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Making Successful Presentations

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Successful presentations is about captivating an audience. This will show you what it takes to support a good storyline.

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Making Successful Presentations

  1. 1. 1 How to make Successful Presentations
  2. 2. Two KEY issues needed for a good presentation 1 Speaker skills 2 How well the story is told to audience Effective Presentations
  3. 3. Good Presentations make a LASTING impression Decisions get made Relationships get developed You become influential
  4. 4. Good Presentations are based on solid content Content A presentation needs... • A good storyline • Visual slides • More images, less words
  5. 5. A Good Presentation will make you influential It’s done with a good combination of storyline, content, captivating images and presentation skills.
  6. 6. A Poor Presentation does the opposite We’ve all had to endure sitting through a presentation like this at some point in our lives
  7. 7. A Poor Presentation sends a negative impression Without good content, you can not succeed no matter how well your slides are graphically done.
  8. 8. Effects of NEGATIVE Impression A poor presentation lowers an audience opinion of you - Your Skills - Your products - Your services
  9. 9. Effects of NEGATIVE Impression If your presentation isn’t well received, your credibility goes along with it
  10. 10. Why does this happen? Audience feedback survey tells the story…
  11. 11. Why does this happen? Audience survey tells us.... 68% SLIDES POOR, TOO BUSY, TOO MUCH TEXT. said Audience does not read slides loaded with too much information.
  12. 12. Slide too busy 68% said Audience does not read slide Poor format Bulletpoint slides are snoozeinducing, never a good idea — are almost always counter productive. Graphic/Photo imaging Easy to read by audience Quick content comprehension. Fewer words, more white spacing Best format
  13. 13. Why does this happen? Audience survey tells us.... 53% PRESENTER READS FROM SCREEN said Presenter makes little eye contact with audience =
  14. 14. Presenter reads from screen If you’re reading from slides, you’re not thinking and have little chance of engaging an audience A presenter should know the material, be confident, make eye contact with audience attendees and not stand behind podium Dont insult your audience, they already know how to read
  15. 15. Why does this happen? Audience survey tells us.... 49% LACK OF UNDERSTANDING AUDIENCE NEEDS. said Example, you have the subject knowledge, the audience has expectations, do they match?
  16. 16. 49% LACK OF UNDERSTANDING AUDIENCE NEEDS. said Familiarize yourself with audience WHY are they there? WHAT do they want to know? What action do you want them to take? Before your presentation, survey your audience HOW can you solve their problem? How might they resist? When you know your audience has questions, you can anticipate your answers
  17. 17. WHAT HAPPENED? Audience survey tells us.... 46% LACK OF PREPARATION said Presenter disorganized, unable to answer questions, not focused.
  18. 18. Mastering the ART OF PRESENTATION requires Start-to-finish, a blue-chip 1 hour presentation both practice and most importantly, rehearsal, (30 slides) averages 30-60 hours to develop rehearsal, and rehearsal. For a top-notch 1 hour (30 slides) presentation, you can expect 30-60 hours preparation time Setting up a good presentation takes more time that expected, but the effort will prove worthwhile
  19. 19. Good Presentation starts with…         Introduce the topic at the start of presentation Begin with an interesting short story Interact with audience Makes eye contact with audience Have interesting slides with clear and brief content Stand, use hand gestures to help deliver the presentation Refer to specific slides in presentation End presentation and invite questions With advance preparation, you’re more at ease when the time comes to speak
  20. 20. Making POWER presentations The best presentations are the ones that are well thought out and anticipates any questions…having answers in advance (c) david beasley Presentations • Photography • Video • Web
  21. 21. Helping presenters make POWER presentations David R Beasley Presentation Specialist 773 726 1086 david@websitesdb.com • Photography • Social Media • Video shoots • Presentations • Video editing • Web Design • PowerPoint • Consultations • KeyNote • Photoshop FREE Consultations on any project David’s website (c) david beasley Presentations • Photography • Video • Web