present perfect past simple modal verbs pronunciation schwa prepositions present simple roma tre first conditional present continuous past continuous 3rd conditional wish introduction future in the past exercise on at make stress third conditional weak and strong forms about to going to present perfect continuous second conditional questions past perfect teaching resources main verb collocation english pronunciation indirect speech reported speech the conditionals zero conditional orwell good writing politics and the english language presentations grammar vocab translation dictionaries wh- words past conditional would subjunctive unreal past unreal present remote desire noun verb adjective irregular verbs past participle homophones period to the present present perfect simple auxiliary verbs main verbs primary verbs future tense may can could might must have to should shall will future aspirated and voiced consonants superlatives comparatives state and action verbs whose and who's to be verb forms some and any comparatives and superlatives passive inversion auxiliary verb primary verb vowel diphthong ipa past progressive simple past forum moodle auxiliary verbs 2nd conditional 1st conditional dylan thomas english phonetic system elt
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