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New Social Media Products and Platform Updates Marketers Need to Know About

New Social Media Products and Platform Updates Marketers Need to Know About

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Presented at Social Media Strategies Summit 2019: What are the most important social media products to launch this year? Learn the latest developments from the major social platforms while also getting a taste of which other platforms released products that marketers need to know about. Discover examples from pioneering brands, and come away with ideas that you'll be eager to try out yourself. Featuring: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Presented at Social Media Strategies Summit 2019: What are the most important social media products to launch this year? Learn the latest developments from the major social platforms while also getting a taste of which other platforms released products that marketers need to know about. Discover examples from pioneering brands, and come away with ideas that you'll be eager to try out yourself. Featuring: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest.

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New Social Media Products and Platform Updates Marketers Need to Know About

  1. 1. David Berkowitz Principal, Serial Marketer @dberkowitz david@serialmarketer.net New Social Media Products and Platform Updates Marketers Need to Know About
  2. 2. Housekeeping notes • This was presented at GSMI’s Social Media Strategies Summit in October 2019. • All sources, with links, are in the notes for each slide. • References for further reading are at the end. • Thanks for reading this. If you love it, share it, or let me know it was useful.
  3. 3. Who doesn’t love a logo slide? (Here’s my roster of brands I’ve worked with through clients, jobs, and consulting projects) 3
  4. 4. Subscribe, and join the community 4 Serial Marketers community (Slack) with 600+ members: serialmarketers.net Weekly newsletter: bit.ly/seriallysignup
  5. 5. What we’ll look at today Note: Illustrations were commissioned from artist hiraarshad on Fiverr.
  6. 6. Need to look at things holistically We need to look at marketing holistically – you know, the whole enchilada.
  7. 7. Today, though, we will go against that and deconstruct what’s happening with each platform.
  8. 8. • 4-box 360i actually nailed the strategic approach to social back in 2009 with this still- relevant Playbook.
  9. 9. For some more timely research, I’ll cite a few examples from the fall 2019 Social Media 2020 report by Trust Insights. This is just a snippet; download the full report.
  10. 10. Source: Trust Insights
  11. 11. Meanwhile, consider this weird bagel hole machine from Philadelphia cream cheese. What is it? A product? A PR stunt? A social media campaign? It doesn’t fall neatly into any one bucket – and that’s how it should be.
  12. 12. Product PR stunt Social campaign
  13. 13. Let’s meet the platforms!
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. The odds of Elizabeth Warren or any potential president in 2021 breaking up Facebook are slim at best. But the Warren vs. Zuckerberg feud about requirements for honesty in advertising will likely have implications far beyond the campaign and far beyond social media. Whatever your party, whoever your candidate is (if you can even vote in the US), follow this closely.
  16. 16. Facebook recently introduced playable game ads.
  17. 17. These are video poll ads.
  18. 18. It’s also enhancing augmented reality (AR) ads.
  19. 19. Are Like Counts on Their Way Out?
  20. 20. Facebook is heavily promoting Groups, even if it hasn’t done much to improve their functionality.
  21. 21. Here’s Facebook’s ad framework via its annual report.
  22. 22. Facebook continues to try to roll out more hardware. We’ll see if it’s successful.
  23. 23. What role will brands play in Facebook Horizon, the virtual world via Oculus?
  24. 24. Instagram
  25. 25. Source: Socialbakers
  26. 26. Instagram launched reminder stickers for Stories.
  27. 27. Instagram offers shoppable posts as ads.
  28. 28. This builds on Instagram Checkout that debuted earlier this year.
  29. 29. Also relevant: Shop Looks from Creators that debuted in April 2019.
  30. 30. Shoutout to @tsa, one of Instagram’s smartest marketers.
  31. 31. Also, I love this video series via New Orleans Tourism. (The video sample is embedded, and on YouTube.) (Hat tip: 360i.)
  32. 32. Source: Trust Insights
  33. 33. YouTube
  34. 34. Source: Trust Insights
  35. 35. Source: Trust Insights
  36. 36. A big focus of YouTube this year has been on content moderation and shoring up trust with advertisers.
  37. 37. Borderlands 3 ads on YouTube (and Instagram) are pretty subversive.
  38. 38. Another terrific campaign: giving Queen fans a chance to be part of a UGC- driven remake series.
  39. 39. Google recommends using TrueView for action ads for a full- funnel video strategy.
  40. 40. Ford did stuff too.
  41. 41. Twitter
  42. 42. Source: Twitter’s Agency Playbook
  43. 43. Social listening still matters.
  44. 44. Twitter offers Brand Reminders.
  45. 45. Here’s a fun example out of the Twitter Next studio.
  46. 46. Yes, it’s here.
  47. 47. Reddit
  48. 48. Reddit has new video ad options, and a new mobile landing page flow.
  49. 49. Honda created a Racing League game exclusively for Reddit that’s shared via promoted posts.
  50. 50. TikTok
  51. 51. This guide is awesome.
  52. 52. Sounds are the beating heart of TikTok.
  53. 53. Here’s a brand takeover when the app is opened.
  54. 54. Here is a Hashtag Challenge.
  55. 55. Here are branded lenses.
  56. 56. This video is amazing.
  57. 57. Here is a video of Kroger’s Shoppable Video Ad campaign, via 360i.
  58. 58. LinkedIn
  59. 59. LinkedIn recently updated a bunch of its campaign planning tools.
  60. 60. Pinterest
  61. 61. Pinterest’s biggest development recently is its mobile ad manager.
  62. 62. Also, check out Shop the Look Ads.
  63. 63. Also, Pinterest’s visual search is amazing.
  64. 64. Snapchat
  65. 65. Snapchat ads can now run 3-minutes long. Yay?
  66. 66. Snap Games Incorporates 6- Second Ads Snap Games incorporate 6-second ads.
  67. 67. Source: Mobile Marketer
  68. 68. Adidas & Dick’s selling $130 MLB cleats through Snapchat game
  69. 69. I still love Snapchat Spectacles. Here are videos I shot with my 2nd generation pair.
  70. 70. What else?
  71. 71. Other networks to consider See the notes if you don’t recognize certain logos.
  72. 72. Misc: Tinder Source: Vanity Fair
  73. 73. I love this Wendy’s campaign on Fortnite, via VMLY&R (play the video on the next slide).
  74. 74. And don’t forget the tried & true • Email • Blogs • Forums • Communities (including Google Groups, Facebook Groups, etc) • Review sites (TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google Maps, etc) • Influencer relationships • In-person events
  75. 75. Source: Yelp
  76. 76. Reminder: don’t start with the platform
  77. 77. If you liked this talk… See bit.ly/18marketers
  78. 78. Credits & Further Reading Kudos: • Leo Morejon, for getting me into this • Ari Berkowitz at 360i for terrific examples (and yes, there’s some relation) • Hiraarshad on Fiverr for her fantastic illustrations. • Breanna Jacobs & the GSMI / SMSS team Resources: • Social Media Strategies Summit Blog (great examples of campaigns and platform updates) • Facebook’s Annual Report 2019: The State of Disruption • Twitter’s Agency Playbook • 15 Years of Yelp • Ann Handley’s bi-weekly newsletter • How TikTok is Changing the World by Matt Schlicht • Social Media 2020 by Trust Insights • 100+ tech tools to help manage social media, content marketing, and more (by me)
  79. 79. Thanks! Let’s Stay Connected. David Berkowitz david@serialmarketer.net Subscribe: bit.ly/seriallysignup Join the Community: serialmarketers.net

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    What are the most important social media products to launch this year? Learn the latest developments from the major social platforms while also getting a taste of which other platforms released products that marketers need to know about. Discover examples from pioneering brands, and come away with ideas that you'll be eager to try out yourself. 

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  • Facebook
    And more…
  • Need to look at things holistically – the whole enchilada
  • Unfortunately, today, most of what we will look at is the pieces of it
  • A flashback to looking holistically… the questions from 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook still matter
  • Katie Robbert, Co-Founder and CEO
    Christopher S. Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist
  • https://www.trustinsights.ai/resources/thought-leadership/whitepapers/social-networks-2020-where-to-invest-time-and-resources-in-social-media-marketing/
  • Fun, great ideas work across social channels and transcend any one channel
  • Fun, great ideas work across social channels and transcend any one channel
    PR stunt
    Social campaign
  • Here to help you learn, not to teach

    I've made far more of myself than usual the past two months. I couldn't even write about this until I took that literal plunge. Yes, Coach Valentin, I did take swimming lessons, just like I had before. But finally, this time I also learned how to swim. I learned a few things about teaching too. As a teacher, you're not there to teach a subject; you're there to foster your students' learning. It's a change in perspective I hope to never forget.
  • https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1183019880867680256
  • https://twitter.com/ewarren/status/1183019897804197888
  • Facebook playable ads

  • https://marketingland.com/facebook-rolls-out-new-video-poll-ads-set-to-open-ar-ads-to-all-advertisers-267641
    Facebook Video poll ads
  • Facebook pushes AR ads further
    AR ads move into beta. Facebook first began testing its augmented reality ads with a select number of brands in July, 2018. It is opening up a global beta for AR ad units this fall, making the ad format available to all advertisers.
    In early tests of AR ads, WeMakeUp reported a 27.6 point lift in purchases — with the average consumer spending 38 seconds interacting with AR ads, trying out different shades of lipstick — and saw a 53% higher click-through rate compared to non-AR video ads.
  • Demise of Facebook like counts?
  • Expect to see more of a focus on Facebook groups.
    Ad campaign: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jenniferrooney/2019/05/03/facebook-unveils-new-brand-campaign-and-cmo-antonio-lucio-says-it-is-the-beginning-of-a-long-journey/
    Adweek: https://www.adweek.com/digital/how-social-media-marketers-found-success-with-facebook-groups/
  • https://www.facebook.com/business/m/power-five?locale=en_US
    Facebook’s Power5 for advertising
    Via their annual report: https://www.facebook.com/business/m/emerging-disruptors
  • What’s next:
    Facebook is still trying to push into the hardware business
  • Coming soon from Oculus – Facebook Horizon
    How will brands follow along here?
  • https://www.instagram.com/instagramforbusiness/
  • https://www.socialbakers.com/social-media-content/studies/key-social-media-trends-full-q2-2019-report#modal
  • Instagram launches reminder stickers for Stories
  • Instagram offers shopping posts as ads
  • This all builds on Checkout from earlier in the year
  • Also… Shop Looks from Creators in April
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/B2hAmxmH9iH/
  • https://www.instagram.com/p/B3VC0eyHRpl/
  • New Orleans Tourism – via 360i
    Caramel Curves
    Featuring Instagram TV – IGTV
  • Most brands are having issues with IGTV though
  • YouTube focus – Chris Penn
  • Big focus of YouTube lately has been its content moderation policies and shoring up trust with advertisers
  • Borderlands 3 – ads on YouTube, also Instagram
  • Via YouTube: Queen — in partnership with YouTube Music, Universal Music Group and Hollywood Records —has launched "You Are The Champions," a unique new campaign that gives fans an exclusive chance to become a part of Queen history with a starring role in three brand-new, user-generated videos for three of the band’s most celebrated tracks. The campaign launched to celebrate Queen’s iconic music video for “Bohemian Rhapsody,” becoming the first pre-1990s video to reach one billion views on YouTube.


  • https://www.blog.google/products/ads/full-funnel-video/

    For brands looking to build a full-funnel video strategy, we recommend complementing Video reach campaigns with TrueView for action to drive whatever online action is important to your business. Soon TrueView for action ads will seamlessly extend to the YouTube Home feed, a tremendous opportunity for any advertiser looking to drive more, high value conversions. The Home feed has long been a great place for users to discover their next favorite creator, and now it can be a great place for them to take action with your brand.
  • https://www.blog.google/products/ads/full-funnel-video/

    Early adopters like Ford are already seeing strong results using Video reach campaigns. In alpha tests, the automaker lowered their campaign cost over 20 percent compared to their previous YouTube benchmarks. "Ford is using data and machine learning technology, like Video reach campaigns, to drive a learning culture across all of our media. The positive results of the Video reach campaign not only provided cost efficiencies while maintaining effectiveness but also the confidence to implement this tactic across additional campaigns” says Lisa Schoder, head of U.S. media.
  • Via Twitter Agency Playbook
  • Good old-fashioned social listening is pretty good
  • Twitter Brand Reminders

  • Twitter Next: brand partnerships – pushing boundaries of Twitter threads

    Introducing Twitter Next, which includes campaign and content strategy services, brand voice consultations, and a newly formed lab of technologists, program managers, and designers. The expanded team - now in 20+ markets worldwide - also includes specialists in engineering and data science.
  • https://blog.twitter.com/marketing/en_us/topics/product-news/2019/Long-story-short-6-second-video-bidding-is-now-available.html
  • https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/reddit-adds-new-video-ad-options-including-a-new-mobile-landing-page-flow/563927/
    Reddit Adds New Video Ad Options, Including a New Mobile Landing Page Flow
  • Honda creates Racing League game exclusively for Reddit shared via Promoted Posts

    Via Adweek:
    Honda is hitting the road to TwitchCon and bringing along Honda Circuit, a nostalgic racing game that can only be played on Reddit.
    Honda Circuit marks the first time Reddit has teamed up with an automaker to create a game for its community. The game was developed by Reddit in partnership with ModOp.
    The game can be accessed via promoted posts on Reddit, which said 40%of gamers are on Reddit, responsible for more than 1.2 billion monthly page views and spending over 10 hours gaming each week.

    (Also note crossover with Twitch)
  • https://medium.com/@mattprd/how-tiktok-is-changing-the-world-and-youre-missing-it-fa283338649a
  • At the heart of TikTok are sounds
  • Brand takeover – when someone opens the app
  • Hashtag Challenges
  • Branded lenses
  • Kroger Shoppable Video Ads
    With 360i
  • Focus on objective-based advertising – new guide Sept 2019

  • Today, we’re taking that up a notch by bringing more sophisticated audience, targeting, and reporting features to Campaign Manager. These tools are designed to help marketers who are looking for more powerful reach and insights for their LinkedIn campaigns.  
  • Biggest development this year: mobile ad manager
  • https://newsroom.pinterest.com/en/post/new-ways-to-reach-shoppers-with-shop-the-look-ads-global-catalogues-and-dynamic-business
    Shop the Look Ads – September 2019
  • Pinterest Visual Search kicks ass
  • Ads can now run 3 @*%@ing minutes long
  • The non-skippable six-second commercial format that the company debuted during the third quarter of last year is already incorporated into the platform, and brands can buy them via self-service tool Snapchat Ads Manager, although the feature will only be white-listed for select advertisers at the beginning.

  • And you can probably do 3D stuff soon – great
  • https://www.mobilemarketer.com/news/papa-johns-snapchat-lens-boosted-pizza-orders-25-for-valentines-day/563040/
    Papa John's pizza boosted ad awareness 6% among its customers with an augmented reality (AR) lens on Snapchat last Valentine's Day, per details parent company Snap shared with Mobile Marketer. The lens let users of the image-messaging app create Papa John's-themed pictures to share with friends and order pizza directly.
    More than 25% of Snapchat users who swiped up on the AR lens bought a pizza, according to internal tracking data from Snap.
    Papa John's also printed Snapcodes on its pizza boxes to activate the AR experience. Sixty percent of lens views unlocked with the Snapcode were from unique users, per a case study video about the campaign that Snap shared.
  • https://www.engadget.com/2019/10/07/adidas-snapchat-game-8bit-baseballs-next-level-exclusive/
  • Discord
  • https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2019/09/tinder-interactive-series?utm_source=PARQOR+Newsletter&utm_campaign=0793a165ad-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_8_28_2019_0_25_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d61777d6c4-0793a165ad-582849105
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhdQmDKTBgI
    Wendy’s noticed there were freezers in the burger joint and spent 9 hours straight using their Wendy character to destroy freezers, leading others to get in the act and then the game to remove freezers from the burger joints
    -via VMLY&R
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhdQmDKTBgI
  • Yelp 15
  • Don’t forget email
  • A flashback to looking holistically… the questions from 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook still matter