­‐  business  cards,  leQerhead,   and  all  others. • Promote  your  page  on  TwiQer.  Don’t  just  say  “visit  my  page”  -­‐   instead,  when  you  post  content  to  your  page,  tweet  it  to  the   world! • Include  a  link  in  all  email  newsleQer  footers  and/or  sidebars,   and  on  your  blog  or  website
  24.   Email  Footer** **Feel  free  to  “swipe”  those  buCons
  25. Your  Facebook  Content  Strategy • Your  Facebook  Business  Page  is  the  DesGnaGon • You  must  give  prospects  a  road  map  to  that  page • You  do  this  via  your  Facebook  Content  Strategy
  26. • “Content  is  King”  is  something   you’ll  hear  every  online   markeGng  expert  say • The  Social  Media  modules  of  the   Never  Cold  Call  Again  system   encourage  use  of  a  blog  as  your   content  “hub”  then  repos*ng  that   content  anywhere  &  everywhere • This  webinar  takes  it  a  step   further  by  using  content   specifically  to  drive  prospects  to   your  Facebook  page  and  your   Facebook  lead-­‐capture  system CONTENT
  27. Developing  Content • Example:  Post  every  blog,   video,  podcast,  ar*cle,  white   paper  -­‐  EVERYTHING  -­‐  to  your   Facebook  Business  Page • Then  post  EVERYTHING  to  ALL   of  your  Facebook  groups • Use  “Facebook  Insights,”   accessible  on  your  page’s   admin  view,  to  determine  what   type  of  content  engages  your   fans  and  your  followers
  28. Facebook  Insights • With  the  data  gleaned  from  Facebook  Insights,  you  can   determine  what  type  of  content  most  engages  your  fans,  and   more  importantly,  what  content  is  being  shared  and  spread   virally • Use  this  knowledge  to  become  more  focused  in  future  content   wri*ng  &  crea*on • Example:  You  may  find  that  on  your  Page,  videos  draw  more   engagement  than  ar*cles.  Concentrate  on  videos  moving   forward.
  29. Building  CommuniBes • Joining  others’  Facebook  groups  is  essenBal  to  get  the  word  out  and   spread  your  content • CreaBng  your  OWN  Facebook  group  is  your  way  to  establish  yourself   as  a  leader  &  authority  figure  in  your  industry • Facebook  groups,  unlike  pages,  cannot  be  joined  by  anyone.  They   require  admin  approval,  or  an  invitaBon  from  an  admin  or  current   group  member.
  30. Uses  for  Facebook  Groups • Build  authority  and  communicate  benefits  to  prospec*ve   customers • Stay  in  touch  with  and  develop  addi*onal  business  with   exis*ng  customers • Create  a  group  of  your  peers  for   networking  &  referral  purposes • Managers:  Use  it  as  a  low-­‐key,   low-­‐pressure  way  to  have  virtual  sales   mee*ngs  and  “master-­‐mind”  brainstorm   discussions
  31. Groups:  Content  is  SBll  King • Building  a  group  to  self-­‐promote  and  aQract  and  engage   prospects  requires  aQrac*ve  content • Develop  content  that  encourages  conversa*ons  -­‐  examples   include  some  of  my  ar*cles  such  as  “You  Suck  At  Sales” • Controversy  and  sa*re  engages  conversa*on  and  encourages   sharing • When  someone  likes  or  comments,  it’s  shown  in  that  person’s   news  feed
  32. Groups:  Content  is  SBll  King • This,  in  turn,  aQracts  more  people  to  your  discussion,  keeping   in  mind  that  your  ideal  prospect’s  friends  and  peers  will   frequently  include  more  ideal  prospects! • Consistent  interac*on  with  your  group  is  KEY.  Jumping  in  once   a  week  or  so  and  hoping  it  will  stay  alive  isn’t  going  to  cut  it. • Don’t  have  *me?  Share  responsibili*es  with  a  colleague  and   agree  to  split  the  leads  generated
  33. Why  Groups  are  So  EffecBve 1. With  Pages,  fans  rarely  revisit  the  page  aner  Liking  it.  They   simply  see  them  in  their  news  feed. 2. If  fans  are  not  liking  or  commen*ng  on  your  Page  posts,   Facebook  eventually  stops  showing  them  to  those  individuals 3. Keeping  fans  seeing  your  content  requires  ongoing  effort  to   be  controversial  and  s*mulate  discussion  &  sharing. 4. Finally,  our  singular  goal  with  a  Page  is  lead  capture  for   follow-­‐up  OUTSIDE  Facebook.
  34. Why  Groups  are  So  EffecBve 5. Groups  con*nue  sharing  and  engagement  ON  Facebook  with   far  less  effort 6. Any*me  anyone  posts  or  comments  in  a  Group,  all  members   are  no*fied 7. This  requires  less  effort  to  keep  people  engaged,  as  long  as   you  are  regularly  pos*ng  and  contribu*ng  to  your  Group 8. Even  with  others’  Groups  to  which  you  belong,  members  are   no*fied  every  *me  you  post  YOUR  content!
  35. MulBple  Content  Centers • Having  MULTIPLE  Pages  and/or  Groups  is  not  only  common,   but  encouraged! • Examples:  One  Facebook  Business  Page • One  Facebook  Group  for  prospects  &  customers • Another  Facebook  Group  for  networking  &  referral  sharing   with  your  peers
  36. Building  Your  Prospect  &  Customer   Group • Step  1:  Add  all  of  your  happy   customers  who  are  on  Facebook  to   your  group • Don’t  add  UNHAPPY  customers  -­‐   they’ll  merely  trash  talk  you  to   prospects!   • Step  2:  Add  all  of  your  prospects   who  are  on  Facebook  to  your  group • Step  3:  Add  all  friends  and   colleagues  who  may  be  interested,   or  potenBally  good  contributors
  37. Prospect  &  Customer  Group • Begin  discussions  encouraging  current  customers  to  talk  about   what  makes  them  happy  about  your  product  or  service • Offline,  contact  your  BEST  customers  and  ask  them  to  post   tes*monials  about  you  and  your  product  or  service • Frequently  remind  group  members  that  you  are  there  for   THEM;  that  the  group  is  not  for  your  self-­‐promo*on • WARNING:  Never  post  confidenEal  or   privileged  informaEon  on  Facebook  Groups
  38. Prospect  &  Customer   Group • Use  your  Prospect  &  Customer   Group  to  promote  events  -­‐   everything  from  informaBonal   webinars  on  GoToMeeBng  on   up  to  live  seminars  or  speaking   engagements • You  ARE  doing  free  speaking,   right?  Chambers?  Rotary   Clubs?     • You  ARE  engaging  your   prospects  and  customers  in   free  webinars  to  keep  them  up   to  date  on  products  &   services,  right?
  39. Advantages  of  Events • Events  can  be  public  or  invite-­‐only • You  can  post  events  in  YOUR  group(s) • You  can  post  events  in  OTHERS’  group • Example:  Invi*ng  members  of  a  group  I  belong  to,  to  a  free   webinar  promo*ng • Online  events  (webinars)  are  EASY!  People  don’t  have  to  leave   the  comfort  of  their  home  or  office  to  aQend
  40. • Regularly  post  videos  to   your  group • Videos  can  be  product   demonstra*ons,   explana*ons  of  your   industry  jargon,  and  so  on • Best  of  all:  Get  video   tes*monials  from  your   happiest  customers  and   upload  those! • You  can  also  upload   photos.  Product  photos   and  photos  from  any  live   events  are  best
  41. Group  Files  Feature • As  a  salesperson  you  should   have  a  robust  collec*on  of   brochures,  flyers,  white   papers,  and  so  on • Upload  these  to  the  “Files”   sec*on  of  your  own  group(s)   as  well  as  groups  that  you   belong  to,  that  permit  file   upload
  42. Goals  in  Group  PromoBon • Remember,  the  goal  of  having  a   group  that  includes  customers  and   prospects  is  two-­‐fold • One:  Build  authority  and  trust  by   keeping  members  informed • Two:  Allowing  your  customers  to   build  credibility  for  you,  through   tes*monials  and  tokens  of   apprecia*on • GOAL:  Get  prospects  to  your   Facebook  Business  Page,  for  lead-­‐ capture!
  43. OpBon:  Focus  Groups • Create  separate,  private  groups  for  use  as  focus  groups • Invite  specific  prospects,  or  exis*ng  customers,  to: • Provide  “private”  advance  no*ce  of  upcoming  new  products • Give  demos  and  access  to  trials  or  “test  drives” • Get  valuable  feedback  on  how  to  improve  the  product,  and/or   how  you’ll  sell  it
  44. Your  Networking  Group • Create  a  separate  group  for  business   networking  where  YOU  are  the  leader • This  can  be  the  single  most  effecGve  type  of   networking  group  since  prac*cally  everyone   is  already  on  Facebook  -­‐  no  need  to  join   anything  new • No  need  to  aQend  mee*ngs  -­‐  any  ac*vity  in   the  group  shows  up  in  the  members’  news   feeds  automaGcally • This  results  in  an  acGve,  vibrant  group
  45. Building  Your  Networking  Group • Step  1:  Invite  every  salesperson,  small  business  owner,  and   independent  professional  you  know,  to  join  the  group • Step  2:  Invite  all  of  your  customers  and  prospects  to  join  the   group  -­‐  they’ll  appreciate  the  new  connec*ons! • Step  3:  Go  offline  and  aQend  every  business  networking   Meetup  in  your  area,  with  a  stack  of  flyers  promo*ng  your   group  (and  get  a  list  of  aQendees) • Step  4:  Send  an  announcement  to  your  local  Business  Journal   editor
  46. • Your  networking  group  isn’t  just  self-­‐serving;  you’ll  be  helping   others  to  grow  and  prosper  as  well • Encourage  members  to  upload  their  markeBng  materials  to  the   Files  area • Use  the  Events  feature  to  schedule  either  online  or  offline   “master-­‐mind”  meeBngs  and  networking  events • As  the  group  leader,  you  will  enjoy  the  lion’s   share  of  the  benefits! Using  Your  Networking  Group
  47. • With  your  status  as  the   leader,  group  members   who  are  qualified   prospects  for  you  will   be  inclined  to  BUY   from  you! • Be  a  connector:  Look   for  people  within  your   group  who  can   mutually  benefit,  and   make  an  introducBon • “If  you  want  to  get   rich,  find  ways  to  bring   producers  and   consumers  together.”  -­‐ Napoleon  Hill • Your  networking  group   IS  that  way!
  48. Sales  Management  Group • If  you’re  a  sales  manager,  you  can  bet  all  of  your  sales  team   are  on  Facebook • Set  up  a  group  JUST  for  you  and  your  team • Use  it  as  a  virtual  sales  mee*ng  and  “master-­‐mind”  ground  to   help  each  other  improve • Much  more  aQrac*ve  to  salespeople  than  formal  sales   mee*ngs • May  be  able  to  eliminate  sales  mee*ngs  altogether  via  the   group
  49. Get  Organized  with  Facebook  Lists • As  your  Facebook  presence   and  connecBons  grow,  things   can  get  unwieldy • Facebook  Lists  can  help  you   segment  people  into  different   categories • Helps  separate  personal  from   business,  so  your  cousins   aren’t  geang  bombarded   with  your  sales  content,  for   example • Can  also  subdivide  prospects   from  customers,  and  so  on
  50. New  Feature:  Smart  Lists • Facebook  can  automaBcally   set  up  lists  based  on  your   likes,  pages,  groups,  and   interests • Saves  you  the  Bme  and   trouble  to  do  this  yourself • Helps  you  to  make  sure  the   right  content  goes  out  to  the   right  people • Example:  Helps  avoid   sending  a  promoBon  or   discount  to  customers  who   have  recently  purchased  and   might  get  upset
  51. Socialize  your  Blog  and  Website • Add  a  Facebook  “Like”  BuQon  to  your  website • BuQon  can  be  set  up  to  “Like”  either  your  site,  or  your   Facebook  Business  Page • Add  a  Facebook  “Send”  buQon  to  your  site  -­‐  this  allows  users   to  send  a  web  page  to  Facebook  friends  and  Facebook  Groups. • Resources  and  tutorials  will  be  included  with  the  replay   recording  of  this  webinar
  52. In  Conclusion • With  800  Million  users  and   growing,  you  MUST  be  use   Facebook  for  sales   prospecBng,  because  your   prospects  are  there! • A  high-­‐quality  Facebook   Business  Page  is  the  hub,  and   the  goal  is  to  get  people  to   the  lead-­‐capture  system  on   that  page • Facebook  Groups  give  you   many,  mulBple  uses  to   engage  customers,  adract   and  close  prospects,  and   network  with  peers
  53. • Almost  no  one  in  sales  or  in  small  business  is  even  aware  of  the  vast   capabiliBes  of  Facebook  for  lead-­‐generaBon,  let  alone  using  them. • You’ve  learned  a  lot  today  -­‐  now  your  job  is  to  GET  INTO  ACTION!   Review  the  replay  and  PDF  copy  oeen,  and  use  the  tools  you’ll  receive   with  the  replay,  or  hire  a  few  Fiverr  gigs  for  $5  each,  to  build  the   ULTIMATE  Facebook  markeBng  and  lead-­‐capture  system!  
  54. Thank You For Participating Today! Time for Live Q&A: Please Use The Chat Box To Ask Questions